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What to Prepare When Your Due Date is Already Near


PregnancyAside from home preparations for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you also need to prepare the stuff that you would have to bring to the hospital when you start feeling those contractions.

You’re about a month away from your due date, and you get so excited about the prospect of finally holding and seeing the little angel you’ve taken care of for the past eight months. You have prepared the baby’s room, you’ve done all your exercises and have ensured that you only eat healthy and organic food. Then you realized something, you haven’t yet packed for the big day. Don’t panic, it’s just a matter of preparing a few things.


Aside from the clothes that you have bought for your newborn, all of which are already safely folded inside her cute little cabinet, you have to bring some to the hospital too! She would need some nice layettes that would make her feel comfortable. Consider the season as well. If your due date falls during the cold season, make sure that you have those comfortable yet warm clothing ready.

Large clothes

Since you would be giving birth, it would mean that you would be shedding off a huge portion of your belly. Don’t expect to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes yet. Choose clothing that would just fall between a pre-pregnancy physique and that of your 9-month-old belly physique. Make sure that you don’t get into those skinny jeans yet, okay? This is more so important if you would be having a cesarean section.

Bathrobe, slippers and towels

Obviously, you would need all these. When you arrive at the hospital, you would be lucky enough to be giving birth right away. At times, you just have to wait until your contractions are really strong. Don’t forget to ask your doctor how to track contractions, so that you will have an idea whether you are nearing the point of delivering your baby or not. There’s also an available device that could help you track those contractions, says Bloomlife.

ID and insurance

Don’t ever forget your ID and driver’s license. The Bump said that if you have insurance and birth plan, bring them along with other documents, which you think are important. You have to make sure that you bring these so that you wouldn’t have a problem retrieving your record and other hospital data.


If you have two cameras or a good high-quality mobile phone, bring them all. You don’t want to miss capturing the moment that you were able to hold your newborn. It’s only through the camera that you will be able to preserve those instances that could never ever be repeated. Baby Center emphasized that somebody would just have to document the grand event! If you can, bring a power bank along, it might come in handy.

Try to prepare all these a month before your due date. You’ll never know when your baby would like to go out and greet you with a smile. What’s important is you have everything ready, so that when the big day comes, you will just grab the bag and go.

Look After Yourself: Life with Epilepsy

Life with EpilepsyA life with epilepsy can be challenging, with many sufferers feeling alone and isolated at times. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with this condition, you may feel worried about seizures, as well as the complications and other health issues that may arise from a seizure episode. The most important thing you can do is to reach out or find better ways of coping or living life with epilepsy.

Revere Health notes that neurology centers in Provo share a few points that can help in looking after or taking care of yourself.

Learn About Your Triggers

Know more about the things that trigger your seizures and the ways to avoid them. You can keep a diary or a record of the times you had seizures and the things you have been doing before an episode. This can help you deal or work out if you have any triggers. You should also work with your doctor or neurologist to find an anti-epilepsy medication that suits you best.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

A balanced diet helps your body and brain to function better, which is beneficial in staying healthy. This may also help lower your risk of seizures. The ideal diet contains food from all food groups, which include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Exercising regularly is also advisable to increase strength and reduce fatigue.

Find Support

Loved ones like family members, friends, colleagues, and community groups can offer the support you need. You may also talk to someone who cares for epilepsy or those with the same condition. There are also groups who offer face-to-face meetups who are in the same situation. Your specialist may also give you specific information about where to find support groups or counseling help.

Know About Complementary Therapy

Complementary therapies may be used along with anti-epileptic drugs. They may help your condition indirectly because they make you feel good. Therapies can be helpful if stress can trigger seizures, as they can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. A qualified therapist or a neurologist can review to condition to find out if complementary therapies are suitable for you.

Your epilepsy may be less debilitating if you take better care of your health and well-being. This means doing everything you can to stay fit and healthy, preventing illnesses, and caring for other conditions you have. You can talk you your specialist about self-management and in having a regular review of your condition.

