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Take It or Leave It: Sentimentality vs Practicality

Sentimental ValueIf you ever thought that moving involves nothing more than packing your stuff and going, think again. More than relocating your furniture and rearranging them in your new house, you may go through the inevitable process of deciding what to take and what to leave.

For some people, it’s hard to choose between taking everything and being a bit more realistic about the costs of hiring a truck.

Objects and their meanings

The movers will be here any minute. You still haven’t decided whether to take the smelly old couch where you and your college friends used to hang out. The thought of parting with that ugly old thing makes you nauseous, but you’ll need to pay an extra $20 for the added weight.

This is a usual scenario for anyone anticipating an impending move. Some people attach emotions to personal items because they played a part in a past meaningful experience.

‘Part of the reason is nostalgia, but there seems to be a deep attachment to these objects as well,” explains University of Bristol psychologist Bruce Hood. ‘It’s called essentialism, the idea that some objects are more than just their physical properties.’

It becomes a problem when these objects have no actual use and will just get in the way of a practical lifestyle.

Time to face reality

Just because it’s backed up by studies, it doesn’t warrant paying for an additional $100 for moving costs. You can indulge yourself in small things, like the stuffed Minion you won at some school fare, but once you get way off your budget, it’s time to reconsider.

The secret is balance. You want to take the limited edition Lightsabers? Then, give up the broken Lord of the Rings lamp. Or the other way around.

By making sacrifices and sorting out your priorities, you can treat yourself without your budget suffering. Sometimes, it’s not a debate between what you want and what you need, because they’re easily interchangeable. Often, it’s more about what you can live with.

4 Valuable Remodeling Projects for Your Workplace

Remodeling Projects in Salt Lake CityCarve out an office space that is both functional and stylish. No need to worry about spending a fortune to make it exactly how you envision it to be because here are some simple decorating tips that will surely wow your clients, as well as motivate your team to enjoy their work.

Freshen Up the Air

It’s normal to be obsessed on fixing the way your office design and decor, but don’t forget about how it smells like. Having a fresh-smelling workplace can certainly make any place nicer and more attractive to both your employees and clients.

Go for Something Personal

If you’re tired of seeing the same desk designs for years, why not encourage your employees to design their own tables. This is a good idea to unleash your team’s creativity, as well as save you from finding design ideas for each and every station. To make it fun, you may award a prize to the best-designed desk in your office.

Keep It Clean and Neat

A tidy and well-organized workplace can definitely make a big difference to your overall mood and productivity. So, if you want to instantly improve the look of your office in a span of seconds, cleaning it regularly is the key.

Do Some Simple Upgrades

Remodeling projects don’t necessarily mean tearing down walls and construction works here and there. Sometimes little changes, like purchasing a new set of office furniture in Salt Lake City (such as from Main Street Office Furniture) and updating your window treatments is all it takes to create a whole new look.

When it comes to beautifying your workspace, your design options are limitless. If you have a concept or design idea in mind, feel free to make it happen. Along with that, it is always good to leave a little room for any changes, so if ever some works don’t go on your way, you can deal with it easily.

Top Three Reasons for Project Management Hosting

Project Management Why would you need project management hosting when you can do everything locally? Well, if your business just handles one project at a time, and all your workers are in one place, then you probably do not need it. However, even if you do, and they are, having 24/7 access to your project wherever you are gives you a lot more flexibility.

If your business happens to handle many projects at the same time, and you have workers all over the place, then you need project management hosting. Here are the top three reasons from LoadSpring that project management hosting is a great idea.

Keep everything in one place

Most people have known the frustration of hunting down files they need, only to find it locked in someone’s laptop. You can keep all the files and documents you need on your host server. You can secure it so only team members can access them. You can avoid wasting time and losing files. Most software also has a messaging feature, so you can also document inter-project communications.

Keep track of progress

Project management lets you keep track of progress for a specific project. If you host it online, you can see what is happening at any time, and ask for updates whenever you want. The team working on the project can also see what is happening, and what still needs doing. This type of convenience is not possible for projects stored locally, and especially if you do not have a project management system in place.

