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3 SME Website Stats You Need to Know

Online Presence Studies show that about 22 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs in the United Kingdom say that their biggest concern for 2017 is the rising costs of business. Even in today’s highly digitised world where businesses compete for customers in the online arena, many still view having a website and IT support as high business costs.

While it is true that having a website and supporting the IT activities require a sizeable budget, what business owners don’t understand is that they could be losing more than just customers if they don’t have an online presence.

Here are some SME statistics you need to know:

Stat # 1: About 43 percent of small businesses spend 6 hours and more weekly on social media. This means that your competitors are generating leads online using their social media accounts. If you’re not doing the same, you are losing your customers, even your patrons, to your competitors.

Stat # 2: According to Gator Crossing’s “A Day in the Life of the Internet,” over 2.4 billion people use the internet every single day. Out of these billions of netizens, about 90 percent not only purchased something but they also searched and reached out to a company in the past 12 months. Imagine how much you’re missing if you don’t have a website.

Stat #3: Website, IT support and overall customer experience improve your business value. According to Stanford’s web credibility research, about 75 percent of online visitors judge a company’s credibility based on how their website looks. Having a well-functioning, professionally designed website also improves your chances of getting a business loan. Similar to judging the book by its cover, the first impression does last.

Increase Your Business Value Today

These days, having a website seems to be a legitimate business requirement, which is just as important as having a business phone or a business signage. Every day that you don’t have an online presence, you are losing more customers than you know, as well as opportunities. Inquire about IT support today and start reaping the benefits of having a website.


Aluminium Wall Cladding and the Superb Features That Set It Apart

wall cladding
Contemporary textured wall cladding brings life and undeniable charm to any structure. Yet, do not let your attraction to modern touches cloud your judgment. When it is time to choose, think about the advantages of one of the most popular, elegant, and standard cladding option available — aluminium weatherboard systems.

The merits of aluminium weatherboard

Aluminium weatherboard consists of a thin exterior coating of the metal, which serves as a protective layer to the structure. Production of high quality aluminium cladding for modern structures occurs via a systematic set of procedures. Usually, fabrication involves high-pressure compression of different types of material rendering each panel with durability. Aluminium panels that serve as a protective exterior skin are known for their versatility and weather-resistant properties. Adding an exterior layer of aluminium to another paneling material gives it greater strength.

There is a wide range of finishes and profiles available. External cladding for residential and commercial structures can still suffer damage in time, but choosing wisely will remove the need for tedious maintenance. Choose aluminium weatherboards if you want to build homes resistant to weather damage.

The cladding of choice

When there are numerous options before you, what criteria must you use in order to determine which brand deserves your trust and patronage? Leaky buildings in Australia and New Zealand often end up being so because of a poor cladding. What you need is a permanent solution that can resist the different challenges of the local climate. Cladding material that is 100% recyclable is more favourable than a material that takes up too much energy manufacturing or one that cannot be reused. Apart from functionality, consider the sustainability of an option.

Make the most of the advantages of new technologies with external aluminium weatherboards. Long-term durability should be on top of your list of qualities excellent weatherboard material must possess. Aside from structural integrity and reliability, think about sustainability as well. With these in mind, you should be ready to view products offered by local suppliers.

3 Things That Ruin Your Beautiful Garage Doors

Garage Door in UtahA garage door is a key player in keeping your homes safe and secure. This is why you need to have it regularly checked to see if it’s working properly. Here are 3 things that damage a garage door and what you can do to prevent it.

Pet Scratches / Damaged Weather Stripping. Weather stripping prevents outdoor elements from getting into your homes through doors and windows. Pet scratches can ruin the weather stripping. When damaged, the draft can ruin more than just your doors and windows. It can also lead to a surge in electricity charges, especially in the winter. Regularly check for damaged weather stripping, especially on your garage doors.

Winter Elements. Garage doors are more likely to break during the colder season. This is especially true for older garage doors that have taken a good beating in the past years. The cold temperature can cause metal springs to brittle, which can easily break when closing or opening. Broken metal springs could not only cause further damage to your garage door, but can also increase the risk of personal injury from accidents. If you suspect the need for a quick fix, it is best to call garage door repair services in Utah.

