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Why is Ergonomics Important in the Workplace?

Happy People in the WorkplaceErgonomics is all about providing an environment that’s suitable for the productivity and health of employees. There are different types of furniture today that integrate ergonomic design to improve the posture of people and make sure their bodies get the support it needs from 9 to 5.

Productivity and Ergonomics

Employees need to be comfortable, without an ergonomic office chair they often encounter several problems that may include:

  1. The wrong height for the chair and table
  2. Banged knees on the keyboard
  3. Cramped work area
  4. Poor or no support for the back and elbows
  5. Forced to cradle the phone when they use the computer

These may seem like small problems, but they add up and may cause chronic discomfort and pain whenever an employee is at the office. These accumulate and may cause long-term pains from headaches to backaches to shoulder problems and other similar things. Your employees need to be comfortable to be productive.

The Ergonomic Effect

When you provide your employees with furniture made with an ergonomic design they get the following advantages:

  1. Tension control for their back
  2. Backrest that tilts
  3. Support for the lumbar
  4. Armrests they can adjust to suit them
  5. Adjustable height of the surface they have to work on that fits their posture

These design changes enabled employees to work productively without dealing with chronic pain and discomfort.

By the Numbers

Different industries that changed to ergonomic design have seen an improvement in productivity, some of these include:

  1. Telecommunications Plant – Redesigned four workstations for ergonomics, which led to an increase in production and reduced errors in data entry.
  2. Steel Company – They redesigned an observation pit that led to a savings of $150,000 in a year because of lower waste and improved productivity.

Ergonomic design is not just a fad, it allows you to save money and improve the effectiveness of employees. Start redesigning your office and workstations to meet standards and reap the benefits.