Keep adding

Cloud-based hosting means you do not have to worry about running out of space for your projects. You may have to pay more for more storage, but you would have to do the same to buy additional storage space for your local systems. There is practically no limit to the storage space available for the asking when you have project management hosting.

You need to manage your projects no matter how small your business. Putting it online makes practical sense. You can choose the hosting package according to your needs and budget. Even small businesses can benefit from the right project management hosting.

Travelling Around the Beautiful Sentosa Island

Sentosa IslandAre you on your way to visit the magnificent Lion City of the world? Make your trip more memorable and worth it with these fun-filled tour suggestions.

Sentosa Online Store reveals what destinations and adventures you shouldn’t miss.

Trick Eye Museum

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure by visiting Sentosa’s famous Trick Eye Museum. The gallery exhibits more than 80 three-dimensional artworks and optical illusion which originated from South Korea. Trick Eye Museum is definitely the place to be if you want to confuse and at the same time amaze your eyes.

Madame Tussauds Singapore

Home for over 200 wax figures, Madame Tussauds Singapore is certainly a dream come true for the fan in you. Get a chance to take a picture with some of your favourite celebrities, renowned leaders, well-loved TV personalities, and famous sports icons. Some of the personalities with wax figures in the museum include Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madame Tussauds, and Queen Elizabeth.

Universal Studios Singapore

Experience your favourite childhood memories once again by including Universal Studios on your must-visit list. Offering many film-inspired rides, shows, and stores, a visit to Singapore’s largest amusement park will certainly bring forth your inner child.

Skyline Luge & SkyRide

There is undeniably no better way to enjoy the feeling of being on the top of the world and then down again than going to Sentosa’s Skyline Luge & SkyRide. It offers a unique and unforgettable tour experience that you can’t find in any other place. To make it more convenient for you, may avail Sentosa play pass which includes exclusive passes to some of Sentosa Island’s amazing tourist destinations.

Whether you’ve been in Singapore many times or a first-time tourist, these suggestions will surely make your visit more extraordinary.

Keep Safe: Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Service for Your Home

Home SecuritySmart technology has been used widely in mobile and communication devices. This has penetrated other industries in the market as well, including home and office security systems. To this end, alarm-monitoring services have made many advancements in home security features and devices. As threats grow, the need for safety systems with advanced control functions and surveillance are becoming more popular amongst homeowners.

  • Wireless Security

This is among the leading features households look for when installing home security systems. Burglars often cut wires of security systems before breaking into a house. The use of wireless security eliminates the need for punching holes in walls. Homeowners can quickly cover security points with no fear of wires being cut by outsiders.

  • Video Surveillance

A security alarm system isn’t complete without a video surveillance system. As such, more wholesale alarm monitoring services are providing security systems with the option of adding videos. New video surveillance technologies like these are accessible through mobile apps and are available at a reasonable price.

  • Home Automation System

In a bid to provide convenience for end-users, alarm-monitoring services have created security systems that control other systems in a house. Home automation systems can regulate humidity controls, monitor the entertainment system, and sync multiple appliances. Though pricey, this system increases efficiency at home.

  • Self-monitoring Security System

This allows homeowners to access any home security feature using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This often comes with customized applications that notify homeowners of activities going on at home like kids arriving from school, unusual alarm triggers, or any trespassers around your home.

Every passing year sees an improvement of alarm monitoring services with features designed to bring convenience and efficiency. Decide which to install to promote safety.

4 Common Tyre Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Tyre Maintenance in PerthWhile tyres are among the most important components of your vehicle, they are the least understood due to their diversity and complex nature. Manufacturers and dealers always work hard to put the right information out there. Unfortunately, most people still rely on friends and family for advice. You’ll often hear people complain about the dealer that sold the tyres or the Perth manufacturer while the truth is they failed to properly maintain their tyres. Here are some myths and the facts.

Unused Tyres Do Not Degrade

This is false. Every manufacturer has different recommendations over when to replace your tyres. Some suggest replacing them after 5 years, despite the tread depth. Failure to not drive your car also contributes to the wear of your tyres. Tyres can degrade even if your vehicle has sat idle for over 5 years. You’ll still need to replace them when you want to drive.

