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3 Effective Methods to Bug-proof Your Home and Keep Pests Away

Pest control service in IndianaIn response to changing weather conditions, unwanted guests like roaches, spiders, and ants make a beeline to your house to seek warmth and shelter. What’s more is they latch onto your food supply and bite or sting anyone who crosses their path.

Larger pests, such as rats, mice, bats, and even squirrels, invade your home and cause all manners of ruckus in the dead of the night. While your first instinct is to grab a can of insecticide, you should look for a more permanent solution.

Repair faulty taps as soon as possible

While it might not seem obvious, but leaking faucets attract insects since they provide a ready source of water. Pest control service providers in Indiana noted that damp and dark places are ideal breeding grounds and failure to take quick action allows pests to breed rapidly. A routine inspection can help conserve water and enable you to make repairs quickly.

Keep your house in great shape

Cracks in your windows and doorframes or large spaces beneath them allow insects to enter your home with ease. The same case applies to improperly sealed vents and utility pipes. In fact, space larger than a quarter of an inch can allow rats and mice gain entry into your house. Seal up the gaping holes with caulk and use door sweepers to eliminate spaces beneath your doors. Screens over the doors and the windows also help to keep the annoying bugs out of you home.

Set up traps outside the home

Rather than kill the rats and raccoons that enter your home, set traps strategically in your yard. This way, you can eliminate incidences of having to hunt for their dead and rotting bodies in the unreachable places of your house.

Making your home impenetrable is the best way to safeguard your home from pest invasion. In case you need help with pest control, be sure to call a professional service.

First-Time Job Hunter’s Guide for Creating Your Best Resume

Resume Creation in MunsterCreating a resume for the first time can be quite intimidating. You may be a bit bothered that you don’t know what to include in your CV. Also, it can be daunting not having enough information for it to be formidable enough to grab your potential superior’s interest. However, aside from your educational attainments, there are other ways of making your resume memorable and worthy of attention.

Categorize and Highlight

Unless you are dropping off your resume at a job fair, it’s a good idea to make two or three different resumes that highlight particular experiences. Since people have different backgrounds, it can be difficult for interviewers to see the qualities they aren’t classified for easy browsing. This works when applying for different positions that require their own specific skill sets. Highlight the skills and attainments that are noteworthy for that particular job or company on the very first page.

Add Non-Academic Activities

Include any certificate courses for business, art, sports, etc in your resume. Many companies do consider your extra-curricular activities and other interests as part of what you can offer their business. Think ahead and be involved in charity activities in Indiana that aren’t school-related. For example, feeding programs, hospice volunteering, and other community-based operations will make a good impression, Hospice of the Calumet Area suggests.

Include References That Matter

It’s standard operating procedure for any company to require references. Make your resume stand out by choosing contacts that can provide an unbiased but still judicious assessment of your social and academic skills. Don’t pick family members or friends who don’t have any business connection or employment experience with you. If you don’t have much or any job history yet, choose respected teachers and mentors from your university to vouch for you.

Many tutorials advise how to manage your resumes. However, before graduation even happens, make note of what you can already add to it. After all, it always pays to plan ahead — and that includes your future job.

4 Practical Hacks to Help You Improve Sleep

Ideal Sleeping Habits“Sleep is for the weak,” they used to say. In truth, sleep deprivation can make you weak. The most apparent consequence of being sleep-deprived is the inability to concentrate, but it also has other long-term mental and physical effects. It’s about time to flip the coin and revolutionize sleep. 

To accomplish more work during the day and always be on top of the game, you need to put a higher value on quality sleep. Here are some tips to help you sleep better.

1. Follow a consistent sleeping schedule.

If you feel that your body clock’s always messed up, practice sleeping at the same time every night. The National Sleep Foundation suggests sticking to the same schedule even on weekends. After all, people are creatures of habit.

2. Make your bedroom device-free.

To help you stick to your schedule, make a rule to stop using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer at a certain time. Keep everything away from your bed, or if possible, from your bedroom. This will decrease the amount of distraction and lessen your exposure to blue light emissions, which have proven to affect sleep.

3. Have a relaxing bedtime ritual.

This is a great hour to enjoy a personal time. Relax your mind and release all the tension in your body. Listen to calming music, light some scented candles, grab a paperback and read, or meditate. This is a good way to put your body in a relaxed state and prepare it for a sound sleep.

