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Positive Reinforcement of Cleanliness to Your Children

Cleanliness in Flat BushTraining children is a feat, which parents describe as monumental but fruitful. One of the major aspects of these is the establishment of their responsibilities, like keeping the house clean and the consequences of neglect at home. Here are some simple ways to teach your child cleanliness at home:

Trade – A child’s biggest fear is losing something they hold dear. Taking their toys away can make them more aggressive and even lose the value of the lesson. Enforce responsibility by offering a favourable exchange instead. They can have what they’re asking for if they’re able to return a deed. A simple example would be ice cream for a clean room or an extra hour of television for doing the dishes.

Responsibilities – Your child should never be exempt from cleaning after themselves once they can tie their own shoes. Having their own rooms to look after along with making sure they don’t leave a mess should be ingrained into them early so they can put it into constant practice. Introduce them to the professionals you’ve hired. AA Cleaning Ltd and other cleaning experts say that they don’t mind having an audience for a short time. Let your children see how much work it takes to thoroughly clean your home.

Disciplinary Action – Don’t tolerate serious cases of defiance against authority, especially when it comes to their chores. Having a busy schedule is no excuse to shirk cleaning up the bathroom after use and their insistence to be “understood” when this is merely a time management issue will not help both parties. Remember to make sure that the punishment is justified and that you both do not resort to violence or verbal abuse.

Remember that your young ones are people and deserve to be treated humanely. There are those who will take a while to learn the importance of cleanliness inside the home but don’t let that discourage you. Confront them with a firm but gentle hand and let remind them that this is for their own good in the long run.