A Power Outage-Ready Home and Family

City Experiencing Power Outage

City Experiencing Power OutageA few days ago, power outages simultaneously plagued the major cities of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Power first went down in New York early in the morning. Nearing noon, authorities announced that generators were now online.

Los Angeles also suffered from several power outages in Los Angeles International Airport and other areas in the morning. In the morning up until the afternoon, San Francisco suffered from the worst power outage as most of the city fell offline.

Are You Ready?

As sudden as these power outages were, they only go to show how prone the United States power grid is to outages. Are you and your Indiana home ready for a power outage should one happen? To get you and your family ready, you can follow the subsequent guidelines.

Prepare a Kit

Obviously, you will need to make an emergency supply kit. You can pack it with flashlights, batteries, a portable radio, enough cash, non-perishable and non-refrigerated foods and meals, and bottled water. You can even keep power banks for your mobile phones.

Attend to Fuel

Besides your emergency kit, you can make sure your gas tank remains full or almost full at all times. Gas stations use electricity for their pumps, so you cannot get fuel from them. Instead, you can store fuel in containers for emergencies. You still have to be careful when handling and storing them, however.

Know the Plans

When the power outage comes because of a natural disaster, you can familiarize yourself and your family with the emergency plan in your area. The plan helps you reach the nearest cooling and warming shelters. You can find the plans on your state’s website or local website.

Install a Generator

On the other hand, when a power outage occurs due to a disruption, you can prevent your home from going offline like the rest of your area. Standby generators can provide your home power in such an outage.

You can ask an HVAC company like Legacy Heating & Air for a standby generator purchase and installation.

Power outages can come anytime. With the guidelines above, you can face them head on.