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Wild Animal “Oral Hygiene”: How Do They Get By Without Dentists?

Wild Animal TeethIf you don’t brush or floss, you’ll suffer from tooth decay. In time, you’ll eventually lose your teeth. This is probably the main reason several people see regular visits to local practices, including TotalCareDentistry.com.au, as a chore. These people can even go as far as get scared of the dentist.

Now, take a look at wild animals. These creatures don’t have dentists, yet they seem to suffer from much less oral health issues. Or do they?

You Are What You Eat

One concept is at play here: food sources, both for humans and wild animals. There are significant amounts of carbohydrates in the human diet. Carbohydrates are sugars and starches, and they provide a ready food source for oral bacteria. As every dentist would say, teeth problems begin when these bacteria start to feed and synthesise the sugars that have been lodged in the mouth.

Now, take a look at what wild animals eat. They feed on either plant matter or freshly killed or scavenged meat only. Those are about as pure as food sources can get. Without all the sugars and add-ons, these animals have the luxury of having teeth that can actually outlive them — even without brushing. A lot of animals avoid major dental issues by dying before their teeth even start showing signs of decay. This speaks a lot when it comes to something that doesn’t practice oral hygiene.

A More Relatable Example

There are numerous indigenous peoples who have absolutely no idea about oral hygiene yet still maintain a near-flawless set of teeth. How’s that? They’re basically eating like animals do — pure, unlaced, unprocessed foods taken from nature. The Inuit people (colloquialy known as “Eskimos”) are perfect examples of this. These people show almost no sign of dental decay, but only on their native diet and not on “standard” foods that other people eat.

It’s important to take these information on indigenous people’s oral hygiene, however. Some of them have at least a basic sense of keeping their teeth clean. A number of tribes around the world chew on so-called 'teeth-cleaning twigs'.

The human diet has evolved so much and brought with it the concept of dental hygiene. But, it sure can be strange for the uninitiated to hear of people who have near-perfect teeth without even touching a toothbrush or floss.