3 Ways to Improve Comfort at Home and Use Space Wisely

Kitchen and Living Room

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a dirty and unorganized house. Everywhere you turn, there’s something out of place and it leaves you feeling uneasy deep inside. The place you’re supposed to call home ends up being an additional source of stress.

It’s not necessarily because you have too much stuff. Sometimes, you have the wrong stuff, particularly the size, and that’s what makes each room feel cluttered. Let these help with your problems:

Move Larger Plants Outdoors

You’ve read somewhere that plants can help make your surroundings feel calmer and less stressful, so you decided to get the biggest plants you can find. Having plants, however, also means maintenance and dealing with insects. Plants do not just sit in a corner or on a table looking pretty. Their leaves will extend outwards to look for sunlight, making them look bigger than the space they occupy.

An easy solution is to go for flowers instead of full-size indoor plants. Outside the house, you can use large square planters to organize by plant or by bloom. In the kitchen, you can use smaller pots for herbs. This is even better if you can change your doors to sliding ones, so you can bring together both the indoor and outdoor space and make your house feel bigger.

Use Furniture Pieces of a Reasonable Size

Living Room

There was an ongoing sale when you were planning to buy a couch, so you had a chance to get the biggest one for a good price. You saved money, and they say that bigger is better, right? Sadly, that’s not the case when you have a small living room.

The oversized couch will take too much space, and it will throw everything off balance. Its massive size will swallow every other detail in the room and would make everything else feel smaller and insignificant. Furthermore, if the couch has clutter on it, its large surface area makes the clutter easier to notice, giving the impression that the whole room is disorganized. Utilizing the space wisely can be as simple as switching to more manageable furniture.

Keep Sentiment to a Minimum

Frames, hanging decor, and tabletop accessories add character to any home. They show visitors what kind of people you are and what interests you have. They’re also a proud way to display the family’s achievements. Does every little knickknack deserve to be put on display, though? There’s a thin line between being proud of your child’s artwork and just carelessly leaving them around for the sake of being on display.

If you’re not organizing the decor around your house, they’ll just look like items forgotten and left at random places. You may be feeling sentimental about your child’s first art project, but if it’s starting to corrode or smell, it’s best to let it go. You have all the memories associated with it, and you can always take a picture to remember what it looked like.

It’s easy to think that getting rid of stuff means loss. Think of this as a way to make room for new and better memories in a home you can truly relax in.