Replacing the Front Tyres is Much More Important than the Rear Tyres

Unknown to many, the rear tyres provide the stability to your vehicle. When steering or braking in wet or damp conditions, it is the rear tyres that prevent you from spinning. Failure to replace the rear tyres only adds more pressure on them and could be dangerous.

All Tyres have the Same Size and Designation

This is another misconception. Different tyre manufacturers have different designations and tyre sizes. You’ll find short, narrow tyres that use less material but give you a poor performance. On the other hand, there are wider, taller tyres that provide you with maximum grip and performance.

I can Use Summer Tyres Even in Winter

Driving with summer tyres in winter is a recipe for disaster as the tread compound may harden at temperatures below seven degrees. You will lose the flexibility and increase the stopping distance. Winter tyres are designed to give you the best performance in snow and slush conditions.

Tyre maintenance is not an expense; it’s a long-term investment. Even with a powerful engine, your car could be dysfunctional if it has no tyres. Have an expert check the pressure, inspect them for any damage, check tread wear levels and align your vehicle. If you would like to change your tyres, talk to an experienced dealer to get quality tyres that will last and deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Back Pain Chiropractic Care Centers in DenverMost people looking for back pain relief options choose chiropractic care. Approximately 22 million individuals in the US visit chiropractors every year. Of these, 35% seek back pain relief caused by muscle strains, sports injuries, and accidents. The treatments also include headaches and pains in the legs, arms, and neck.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractors in Denver use treatments such as spinal manipulation and other alternatives, to align the musculoskeletal structure of the body properly so that the body can heal itself without medication or surgery. Manipulation restores joint mobility caused by tissue injury. Chiropractic is a pain relief option for bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissue, for example, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Sometimes it is used together with conventional medical treatment.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

First, a chiropractor takes a medical history, does a physical checkup, and can use diagnostic imaging or lab tests to decide if chiropractic is the right treatment for your back pain. The treatment can involve manual adjustments where the physician manipulates the joints, by a regulated, abrupt force to improve quality and range of motion. Most chiropractors may also add in rehabilitation, exercise, and nutritional advice to the treatment. The aims of the treatment involve back pain relief, injury prevention, and the restoring the function of the body.

Benefits and risks of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment or spinal manipulation is a safe, effective care for severe low back pain resulting from an attack or moving furniture. Acute back pain can take less than six weeks and can get better on its own.

A study shows that chiropractic is effective in treating headaches and neck pain. Moreover, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis can respond to the controlled pressure used both by deep tissue massage practitioners and chiropractors. People suffering from inflammatory arthritis, spinal cord compression, cancer patients, or osteoporosis or who are under blood-thinning prescriptions, cannot embark on spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic care is based on a detailed examination of your back ache. The practitioner should have information concerning your medical history, as well as current medications, ongoing medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and surgical or traumatic history. There have been rare cases where treatment worsened a slipped or herniated disc, or neck manipulation lead to spinal cord injury. But to be safe and sound, always consult your medical GP to ensure your situation will use chiropractic.

How Hydro Jetting Can Resolve Your Plumbing Issues

Plumbing Services in UtahIf you’re experiencing recurring issues with your plumbing, it’s high time you call in the pros to have your system inspected. Water pressure issues and clogged drains are usually indicative of more severe plumbing issues and a professional plumber will know what exactly your system needs and if hydro jetting is the way to go.

What Exactly is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water flow to more thoroughly scour your plumbing pipes’ interior surfaces to eliminate grease, scale, and other debris accumulation. To start the hydro jetting process, your plumber will insert a hose connected to a water tank into your pipe. This special hose is capable of withstanding highly pressurized water. Your plumber will also use a special device for pressurizing the water that will be sent to your pipes. In contrast to rodding where a tool is used for penetrating debris buildup, hydro jetting gets the same result by using a more comprehensive cleaning process.

Hydro Jetting Done Right

The method of eliminating buildup via hydro jetting significantly relies on gravity. Many home plumbing systems make use of gravity for pulling wastewater out of your pipes and into the sewer system. The hydro jetting tool functions from the bottom and works its way up, explains a professional plumber offering hydro jetting service in Utah.