Lightning. Lightning has the ability to travel through Ethernet cables, electrical outlets and phone jacks. This makes the garage door openers all the more vulnerable to damage during a thunderstorm. It is advisable to check if your garage door is working properly after a storm. While you’re at it, look for weather-related damages that require immediate attention to prevent other problems such as water damage.

Make It Last

A garage door is one of the most used doors in one’s home. Regular use, harsh elements, wear and tear plus human failure can lead to garage door problems. The key to making your garage doors last is to consistently check its condition and fix problems as soon as possible before it gets even bigger.

Make Your Office Happier and More Productive Using Colour

different colour profiles
Need more focus to complete your deadlines? Perhaps a mood-lifter at work, or something to help calm your nerves while working? Consider changing the colour of your office space. Studies have shown that using the right colour palette in your workspace could do wonders not only for your productivity, but your general happiness at work as well.

Look at the following hues for some inspiration:

  • Blue: Teals and Aquas are very soothing and lend a sense of authority and trust, which make them perfect for detail-oriented workspaces such as in accounting and legal offices.
  • Orange: Need to remain focused and pumped up for work marathons and meetings? Consider orange, which is known for boosting endurance and creative performance.
  • White: While most people think ‘hospital’ when they see white in offices, when combined with other colours — neutrals or bolder ones — it creates a sense of creativity and spaciousness.
  • Yellow: If you need help boosting your mood in the office, go with yellow, which is known for promoting optimism. But, be warned that too much yellow could cause eye fatigue since it easily reflects light.
  • Red: Although red is commonly associated with rage, war, and chaos, it’s likewise known to help get your heart pumping, which makes it ideal for workspaces with lots of physical activity, such as a fitness gym.
  • Green: Do you need fresh ideas? Consider jades and emeralds since green could help promote creative thinking — perfect for workspaces where brainstorming is pretty much done every single day.

So which colour is right for you? To determine which hue will work the most wonders for your office, one of the top commercial painters in Wellington suggests that you figure out what you want or need to impact while at work; your emotions, your mind, your balance, your creativity, or your body. He adds that colour is both extremely personal and scientific, so don’t just pick a hue just because it’s scientifically proven to do this and that—you also have to like it on some level for it to affect you positively.

The Simple Hacks to Get Financing for Your Management Rights Business

Right Business in AustraliaIt does not matter whether you are a newbie or an investment expert, it is important to get a suitable finance solution when purchasing a Management Rights business. Many banks can help you, given the competition being so stiff in the field.

The ideal finance deal for you, when you are looking for a lucrative management rights for sale, is from the lender who is willing to offer your business great discounts and other benefits, such as Resort Brokers Australia.

Get the Right Finance Broker

More than often, clients use their current broker when they want to source management rights finance, but discover it is a wrong choice due to their lack of knowledge when it comes to this type of investment. It is important that you deal with a finance broker who is an expert when dealing with Management Rights. Be sure to consult about the number of Management Rights transactions that the broker has completed successfully and you will get an idea of their expertise in this field.

Valuation of Management Rights

Management Rights business is valued depending on the value of the actual business plus the value of the manager’s unit.

Manager’s Unit Value

The manager’s unit value is obtained by comparing unit sales that are in the same or surrounding complexes together with a premium that takes into account the office space. The price of a manger’s unit is a non-income producing asset and if it is too high compared to the overall price of the business, the Management Rights Business is considered less favourable by a lender.

Management Rights Business Value

A Management Rights business is valued using a multiplier of the annual profit or income. The multiplier set depends on the market conditions that influence banks and other valuers. Normally, the multiplier ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 and depends on occupancy rates, location, and agreement term.

With many factors to consider, it is unlikely for two Management Rights Businesses to be similar. It is important to note that not all lenders offer finance to Management Rights Businesses and you should know the right lender to approach.

