4 Things you should Do Before Buying a Solar Power Device

Thanks to multiple energy consumption campaigns and go green movement, more and more residents today use solar panels in Utah. While this may seem like a good long-term investment to save on utility bills; and not to mention, good for the environment, there are a few things you need to consider before switching to solar energy. Feel free to use the guidelines below when buying a solar power device.

Know the Output You Need

The first thing you need to know is how much output do you need for your property. Check your previous electricity bills. You will usually see the breakdown of the amount of your daily electricity usage. Highlight the peak hours so you can determine the exact wattage your solar device needs to produce. Most solar panels can generate energy from 40 watts up to 200 watts, depending on the size of your device.

Check the Dollars Per Watt

One of the main reasons you’re switching to solar power is to improve energy efficiency and consumption. This is why it only makes sense to know more how much you can save per wattage. While some brands provide dollars-per-watt cost ratio, it is still advisable to get a detailed estimate you can save on your electric bills.

Don’t be deceived with the advertisements telling you can get instant results. Keep in mind that it usually takes time to see the difference with your electric bills. Reputable solar companies usually have a timetable to give their clients a better outlook on how much they can save up.

Consider the Location

Solar heater for green energy

Other than the climate and weather conditions, you should install your solar device to strategic locations. Experts usually recommend installing your solar panels facing the south if you’re in the northern hemisphere region. Although sometimes many residents notice that the best direction to install solar panels should be in the west. This is why it is advisable to assess the location before installing your solar device. Just observe the areas with most sun exposure. You may also use solar analysis tools and apps to help you find the best location for your device.

Find a Reliable Solar Power Supplier

While there are now solar panels available online or at the local hardware, it is best to find a reputable solar power company. Installing this device requires wealth of experience and expertise to get the best possible results. Make sure you’re dealing with certified solar power installers. During your initial consultation, they should present permits, licenses, draft copy of the contract, and other legal documents.

First, they will send their team with certified technicians to conduct a thorough inspection of your property. This is to ensure they are recommending the most suitable solar power device for the best possible results. They will also check the best location to install the solar panels.

Also, make sure to review the warranty before making a transaction. Go for manufacturers offering 25 to 30-years range. This only shows that they are confident enough with the quality of their products.

Following these guidelines should help you find the right solar power device for your home. Again, be meticulous with your options.