According to Beehive Plumbing, on the other hand, once it’s inserted into your plumbing system’s downstream, it will start moving upstream and as water cleans your pipes, all accumulated debris will be forced downward and flushed out of your plumbing system.

Done properly, hydro jetting could really resolve even the most persistent plumbing issues and could even fix scale and mineral accumulation in sewer drains, as well as infiltration of tree roots.

Note that your plumber must be capable of determining the most accurate water pressure needed for the job since this will greatly differ according to your pipes’ condition. Otherwise, you’ll be in for more plumbing issues.

A Thing or Two About Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

Breakfast in BedThere is a peculiar aura surrounding bed and breakfasts. Compared to hotels, they are far more humble and natural. People can be people without demanding royal treatment. Staying at a bed and breakfast allows a person to be part of a community, albeit small and temporary. As with any community, certain rules prevail. For a typical bed and breakfast, this involves food, relaxation and people. All the same, people need to act a certain way inside these affectionate establishments.

Different Folks

The ‘bed and breakfast experience’ typically involves locals opening their homes and hearts to tourists. Lodging at every destination possesses its own unique quirks — extensions of the location’s personality. In-house rules may involve anything from clothing, pets, curfew, kids, noise and attitude. Be sure to acquaint yourself with your chosen establishment’s guidelines to enable the hosts into serving you better and avoid any disruptions.

Mandatory Fun

Names of establishments are not instructions; just names. Hosts from say that people should not sweat about missing breakfast or missing bedtime. Notifying them would allow an interruption-free stay, since guests have no obligation to sleep on time or sleep past time. Feel free to use the facilities as you desire, so long as you do not cause other guests problems. With people sleeping until noon, this should not be at all difficult.

21st Century Meals

It can be tricky for people to drop their pre-vacation habits during their time away from the daily grind. For people who want to grab breakfast and go to their scheduled tour for the day, they can by all means. For people who want to mash the two elements of private home lodging into one, ‘breakfast in bed’ is encouraged, so long as the owners allow it.

Speak Now

Eating in the comfort of your bed is a significant aspect of a perfect vacation for many. But, accidents may occur, and some juice may find itself spilled onto the well-maintained sheets. Do not hide this information from the owners of the bed and breakfast. Informing the front desk of any problems, regardless of whether it was or was not there when you arrived, is important to keeping your room in optimal condition. For you and for all future guests.

There is nothing like staying at a place that goes above and beyond what hotels do to make you feel at home. Lodging at a bed and breakfast is an experience in itself, not just a break from the plotted highlights of one’s vacation.

A Guide to the Short and Long-Term Health Effects of Radiation

Radiation Exposure Radiation is popularly known as a threat to human health and safety. Humans are actually exposed to it every single day as the earth itself emits radiation. The amount, however, isn’t always enough to cause hazards.

The radiation is associated with nuclear energy “ionizing” radiation. It has enough energy to affect the human body. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this form of radiation can kill human cells or make them abnormal, temporarily or permanently. Exposure to high level of radiation can lead to several health effects, ranging from short-term health problems to long-term illnesses and even death. This is why nuclear plants and national research facilities put in place regulations to protect workers and the people around nuclear facilities from potential risks. 

Medical provider Nuclear Care Partners gives some of the most common diseases caused by radiation.

Short-Term Health Effects

Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS), also known as radiation sickness, is caused by exposure to high level of radiation over a short time. Symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can last for a few minutes up to several days, and symptoms may come and go.

Cutaneous Radiation Injury (CRI) is a radiation-induced skin injury that is similar to a typical burn. A doctor would suspect a patient has CRI when he wasn’t exposed to fire, electric current, or chemical. It may appear a few hours or several days following exposure.

Long-Term Health Effects

Cancer is one of the most popularly known long-term effects of radiation. Cancer caused by exposure to or contamination of radioactive material is not distinguishable from that triggered by smoking or other cause. Examples of cancers connected to high-dose exposure are leukemia, breast, colon, liver, and lung.

The damages caused by radiation to cells can trigger changes in the body’s genetic material. These changes are called mutations, which are not just associated with cancer but can also be passed down to offspring. These mutations are often characterized by deformities.

These are the reasons people working in the nuclear power industry need special protection and health care. Good thing, the government and key players in the industry recognize these needs.