Grass near the mountain

7 Ways You Can Help Save the Environment

Grass near the mountainNews related to climate change can be quite alarming, and one can only wonder what part we play as individuals on a small scale to prevent the exponential growth of environmental harm and hazards.

Here are seven ways you can help save the environment without totally uprooting yourself from your daily routine.

1. Build a greenhouse or a vegetable garden

If you have enough space or resources, you can easily decide whether you want small or big green houses with this particular project idea.

Having your own patch of green need not be ostentatious, however. You can also choose to have an indoor garden of succulent plants or anything that can promote a more nature-inspired dwelling.

2. Buy or distribute organic or recycled materials

Social enterprises and independent sellers operate with stores that sell recycled materials or organically sourced products that do not do any excessive animal testing or harm nature.

Advocate for these products by using them as your Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and buy them for your personal consumption.

3. Participate in a shore or park cleanup activity

There are events that allow you to meet like-minded people and at the same time, help the environment. Ocean or highway cleanup drives help you get out in a nearby place and participate with other people who have the same interests. Government initiatives or non-profit organizations are known for announcing these on social media or news outlets.

4. Start a cleanup drive or event in your community

If in case you cannot find a nearby cleanup activity, you can do your own fundraising event for a good environmental-friendly cause or cleanup drive. Have a joint garage sale with your neighbours that can be used to help add more trees to your street or help save animals in your community zoo are just some ideas.

5. Advocate garbage segregation and recycling

Garbage segregation at homeTeach people how to help the environment, that’s true. But it all begins at home. Your family members can benefit from learning standard garbage segregation practices and a creative brainstorming session on how to reuse old objects in the house.

6. Promote research on environment and sustainability

Even armchair research can help. Sharing on social media about recent research and fundraising activities for environment loving events can help. A campaign’s success is three times more likely to succeed if it’s shared on social media.

7. Consider switching to a plant-based diet

This is a tough one, eating less or no meat at all could actually save the planet more. Many recent studies support this with statistics showing how dangerous raising livestock is to the environment.

Aside from the environmental benefits, a plant-based diet also helps in weight loss, overall health improvement and less need for medications, and a general increase in energy levels for work and personal time with family.

All these things can be done with a little adjustment. And if everyone does their part, little changes to transform the way we care for the environment truly go a long way.