The Hamburger Menu: Brilliant Web Design Solution – with Drawbacks

Website Designing Maybe it was in your Facebook app or that online magazine you visit every morning, but the “hamburger menu” has been one of the top trends in web design for a few years now.

The hamburger menu is the tree lines stack together to roughly form a tiny digital bun-meat-bun sandwich. It was created to incorporate a menu without taking up too much space. Web designers and even website design resellers adopt it in all areas of user interface and experience over the past few years – but is it really a brilliant solution?

Hamburger Pros and Cons

Also called hamburger nav or flyout menu, the hamburger menu primarily triggers a sliding drawer navigation that contains links to page all around the site. These menus are great for condensing information – which is important as websites are being designed for smaller screens. The design preserves precious real estate on mobile and tablet.

Hamburger menus are also perfect to achieve a minimalist aesthetic and keep a site uncluttered, thus, they were built into new WordPress themes, and almost every new site that has been designed in the last few years.

The problem with this web design trend is that it can be tricky to implement. Its use of the “out of sight, out of mind” principle to hide website features can lead to discoverability problems and can decrease user involvement in sites. This doesn’t sit well for conversion rates.

Breaking the Mold

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy the perks of the hamburger menu without experiencing the drawbacks. First, if you are a business looking for web design service, hire a professional web designer. If you are a marketing company looking for someone to outsource web design services, go for a reseller who knows the stuff.

Web designers can optimize the hamburger menu for usability. Simply moving it to the right side of the screen works as well, since the right side makes clicking easy. Another simple, but powerful solution is adding the word “MENU” beside the hamburger icon; this is especially important when users not recognizing the icon is a concern.

The hamburger menu has grown and took over the responsive web design world. It seems the trend will not disappear anytime soon, so until there’s a better solution, start taking advantage of it.

Visual Appeal: Grab Customer Attention with a Catchy, Unforgettable Ad

AdvertsingWith increased access to the internet, users consume a huge amount of new images and fresh information every day. The resulting sensory overload is making it harder and harder for online advertiser to get their audiences to pause and notice their brand. They should, therefore, utilise various creative online avenues, such as online ads, to gain an edge over competition, engage with clients and boost customer patronage.

So, how exactly does one create a successful online ad?

A Catchy Tagline

Advertisers shouldn’t waste time dawdling — whatever their message is, it has to be clear right from the get-go. Customers only spend a few seconds browsing online content, so if the ad doesn’t catch their attention right away, they’ll scroll past it and the ad will end up forgotten. A one-line, killer copy with complementary visuals, however, is easy to process and even easier to remember. Summarize the offering and focus on the benefit. This will be enough to pique customer interest and encourage them to check out the brand.

Know Your Competitors

Monitoring the competition's progress is important because it tells advertisers what they should and shouldn’t do. Being familiar with a competitor’s marketing efforts and content strategies will make it easier for a company to differentiate themselves and highlight their own unique offering. According to pay per click experts, using a competitive digital report can help advertisers make informed decisions about their online campaigns and make sure they stay ahead of the game.

Keep It Simple

Simple and effective communication is key when it comes to online advertising. It may seem tempting to take advantage of design and imagery, but simple, uncluttered design is what will hold a customer’s attention most of all. Likewise, advertisers should avoid using too many words to explain their services: an ad should only serve up the meatiest portions for the consumer.

Creating an effective and memorable online ad lies in grabbing a customer’s attention right from the start. Using the right techniques to achieve customer attention will make it easier for advertisers to engage with clients and boost conversion rates. 

All the Help You Need: Business Support for New Businesses

Business Service ProvidersA new start-up can be compared to an infant learning how to walk. As a business owner, you have the responsibility to learn the ropes in your company. You have to lead your employees towards your company’s goals. Of course, just as an infant needs parents for support, your start-up company can use some support as well.

Physical Offices

Business service providers can support you with what you need for your company. For one, when you need office space to house your employees and your assets, business centers have spaces you can rent out for your company. You can even secretarial services to help you out. A secretary can help you with simple bookkeeping, dictation and transcription assignments, typing tasks, and document filing.