4. Make your bedroom comfortable.

Your bedroom must be conducive for a good night’s sleep. Keep it clean and airy. If you are unable to sleep with no lights, install some dim ones. Set the temperature to moderate – not too cold or too hot. Be choosy when it comes to your mattress and bedding. Go crazy about those trendy bamboo sheets that are both comfortable and environmentally ethical.

When it comes to sleep, both quantity and quality matter. Gone are the days when sleep is being treated as the enemy. Don’t buy the concept that great ideas come to those who are awake while the rest of the world is sleeping. Otherwise, other aspects of your life might suffer like your health. A better way to look at it is that greater ideas come when you are well rested and relaxed.

Home & Garden: Landscape Ideas to Brighten Up Your Yard

Landscape IdeasYou can bring back the lush and greens in your residential environment without emptying your pockets. Turn your barren yard into a breathtakingly beautiful garden with simple tricks. Get inspiration with the following landscape ideas only for your garden.

Weed Off, Beauty On

Clear out the weeds and rotting trees to give way to a deck extension. Weeds are not entirely the type of grass you’d want to see in your garden because these are unpleasant and unhealthy to your soil. Along with that, it invites many kinds of pests and insects in your home.

Keep Your Soil Healthy

To keep your favorite plants from growing, you need to constantly take care of your soil. Whenever you’re planting, it is necessary to cultivate, weed, and fertilize every now and then. This is to give your garden soil the nutrients it needs to grow and bloom your plants and flowers.

Flowers are Always Good Idea

Add color and freshness to your greenery by planting flowering shrubs in your area. Blooming violets, daisies, roses, and other floral will not only add appeal to your garden, but also make your home smell fresher.

Convert the Neglected & Unused Space

Create an instant hang out place by transforming an unused space into a simple outdoor lounge, says MPFP. Adding in a mini barbecue grill and fireplace in your simple abode will surely be a great idea for small and intimate gatherings. Be sure to consult with your landscape architect in New York to make things work for you.

A Mini Greenhouse

Ever dream of harvesting your own vegetables and fruits? Well, this might be the perfect time. In addition to creating an outdoor lounge, it is also a good option to turn your excess garden space into a greenhouse. It will indeed provide functionality, appeal, and value to your home.

When it comes to garden transformations, your design options are endless. No need to spend a hefty amount of money just to achieve the yard you’ve been dreaming of. Just be creative and set aside a little time to make it happen.

Obese and On Your Own: Weight and the Way Dental Practices Work

Weight Affects the Dental Service‘You'll have to come back when you've lost some weight’, the receptionist told Mr Keitley. The 55-year-old chef had no other option but to try and treat his gum disease with painkillers.

Last August, The Sun reported on Andrew Keitley, a 25-stone (160kg) Cardiff resident who, after filling out his registration form at St David’s Hospital, was turned away by the dental practice as their dental chair could not support Keitley’s 6ft 5in frame.

Getting None

After getting a bone caught in his teeth, Keitley went to the University Hospital of Wales’ A&E unit and received an antibiotic prescription for an abscess. With Keitley still in pain, the emergency dentist urged him to sign up with a local practice for gum disease treatment.

The St David’s Hospital dental unit had one dental chair, and much like those in other practices, it cannot hold the weight of anyone over 127kg. Dentists from The Priory Dental Practice mention that for patients weighing above a chair’s maximum capacity, dental units should direct them to specialists catering to their size. This is where St David’s Hospital appears to have lapsed.

‘They didn’t offer any solutions’, Keitley said, mentioning how the incident, compounded with his bouts of depression, made him feel pushed aside and distrustful of dentists. ‘The NHS is meant to be there for patients, any shape or size. I feel completely let down’.

Growing Pains

In recent decades, obesity has emerged as one of the dental industry’s most significant systemic issues. Studies stress the need for practices, not only in the UK but in many first world countries as well, to adopt bariatric dental facilities capable of supporting the overweight fraction of the population.

Paired with the well-established overlap between diets that lead to obesity and diets that lead to oral health issues, remodelling an already hamstrung NHS becomes one of the most increasingly important decisions the dental industry has to make within the next decade.

