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Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

Beautiful kitchen
A great kitchen makes a great home. Likewise, having clean and beautiful tiles make a great kitchen. Selecting the right kitchen tiles rests on two guiding factors: functionality and aesthetics.

These smart ideas guide you in the process of getting the perfect tiles for your kitchen:

Determine the price

Tiles are available in a variety of options. Some are expensive and some are cheap. Vinyl and linoleum tiles are usually priced lower than custom designed ceramic ones. If you’re looking for a design that resembles closely to nature, such as stone tiles, try visiting Ladera Ranch, a popular destination for interiors in California.

Go for durable pieces

Ceramic tiles are rated (1 to 5) on the PEI scale based on how their surfaces are resistant to abrasion. Tiles between classes 3 and 5 are best for flooring as they can withstand wear and tear. You can choose tiles belonging to the lower classes for your kitchen backsplash.

Select the right color

Your tastes and preferences dictate the choice of color. If you want to give the kitchen the impression of having a lot of space, choose lighter colors. Darker shades give your kitchen a warmer feeling, while neutral colors blend well with a large variety of accessories.

Go for the right texture

Given the amount of action that happens in the kitchen on a daily basis, you should make it the safest possible. Go for textured tiles for the floor as they are less slippery. For the backsplash, you can choose polished porcelain as it is easy to clean.

The choice of which tiles to use for your kitchen comes down to your budget and preferences. By taking the time to determine options that are available, you can easily create the kitchen of your dreams.