Digital Offices

Now, another business service you may want to consider is virtual offices, suggests. Virtual offices allow you and your employees to work at home. At the same time, you are all connected to each other through technology, which means video conferencing, teleconferencing, and e-mail communication.

No More Commutes

Before you think a virtual office may not be a good idea, you can consider these benefits. Firstly, you completely eliminate commute time for everyone. Employees that may live far from your workplace can productively work for the day since they no longer have hours-long commutes. Even you will be more productive as your energy levels won’t be sapped by the commute.

Time with Family

More than just non-existent commute time, you and your employees can also have more flexible time. When you want to spend more time with family or relaxation, you can set aside time within the day and still get work done. You can even work in the evenings or early mornings if you want.

Better, Happier Workers

Productivity is boosted in a virtual space as well. You can easily monitor your employees, but turnover will generally be lower, as workers will be happier, less pressured, and more determined to work.

With a new start-up, you will need all the help you can get.

Creative Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special

Child's Birthday Setting aside this special day every year to celebrate your child’s birthday is a significant part of a child’s growth process that goes a long way towards developing a healthy self-esteem. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for you kid to socialize with others and make beautiful memories they will carry along their lives.

Here are some creative ideas on how you can make it super fantastic for them:

1. Bake the cake together

Rather than buying the cake from the bakery, how about you make it yourselves. This will not only help your child learn a new skill, but it will give them a sense of achievement. Again, this will boost their self-esteem. Allow your child to choose their favorite colors for decorating

2. Drench them in color

Gather your child and the friends in some nice grass area and have a color party. You could play a game where the winners drench the losers with color. Kids enjoy getting all messed up, and the good thing is that, although it may look insanely messy, a color powder is non-toxic and easily washes out afterward.

3. Give your child a chance to capture the memories

Buy your kid a disposable camera and have them take pictures of the day’s events. Afterward, help them fill their scrapbook with the snapshots of the birthday’s memories.

You could also videotape special messages from the family members and your child’s friends then play it back at the party.

4. Send your child a surprise package

Who doesn’t love sweet surprises? A day before your child’s birthday, send them a surprise package by mail to be opened on their birthday. You could insert a card and sign ‘Mystery Friend’ just to keep your child guessing. They will love you for this!

At the end of it all, give your child a hug and remind them how much you love them. After all these creative ideas, your love is what matters most to them.

Wedding Planning: 3 Things You Might Have Missed

Wedding in KentEven if you have a wedding planner or coordinator for your big day, you may still be forgetting a lot of details because you did not think these things mattered. Some of these details are actually quite important, and could even make or break your wedding day. Make sure you take note of these details:

1. Traffic on the Day

How can you predict the traffic to your wedding venue? Barring prescience, you can simply take a look at local listings for events. The local county could have road operations that fall on your wedding day. Ask your planner or coordinator to check these out, so you and your guests will not be late. Come up with a re-routing plan if you cannot avoid the traffic on main thoroughfares.

2. Bugs

If you are choosing a garden or an outdoor wedding venue in Kent or other counties in South East England, then it is smart to think about the bugs in the area. Your guests might skive or skip out early if the insect situation gets out of hand. You may want to arrange for pest control measures at your venue or even give repellent in your gift bags for your guests.

3. Children

Do you want kids at your wedding? Would you rather make it for their parents only? Decide before the invitation stage on whether you want to have kids at the wedding or not. Keep in mind that you may hurt some feelings or you would have to forgo inviting them if you know they would bring their kids whether you allowed it or not. Everyone thinks they are a ‘special case’. You may want to arrange for babysitting or do the necessary adjustments for these people, so they can attend and be at ease.

These are the most-often overlooked details at a wedding. Talk to your planner about these and do not forget to write everything down.

Arranging Your Store Design and Layout for Maximum Customer Engagement

Store Design & Layout The total experience of shopping at your physical store is one that customers notice and appreciate. If it’s a good shopping experience, they are likely to share their story with friends and recommend your shop. They will become your own marketers.

If the experience is poor, on the other hand, customers will still talk about it, but the effect will be the total opposite. These days, with social media, it’s not even hard to get the word out that your shop is not worth a visit.