Unless the UK finds a way to stop the obesity epidemic at its source, incidences similar to Mr Keitley’s will continue occurring and cause grief to everyone involved.

Inexpensive and Handy: Your Go To For Garden and Landscape DIYs

Gardening in TaurangaIf you want to beautify your garden, you do not have to sacrifice your finances. There are a lot of garden projects you can start doing on weekends with your kids. While your husband is gearing up the lawn mower from to prepare for your family activity, convince your kids to help you out.

Create a charming atmosphere and bonding experience with them to draw them out of their rooms. Kids these days do not even get any exercise because they spend most of their time playing on their Xbox. Starting this project will make them realise that there is more to life than virtual reality. Below are some of the easy and economical projects to begin with.

Adorable Cupcake Lights

You do not have to bond with your children in the day time, prepare adorable cupcake lights and pair it with a campfire smores party. The cupcake lights will add an enchanting appeal to your background. All you need to do is to get some fairy lights and cupcake liners. You only have to cut a hole in the bottom part of the cupcake liners and insert each of the light bulbs.

Unique Pinecone Flower Beds

If you do not like the look of soil on your flower beds, fill it with pine cones instead. It adds a beautiful texture to your blossoming garden. The best thing about this is it does not even cost you a cent. Just gather all those falling pine cones in your backyard and use it for something good. The pine cones will also serve as a safety net for your garden as dogs and cats will not dare come near them.

Colourful Patio

If your patio is made of tiles, you can add a bit of colour into it. has the complete DIY instruction on their site. Just get paint with different bright colours and shade each of the boxes. This pop of colour will add an interesting element to your garden and your kids will love it.

Giving these DIY projects a try will not only provide you with a better-looking backyard, but it will also serve as a great bonding moment with your family.

A Malay Wedding Affair

Malay marriageVarious facets of culture and tradition come into play in a traditional Malay wedding, culminating into probably one of the most lavish weddings in the world. Islamic and local customs make up this celebrated event that often lasts for days; the actual ceremony itself can typically last for 10 hours. Before, family, friends, and neighbors often help out at weddings but now, it is also customary to get professional Malay wedding services to orchestrate such a grand affair.

Marriage preparatory course

Couples often undergo a marriage preparatory course that can last for two days. The course covers basic knowledge of married, which includes topics on managing a couple’s times and finances as well as how to maintain a healthy relationship.


Rooted in Hindu traditions, berinai refers to the Malay wedding tradition of having the bride and groom get henna tattoos on their fingers two nights before the wedding. The henna designs are said to signify the bride and groom’s new statuses as a married couple.


Lagun Sari explains that it’s customary for guests who can’t attend the actual day to go earlier, Malay weddings often serve food to these early guests. Caterers can often come by and start preparations as early as two days before the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

The first part is the solemnization of the wedding. Here, the father or the head of the family, known as the Wali, will marry off the bride to the groom. Before the actual ceremony begins, the solemnizer will ask the bride privately for her consent. After that, the ceremony begins wherein Koran verses are recited and the Wali formally marries her off to the groom.

Majlis Persandingan

Majlis Persandingan is the reception and the highlight of every Malay wedding. It is the time for festivities with family and friends, which is often conducted a day after the solemnization ceremony.

A grand affair is definitely the word to describe a Malay wedding. With so many facets that go into it, it is definitely one of the most memorable weddings one could ever experience.

Chemical Waste Disposal Gone Wrong: The Unfortunate Story of the Higgins Family

A chemical waste in HanoverOn August 2016, experts found that a hazardous waste burial in Dartmouth has contaminated the groundwater in a nearby neighborhood, Hanover. Now, the dangerous chemicals are on the move, affecting at least one family’s drinking water.

The Higgins Family

All the members of the Higgins family no longer use the water from the tap. Instead, they’d head over to a container of water provided by the Dartmouth College whenever they need a drink. It is also the water that they now use for cooking, washing the dishes, and brushing their teeth. This unique situation of the family began when Dartmouth College notified them that a supposedly properly disposed chemical waste – a 1,4-dioxane – had contaminated their drinking water.

