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3 Colors that are Known to Attract Customers

Product LabelChoosing the right colors to deliver the correct message to your customers can give you an edge over your competitors. The shades you choose must relate to your brand and reflect the image being projected.

Did you know that you can increase your product sales just by simply choosing the best colors for its labels? Welcome to the world of color psychology where your packaging and label colors can set your product apart and ahead of its competitors. In fact, the practice of using colors to attract customers is prevalent in the food and beverage industries. If you are into beverage production, you would want to know three of the colors that are known to attract customers. What are these?


Without a doubt, red is the one that is most noticeable to customers because it easily stands out from the rest of the colors, particularly in brightly-lit aisles of supermarkets. This does not mean you need to color every single label or packaging of your beverage product into red as you might end up with items that look bloody. Some beverage labels printing companies make it a point to integrate red with a variety of other shades, creating a lovely blend of eye-catching colors that capture customers’ attention.


After red, perhaps the most noticeable color that manufacturers integrate into their product labels is blue. In fact, this color is the most popular with one of its many shades being used in almost all labels and packaging. According to Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, blue is associated with loyalty, honesty, and trust. Others view the color as something that denotes reliability and responsibility, as well as confidence and security. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many insurance companies and banks use a particular shade of this color in their logos and billboards.


Another popular color that is usually used in food and beverage packaging is yellow. Most color psychologists associate this color with sunshine, happiness, cheerfulness, and warmth. This is probably why this color is often used in breakfast cereals and other morning food products like pancakes or butter. A white paper published on the University of Wisconsin website states that yellow is the fastest color that your brain can process, making it the best color to capture attention. It has also been found to stimulate your appetite and can make you feel optimistic and cheerful.

If you noticed, these three colors are usually prominent in packaging and labels of products like foods and beverages. You can use any shade of these three that closely resembles your company’s colors. You can also integrate other hues like green or orange with any of these three shades, generate an eye-catching blend of striking colors. Remember, the colors that you select should send the correct message to your target market so potential customers would be motivated to buy your product.