An Odd Evolutionary Divergence: How Did the Smile Came About?

a smile
Long before the alphabet and other written symbols, humans communicated through gestures. Even today, a lot of what we communicate with each other is non-verbal – we cry, shrug, cringe, laugh and smile. These non-verbal forms of communication are also symbolic; some are simply odd.

For instance, when an animal bares its teeth and flattens its ears, it could be scared or bracing for a fight. Humans, on the other hand, expose their teeth to express happiness or friendliness. In fact, the smile has become such a positive gesture that people are going into orthodontic treatments, such as braces and Invisalign, to make sure their smiles look great.

Why so? How did this peculiar evolutionary divergence happen?

The Smile as Explained by Charles Darwin

One of the first attempts at explaining the evolution of smiles is done by Charles Darwin himself. In his book, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, he found that humans expressed themselves the same way. According to him, humans may have aggressively displayed their fangs to greet other humans.

As more and more humans used the smile as a form of greeting, it lost its predatory element later on.

The Smile as Explained by Modern Scientists

A modern champion of the same idea is Janice Porteous, a philosophy professor who studies the evolution of laughter and humour. According to her, the main evidence is the missing link in primates’ facial expressions, which say either ‘You’re my friend,’ or ‘You’re my enemy.’

She said animals bear their fangs when trapped or frightened. In more intelligent primates, however, lower ranking members of the group flash their teeth to higher ranking primates when they are occupying a space that the dominant wants. It is treated as a sign of submission, which deflects the aggression of the dominant.

The fact remains that no one really knows why humans smile. What we do know now is that it signifies something – something positive.

4 Investments for Small Electrical Businesses to Increase Workplace Safety

Emergency VehiclesIn 2016, more than 200 people died while doing their jobs. Seven of them were involved in electricity, gas, water, and waste services. Although the numbers are low compared to those of other countries, workplace safety is taken seriously in Australia.

In Queensland, small electrical businesses should seriously consider getting these:

1. Insurance

An electrician’s job is the riskiest, and injuries and death can be financially and emotionally draining for any business owner. For peace of mind, get the right insurance policy and coverage.

Electricians are expected to have workers’ compensation (Work Cover) and public liability insurance, which is intended for third-party injury claims. If you’re a contractor, you may need a specialist contract works insurance.

If you’re worried about costs, shop around. With many insurance providers in Queensland, you’ll surely find the emergency vehicle coverage that fits your need and budget.

2. Emergency Vehicles

Although electrical businesses have offices, their employees normally work in the field, where they are at risk of suffering from an injury. You can always dial 000 to get the necessary medical help, but it’s wise to buy field command or emergency response vehicles.

Emergency vehicle fit outs can be customised depending on the size of the vehicle, need, cost, and purpose.

3. Licences

Queensland prohibits performing any electrical work without the right licence. The region issuesdifferent types of electrical workers’ licences according to their completed training and line of work. As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring workers possess the correct and updated licence and permit. The licences are valid for five years unless they are suspended and cancelled. After the period is over, renew these licences.

4. Trainings

Based on work safety regulations, it is your obligation to provide adequate and updated training including fire and emergency. Electrical workers must be encouraged to continue their professional education while the company should be knowledgeable of any news and trends in the industry about workplace safety.

An electrical worker’s job is never easy, but you can give everyone peace of mind. Give them the proper training, ensure they have the right licences, buy an emergency vehicle, and cover yourselves with insurance.

4 Tips to Consider When Planning to Start a Granite Fabrication Business

Granite FabricationGranite is a well-renowned material used in kitchens, headstones, pillars, and a lot more. As such, it may be wise to invest in a granite fabrication shop. With an outstanding business plan and the right knowledge, this business can be profitable.

Here are tips you may want consider when starting this kind of business:

Enrol in fabrication classes

There are granite fabrication classes you may want to take to learn the basics of this industry. These classes are also beneficial for you to acquaint yourself on how to work with an array of fabrication tools and how to make custom slabs.