Here is some advice on how to design and arrange your shop. Read this before buying your shopfitting supplies:


Like it or not, physical appearance counts. This involves everything from the parking lot to the lights inside your shop. Make it too dark and that may be enough for people to stay away. The shop windows should always be clean and updated, with a style that does not make your shop look old or trying too hard. There is a balance in everything. Find that balance.


Do you like shopping in a store where you have to walk sideways down the aisles so you won’t hit other shoppers? How about one where only one pushcart can roll down the aisles? Accessibility is important, especially for those in a rush.

Floor Plan

The floor plan should, in fact, not encourage rushing. But don’t do it by making the aisles too small. Do it by controlling the flow of traffic. Something that flows naturally. But at every turn, place items that are likely to catch people’s attention and encourage them to try or inspect those items. This makes them stay longer in your shop, and that’s good news.

How you design your shop has a direct and powerful effect on how people react to it. Make them come back over and over again by designing it the right way. They might even bring their friends.

Never Miss Les Mis: Why is it a Broadway Favorite?

Broadway Spotlight“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is one of the longest running musical adaptations of all time. Its story and melodic lines continue to make an impact to audiences around the world as it tackles the many aspects of hope and darkness, such as love and loss, joy and hate, order and rebellion, and justice and war.

Learn why a complex, but meaningful story remains a favorite for all ages.

La musique and lyrics

Many fans can’t get enough of the Les Mis songs. That’s why many entertainment providers, like Bounce Music & Entertainment, recreate the feel and the music for corporate events, complete with the symphonic richness of the orchestra and the musical skills of Broadway-trained actors.

The music gives life to Victor Hugo’s lines with immense emotions accompanied by the unpredictable blast of the ensemble. Take for example Eponine’s “On My Own” part, the message is so strong leaving audiences to contemplate it emotionally.

The flow of le scénario

Hugo’s novel consists of five volumes and each one tells a story of redemption in different angles. There is the thief that moves forward by helping others to have better lives. A man full of fear, but brings hope and purpose to the chaotic reality of the world. And the consistent struggle of life against death and a peasant against people of authority.

In addition, the story shows a stronghold of believing in spiritual faith. It is not just a simple battle between good and evil, it is full of complex characters and plot twists.

La leçon learned

Despite the cruel sufferings and struggles that the story portrays, it aims to teach people to be optimistic. There is always hope in humanity to achieve freedom, equality, and fraternity backed by a strong faith in God.

Apart from being a form of entertainment, Les Misérables is an inspiration in all aspects of life and a reminder of hope and faith no matter where you are, who you are, or what you are.

Google AdWords: Maximizing Its Benefits

Google AdWords Both big and small businesses are using the presence of the internet and the effectiveness of online marketing to their advantage, as much as possible. This is where Google AdWords come in. There are some people who successfully made it, but do not really know how to use it, leading to a loss in profit.

To maximize the benefits of Google AdWords, you should know how it works. Let this article be your guide.

  1. The right keywords

The whole sense of joining the Adwords world is to get people to notice your product or services. There will surely be competitors all around the world, so the best one can do is to stay unique. Having the right combination of words to make up the perfect keyword can help you do that.

  1. Reasonable budget

Setting a reasonable budget, enough to get your Adwords campaign running and getting clicks all throughout the day, should be your goal. Small businesses, according to, should focus on getting more click and views than being visible and staying on top positions. This can be done by lowering the bid to 30-50%.

  1. Negative keywords work too

Negative keywords such as cheap, free, samples may not really give a good vibe to your brand, but they can help you save money by saving clicks. Having a broad keyword (those intentionally excluding negative keywords) can land you wasted clicks. In such cases, including a negative keyword is not at all bad, but is, in fact, practical.

  1. Jumping in without the basics

For Adwords to be effective, one should be able to compute the ROI. Thus, one should not jump into the Adwords arena without knowing the basics of how the campaign works. Doing so can actually give you more losses than gains.

Running a small business and want to try this strategy? Learn more about Adwords through short courses online. Hiring professional help can also reap benefits for your company.