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Can Wearing a Dental Grill Cause Oral Health Problems?

Dentist in IndianaMany celebrities have rocked dental grills since hip-hop artists popularized the  cosmetic dental wears in the early 1980s. These decorative covers, usually made of gold, silver or some jewel-encrusted precious metals, have in fact become a clip-on fashion statement. But are “fronts” all cool?

Here are some of the concerns dentists have raised about wearing dental grills:

1.    Base metal grills may cause irritation

While celebrities can afford quality gold, silver or precious metals grills, many other aficionados wear low-quality base metal grills. These non-precious metals fronts may have unhealthy substances and can cause irritation or metal allergic reactions.

2.    Oral hygiene problems

Food and other debris may be trapped between the wearer’s teeth and the dental grill. Oral bacteria then feed on the debris and produce enamel-eating acids. The acid baths can lead to tooth decay and damage gum tissue. The breeding bacteria may also contribute to halitosis – bad breath.

3.    Dental grills may harm oral tissues and hurt tooth enamel

Although dental fronts may initially feel comfortable, ill-fitted ones can irritate surrounding oral tissues. They may also wear away at the enamel on the opposing choppers.

4.    Teeth shifting

Wearing poorly fitted dental grills for extended periods of time may move teeth into new positions.

5.    Increased risk of accidental damage to teeth

There could be an enhanced risk of injury to teeth if the wearer is accidentally knocked in the mouth. While the lips would typically protect the mouth, grills, especially if they have diamonds or sharp edges, would increase the risk of damage to teeth, gums or lips during accidents.

To prevent oral health problems, grill wearers should try to limit the amount of time they spend wearing removable grills. If you’re already wearing a grill, remember to take it out before eating and clean it daily to get rid of bacteria and food particles. And if you’re considering drills, talk to a dentist like Mahoney Family Dentistry in South Bend, IN first. Find out what materials your grill is made of and make sure it fits you well.