You need a good business location

In order for your business to get to the top, it is essential that your granite fabrication shop is conveniently located on the beaten path and visible to your customers. Moreover, it is imperative to secure a place where you can fabricate the slabs. Other important spaces you need for the business apart from your showroom include a warehouse space and an office.

Get a business license

For you to operate your new business legitimately in your area, it is necessary to secure the proper licensing. For example, a contractor’s license may be required, as you will need to install the granite in your customers’ houses.

Invest in granite fabrication equipment

Granite fabrication tools are innovative solutions that can help big in making your life easier, simpler, as well as safer. For instance, when sealing granite, use specially formulated Rep to offer high protection for granite worktops against staining. You will also need cutting tools, such as marble diamond blades, grinding wheels, and more.

Of course, the business also requires you to purchase materials handling equipment from suppliers like Stonegate that you can use in storage, movement, and control of materials and other items. When purchasing your tools, it is advisable to buy from an established, dependable company that supplies the stone cutting and composite industries for several years already.

When starting a business, it is vital that you come up with an exceptional business strategy. There is also a need to become organised, disciplined, and patient. Follow the tips above and you are on your way to establishing a successful granite fabrication business.

Avoid Fraud: A Checklist Before Hiring an Electrician

A Licensed Electrician in Wellington

A Licensed Electrician in WellingtonHiring a tradesperson is something you can do easily with a few clicks. While it is truly convenient to find an electrician or a plumber online, you should be wary of hiring shady a tradesperson. The government of New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment released a guideline in hiring an electrician to avoid frauds and accidents.

  1. License

A registered electrician in Wellington should have a license granted by the Electrical Workers Registration Board before they can practice his profession. Hiring a licensed electrician can ensure the efficiency and the quality of work done on your property.

  1. Identification and Authorisation

Identification cards from the company the electrician should be available. It is also important to be aware of the type of work your electrician can perform. Limitations are usually identified on the I.D. card.

  1. Know Your Contract

Be well versed with the ins and outs of your contract before closing the deal. Ask questions and be sure the answer is explained clearly. Stick to the contract once the working process starts. If there are any changes, refer back to the contract and make sure additional changes are in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

  1. Insurance

Insurance would protect both you and the electrician working on your property if any accident is to take place. The company should also provide insurance and compensation if the damage has been done to your property during the process.

  1. Check the Company They are From

Thoroughly check the background of the company before closing a deal. It would be helpful to let the company tell more about it and read reviews from previous clients.

Let this serve as a guide for people to avoid hiring fraud electricians or any other tradesperson for that matter.

Finding and Creating the Perfect Base for Your Design Taste

Plantation Shutters While dated architectural features bring much character to a home, your taste and circumstances may change over time. Choosing bare bones architecture that can take on the personality of different design periods means more funds left over to refurnish your rooms.

The Value of Timelessness

Most homeowners don’t think as far forward as to the possibility of selling their home. But, this is something you may want to consider when buying or building a home. Life changes may happen that end up with a decision to move and sell. A blank template will make it easier for people viewing the house to envision themselves moving in — and make it easier for you to sell.

Notable Details

Other than timelessness, another way to make your home design flexible is to choose easily adaptable details.

Custom plantation shutters at are a good example of such details. Plantation shutters are a versatile and functional architectural touch. They can easily filter light, maintain privacy, and promote excellent air circulation. Depending on the material, plantation shutters can be easily retouched in case of wear and tear or repainted to match the room décor.

Another great detail is the ceiling beams. Though some might prefer to mask them, some ceiling beams add a great visual impact to a room. Wood beams can be particularly desirable for rustic motifs, while smoother beams are best for modern designs.

Style it Your Way

A well-structured home is easy for most people to personalise. Most spaces are easily styled through the use of colours, furnishing, and accessories. It helps to already have a basic concept for the look you want to achieve. Most times, you may find that evaluating your existing furnishing already showcases your basic design sensibility. You can then choose to work with or around what you have. Search online for further inspiration or visit local furniture stores to see what you can add to solidify your concept.

When in doubt, you can always enlist the help of a professional to help you define the space and make it your own.