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Literary Inspiration: Build Your Own Mini Library at Home

Mini Library in ElkhartCan’t live without books? If you’re like the thousands — perhaps millions — of people around the world whose existence can best be defined by never being more than ten feet from a book, you’ve probably dreamed of building your own library at home. Indeed, it is a place all to yourself, but which can also be a place for friends and family with an interest in reading. If for nothing else, a home library can be a place for entertaining; those volumes are sure to provide an instant icebreaker.

Here’s some inspiration for building your own library at home.

Use Any Room… Almost

Any unoccupied room in your house is a potential mini-library, with a few exceptions. Unless your basement is completely clean and moist- and flood-free, it’s not a good idea to start a library there. Moisture and mold can destroy paper. If it’s free from such problems, however, then go ahead. A room with too much natural light coming in is bad for books, too. Choose a room that’s dry and clean, free from bugs, and with light you can control.

Set the Ideal Temperature

As long as the temperature does not encourage the formation of moisture and the growth of mold, your books should be fine. If the area is too hot for reading, get a separate nook where you can put a table and chair for reading. Install an air conditioner for hours of comfort and literary bliss. Legacy Heating & Air noted that AC units could help set the ideal temperature for your library.

Avoid All Distractions

Some people can read anywhere: on a train, at the dentist’s waiting area, in the kitchen, or out in the yard. There are others, however, who would like nothing but silence and the absence of any form of distraction when they’re reading. That nook is for you if that’s the kind of reader you are. If you don’t want distractions, make sure your library or reading nook has a door. Don’t put a TV or a game console in there. A stereo system is fine if you like a little soft music while you’re enjoying a novel.

Setting up your own mini library at home is not hard or expensive. It only takes a little imagination, a few shelves you can DIY, and a comfortable chair.