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Tankless, Not Flawless: 4 On-Demand Water Heater Headaches

Tankless Water Heater In UtahTankless water heaters are “on-demand” in Utah for good reasons. They eliminate the need to stock water in a huge container; therefore, you can enjoy hot shower whenever you please. Minus the tank, their design is a great space-saver. As they only heat water when needed, they don’t use energy unnecessarily. They may cost more than traditional units, but on-demand heaters would certainly pay for themselves with your savings in utility month after month.

However, they’re not without drawbacks. The on-demand water heater is susceptible to a number of problems, compromising their functionality when left unnoticed and unaddressed immediately.

You should pay attention to these potential problems:

Excessive Demand

Tankless units can supply hot water 24/7, but not if there is demand overload. This is a usual predicament in large houses where hot water is needed in different areas at the same time. An extremely high demand could cause the computer to break down.

Mineral Accumulation

Salts of calcium and manganese could accumulate because of hard water, an expert from Bestutahplumber.com. This could clog the drain and cause the premature damage to your on-demand heater. Fortunately, most units can identify this problem quickly by themselves using an indicator light. The moment you notice this red flag, immediately call a pro for drain cleaning in North Salt Lake, West Jordan, or Sandy.


Condensation dripping onto the unit could develop rust, which could block its gas supply. The computer system in some models is so sensitive they shut down quickly because of this issue. This may be a rare problem, but it’s nonetheless a serious concern.


Heaters produce exhaust, which has to escape out of the system completely. Failure to vent out the waste gases could result in computer malfunction. This problem is typical in convoluted designs and units with long venting tubes.

Even the most advanced home fixtures are prone to wear and damage. Handyman or not, it’s best to leave the job in the hands of plumbing professionals to prevent the issue from compounding.