3 British Ads That Generated Buzz and Sale for Their Companies

Advertising ChartWhile all ads strive to be memorable, not all of them work, and even those that are hard to forget don’t always mean sales to companies. For this reason, these three British ads are unique. They don’t just make it to the top British ads of all time, but they also increased profit and market:

1. Gorilla by Cadbury (2007)

A gorilla playing the drums while listening to Phil Collins seems to be completely out of touch with Cadbury, but it worked. The campaign launched in 2007 generated a lot of positive reviews from consumers that improved the brand’s perception significantly after it suffered a major issue of salmonella contamination. Most importantly, it translated to 6 percent revenue growth.

2. Always a Woman by John Lewis (2010)

It’s hard to market insurance, but John Lewis is a master of selling home insurance coverage while pulling your heartstrings. Take, for example, it’s 2010 Always a Woman campaign, which was a massive hit among telly fans and, of course, women who probably cried buckets of tears seeing a child transition from an infant to old age within 90 seconds. The ad, which is also a fantastic example of direct response TV production, experienced almost 40 percent increase in sales after the ad appeared.

3. Surfer by Guinness (1999)

Considered as one of the best ads to ever grace UK television, Surfer featured a group of men riding the waves that eventually became galloping horses. The TV appealed because of its gorgeous imagery, stirring voiceover, and strong message of never giving up. Most of all, it transformed the beer brand from something cool to meaningful, awarded them multiple advertising recognition, and gave the company one of its biggest sales and market share.

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