4 Types of Staircases for Mezzanine Structures


Warehouse mezzanine systems are a common addition in businesses that are in need of extra space for storage or work. It is essential, though, that the contractor works together with the client to deliver the best design. Some of the factors that are needed in getting the right structure include the budget, space requirements, and size. Besides increasing the space, the mezzanine structure needs to be functional.

Regardless where you’ll be placing your mezzanine, you require a staircase to offer access to it. Some of the types of staircases that you can use for mezzanine structures include:

External Staircases

As the name suggests, the installation of this type of staircase is on the external part of your current building. Mostly, this staircase serves as an escape route to the outside, as some instances such as fire occurrence or emergencies are inevitable.

Most states require that buildings meet safety and health requirements. External staircases are less complicated in design, making them ideal for serving as escape routes. This type of staircase does not find everyday use in most applications. You will, therefore, need to install another type of staircase in the building for everyday use.

Decorative Staircase

Installing a staircase in your mezzanine structure does not need to be a basic structure. Therefore, if you have wanted to add a creative touch to your space, decorative staircases are the best option. This type of structure incorporates design elements that add life to your staircase. It is essential that the decorative elements do not compromise on the functionality of the staircase. A staircase should be strong, durable, and robust regardless of the decorative components of the structure.

Standard Staircase

The standard staircase is ideal for individuals who love a simple space. The design of the staircase is basic, and the major focus is on the functionality of the staircase. These staircases help the building users to access the mezzanine structure from one point to another. There is no common design for standard staircases. The appropriate staircase will vary according to the purpose of your mezzanine. Your personal preference and taste will be the determining factor in the staircase to get.

Customized Staircase

You can incorporate more than one style of staircase. After all, combining more than one type of staircase in the mezzanine structure adds versatility to the structure.

Working with a good contractor will help you determine the best way to combine the different styles of staircases. The most important factor in getting a customized staircase right is to determine your requirements. The good thing about customized staircases is that there are no style rules that you should follow.

Incorporating a mezzanine structure in your office increases the space that you can use for your space. Consider hiring an experienced contractor for your expansion project. Working with the contractor from the early stages of the project will ensure that you get all the details right. Your desired functionality will play a big role in determining the most appropriate type of staircase that you should get.