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Mulching: How It Prevents Weed Growth and Boosts Plant Health

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenanceMany gardeners are becoming interested in controlling weeds naturally. For effective lawn weed control, experts in Salt Lake City like Greenside Landscaping suggest a systematic use of mulch. Mulching is a simple but effective way to prevent and control the growth of these garden bullies.

Organic mulches

There are two types of mulches, and both are effective in discouraging the growth of weeds. How does this happen? The layers of organic matter over the soil intercept sunlight and lower the temperature of the soil. In doing so, they prevent seed germination. Thick mulch also prevents stubborn weeds that germinate and become seedlings from emerging completely.

Organic mulches come in different forms, including compost, decomposed tree leaves and pine needles, wood chips, bark, straw, sawdust, and other crop residues. They decompose and add nutrients to the soil—an additional advantage. They also facilitate a moderation of soil moisture and temperature, which helps plants grow healthy.

Inorganic mulches

Meanwhile, inorganic mulch is composed of geotextiles, black plastic, pebbles, small stones, and gravel. They are ideal for specific plant species and may be preferred by gardeners over organic mulches despite the fact that they do not amend the quality of the soil.

Maximizing the mulch effect

For organic mulching to be effective, pay attention to when and how to lay the mulch. The best time to place mulch over soil is after weeding. Gardeners guarantee a weed-free yard if the annoying plants are completely removed before applying mulch on the soil. 

To lower the chances of weeds growing even more, there must be a four to six-inch layer over the soil. Some people spread the mulch over a layer of newspaper.

Mulching keeps weeds out of the garden. However, if you are dealing with perennials, you must supplement mulching with specific methods that fight against invading species effectively.