Diamond being picked up carefully

A Quick Lesson on Different Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamond being picked up carefullyDiamonds don’t fade nor tarnish. They are in fact, one of the few precious stone that could maintain its sparkle even after years of wearing them. This is probably the reason why people relate diamond to expressing love for someone.

It is in fact the most preferred stone when people decide to propose to their special someone. While the diamond’s shine is truly remarkable, there are quite a few more things you need to learn. This is necessary especially if you happen to look for diamond ring to wow and propose to your lover.

Among those things is identifying the right cut for the piece you have in mind. This is why to give you an overview on this topic, Finecraft Jewellery cites below some of the most widely known diamond cuts.

Round or Brilliant Cut

This is among the most popular shape style of diamond. You’ll probably be surprised to know majority of people who order diamond engagement rings in Hatton Garden request for this cut on their jewellery.

This is all due to the fact that it offers timeless sparkle and classic beauty, the one the you’ll enjoy if you want something traditional yet sophisticated.

Princess Cut

A variety of diamond ringsThis is a diamond cut which features square top with four beveled sides. You could say that it falls under the modern cut category because of its edges and the upside-down pyramid shape it forms.

For this one, you’ll enjoy more unique and intense sparkle. However, it has a chunkier built if you compare it to round or brilliant cut.

Cushion Cut

Sometimes called as pillow-cut, the cushion-cut has somewhat adapted the four edges of princess cut and rounded finish of the brilliant cut. Although it has softer and simpler design, cushion cut can fit right through to any ring setting.

Pear Cut

Shaped like that of tear (but of joy, of course), the pear offers a more elongated look. It is considered one of the most unusual style of diamond.

This is why it’s the perfect choice for people who prefer something unconventional and have a bolder taste on jewellery. It provides great shine and sparkle although not as much facets as the brilliant cut.

The next time you decide to shop for a diamond ring, be sure you know the difference between each style. This helps you identify which ring would sparkle the most as you or your loved one wear them.