Couple sitting on the couch near boxes

A Long Distance Move: 3 Ways to Ease the Experience

Couple sitting on the couch near boxesA long distance move can be a stressful without careful planning. Plenty could go wrong, like your belongings could get damaged in transit or they might arrive at the wrong address. The experience can drain your energy, physically and mentally, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Improve your moving experience with these three tips.

1. Know Your Moving Options

The reason some people find it difficult to relocate is that they don’t know how. There are different options that can help you move your valuables to your new location, either you’re planning to do it on your own or hire a moving and storage company for a long distance move.

If you want to have full control over your move, rent a moving truck. This allows you to transport your items on your own timeline and could also help you save money. But know that rental fees may vary, depending on the following:

• Company
• Time of the year
• Distance traveled

Additionally, hiring professional movers is the easiest way to move. A full-service moving company can handle almost every task you need to accomplish, from packing to loading your items. This option may seem costly, but it can greatly help in making your moving process lighter. You can minimize your expense by choosing to move at a better date or getting a company that throws in the moving boxes for free.

2. Give Yourself Time

Couple getting their stuff from a boxPlanning is crucial when you’re moving, especially if it’s long distance. It requires more time to organize what you’re bringing and to prepare the place you’re moving into. How do you get organized?

Schedule each task according to their importance. Make a timeline for decluttering, sorting, and packing your valuables. When you clear out the junk and put items in their corresponding category (i.e., to keep, give, or sell), you reduce the boxes you’ll have to bring. Fewer boxes, lesser moving fee.

You can pack per room, and get everyone else in your family to organize their individual spaces. When it’s time to move, you can bring out the boxes to load into the truck.

With sufficient preparation, you give yourself time to enjoy the process and get enough rest before the moving date.

3. Pack Your Things Safely

The right moving company will handle your belongings well. But accidents will happen. So it’s critical to ensure that each box is packed appropriately.

You have to be careful with fragile items like dishes, glasses, and china. Make sure to have the essential materials that can protect them during transport. Have plenty of bubble wrap, large sturdy cardboard, packaging tape, and a box that can hold glassware.

When packing, tape the bottom flaps of the box twice to avoid breakage. Use your bubble wrap to protect your glassware while inside the box. Wrap each item with the cardboard for added protection. Make sure to wrap them tightly so they won’t slip out.

A long distance move can be challenging. Preparation is essential to ensuring a positive experience, with little to no incident.