Burial Ground for Lab Animals

Experts believed that the chemical waste moved downhill from a burial site for lab animals, which is about 800 feet away from the Higgins residence. According to the records from Dartmouth Medical School, this burial ground was dedicated to deceased lab animals, human fetuses, and other radioactive materials used for research. Dartmouth College tried to sell the property five years ago, so they cleaned up the site with the help of a waste disposal company. Little did they know that the digging that they’ve done back then was the possible root of all of this contamination.

Guinea Pigs

Two months before Dartmouth notified the Higgins Family, Debbie Higgins started experiencing unexplainable symptoms. She reported that she was suffering from vertigo and ear problems. Her husband, Richard, stated that he had short-term health issues too, such as open sores on his fingers and peeling skin in his mouth. But all of these symptoms stopped when the bottled water from Dartmouth College came. In spite of the help from Dartmouth, the Higgins family still feels that they are the human guinea pigs for other possible health effects of the 1,4-dioxane.

Dartmouth has been helping the Higgins family. In addition, the college conducted new tests to understand the contamination better. But the takeaway from this case is that one chemical waste disposal gone wrong could lead to multiple disasters. Hence, it is essential that every cleanup in labs, chemical burial grounds, and other hazardous sites should be done properly.

Personal Space Powers Up Productivity

Increase in productivityPersonal space matters a lot, especially at work. Without it, how can you stay sane? More importantly, how will you get anything done?

Although recent trends claim that an interactive workplace, where everyone’s friends with everyone, is ideal for maximizing productivity and enhancing performance, having a little space for yourself also has positive effects and is just as important. Here are the ways personal space powers up productivity.

It Gives You Privacy

It may be a good idea to get cubicles or dividers from New Life Office to put up in your office.

Too much openness and interaction may get in the way of your work. You wouldn’t want to see your seatmate eyeing you as you compose an email, or eavesdropping as you take a call, would you? It makes you extra conscious, and you’ll spend the entire shift being paranoid instead of finishing your work.

Cubicles indicate which area is yours, and where your buddies can reach you, at least while you’re working. And besides, how tiring can a short walk to other cubicles over break be, if interacting is your concern?

It Keeps You Focused

Establishing concrete boundaries at the office saves you from a lot of distractions. Imagine how it’s going to be like if the area doesn’t have enclosures, and you hear your loud colleagues chatting from the other end of the room. How will you accomplish anything for the day?

Staying within your space during your shift allows you to concentrate on what you need to do. It’s just you and your workstation — nothing more, nothing less. That’s all you need to focus.

It Gives You Room to Relax

You need to unwind, and having a good sense of your personal space lets you do that. When others aren’t too close for comfort, you can have comfort all to yourself. This means you can spend a few quiet moments for pretty much anything you’d like to do (as long as it isn’t against office rules). You may even take short power naps over break.

A sense of personal space sets just the right distance between you and the rest of the world. In this case, it’s your workplace. It gives you space to relax and enough room to do more.

Popular Anti-Climb Features For Industrial Fence

Industrial FenceIt is possible to make it harder for an intruder to gain access by installing anti-climb features on your industrial fence. Some thugs come totally prepared for the job, but taking extra measures may enhance the safety of your business premises. As they struggle to go over or cut the barrier, someone nearby may hear them and alert the authorities.

Here are some ideas that may excite you.

Anti-Climb Paint

This approach is normally applicable for relatively short fences, usually less than 7.8 feet in height. Apply the special paint on such fences and rainwater pipes to deter unauthorized climbing. The paint is quite effective because it leaves marks on the intruder. Anyone who tries to access your property through the fence will be easily identifiable. To avoid injuries to innocent people, use this method in conjunction with relevant warning signs.


A visit to the store will reveal many types of spikes applicable for industrial fences. You can nail, glue or screw these deterrents on the fence. You can even get decorative spikes that not only provide security, but also enhance your property appeal. Check out with your local authority to determine whether you can use this kind of feature on your fence.

Spinning and Rotating Toppings

There are many types of these anti-climb features too. Their purpose is to make the top of the fence very unstable. Some of them are non-injuries while others can be extremely harmful to the intruder. If your property is in an area with public access, you may need to get approval from the authorities before erecting the feature.

The security of your industrial premises depends largely on scalability, strength and height of your fence. Take care of these issues using the anti-climb features suggested and you will have enhanced the security and appeal of your property immensely.