4 Tips on Hiring the Right Employee

An applicant being interviewedHiring the right employee isn’t just about how the candidate handled himself or herself during the interview, or how he or she passed the Australian criminal record check. Every employer knows that hiring the right person will be well-worth the effort, as the employee will benefit the company through productivity, a synergistic relationship with colleagues and overall positive impact on the whole work environment. If you hire the wrong person, on the other hand, it can be time-consuming, and more costly in the end.

Here are a few key measures that any hiring process should have to ensure you’ll be getting the right person for the job.

1. Analyse the job (and the need for it) to create a job description

A job analysis helps you gather information on what the job entails. It also identifies the necessary skills needed for it. Once you have this, you can write up the job description to start the hiring process.

2. Plan your recruitment strategy

Every company must have this in place before any kind of hiring begins. The hiring manager plays a crucial part here and must understand why a specific department needs to hire a new employee. The manager must have a firm grasp on the job description and should create an appropriate recruitment strategy.

3. Use a checklist

It’s always good to have boxes to check off to monitor your progress on a task at hand. It also helps you organise things systematically and keep track of your efforts. A hiring checklist will help you assess your process and communicate what’s happening with others involved.

4. Thoroughly review applications and credentials

If your job description is accurate, you can screen your candidates against that list you made for required skills and experience. Then you’ll be choosing from only the most qualified candidates.

These steps can get you off on the right foot in your hiring process. Remember that the key is knowing what specific skill set the job needs and requires.