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The Different Types of Contaminants in Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Drinking WaterMost of us have an idea of how we get to enjoy drinking water: it gets treated and filtered through various pieces of equipment. But, what do these filtration processes remove?

Just what are the contaminants that filters and clarifier parts remove to ensure we don’t get queasy when we drink water? As per the Safe Drinking Water Act, there are four basic classifications of water contaminants.

Note that the presence of these contaminants do not necessarily mean that the water isn’t safe to drink. Although of course, some of these substances can pose harm to the body at certain levels. The four categories are:


Microbes, including bacteria, parasites, protozoans, and viruses, are biological contaminants. By its most basic definition, any organism found in water belongs to this category. Sometimes, people refer to these as microbial contaminants.


When you have elements or compounds in water, you have chemical contaminants. This category covers a wide range of possible contaminants, from metals and salts to pesticides and toxins from drugs. As per the law, both man-made and naturally occurring chemicals or compounds are part of this classification.


Anything that affects the physical properties of water has — logically — physical contaminants. Common instances of physical contaminants include soil, sediments, and other organic materials. Normally, these come from natural occurrences like soil erosion. Seeing physical contaminants occurs rarely though, as filtration devices sift through these first.


Now, some chemical contaminants are worse than others. This paves the way for another tier of contaminants: radiological. This category pertains to various chemical elements that produce ionizing radiation. Uranium, cesium, and plutonium are some good examples.

These four categories are the most basic classifications of contaminants as defined by the law. Again, the presence of contaminants doesn’t necessarily mean the water isn’t potable. It would require further investigation to determine if the contaminants’ levels are high enough to have adverse health effects.

Channel Partnerships: What Type of Business Couple Are You?

Business PartnersSometimes, a company grows at a rate faster than its workforce can handle. Successful single-location businesses may begin serving customers from all over the country, a prospect that is all the more possible with online marketing. Turns out, the most effective way for small companies to keep up with a big market is not through the power of production, but the power of partnership.

Channel partnerships are essentially other companies distributing your product in areas out of your reach. There are three primary types of channel partnerships. Identifying which one you want to take part in is important in choosing which company you want to involve in your operations.

  1. The most basic type is the retail option. Here, you sell through your partner. You supply products to their shelves and you both earn profits—you from a non-local market and them from a non-local product. The pressure to sell is on the channel partner, though; they need to come up with their unique strategies to excel in their fickle markets.
  2. Next is the upsell option. Your channel partner sells with you. If a company uses your product to complement or expand their current offering, it is a missing value proposition. For example, banks may work with car dealerships to promote both of their businesses. Another instance would be hardware companies installing software demos from partners on their shipped products.
  3. Finally, there is the case of the marketing partner. Channel partners in this category sell for you. If you are a service provider, partner companies may add value to your business by adding it as part of their own. This is the case for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnerships like laptops shipping with Intel stickers on them.

Professionals from stress the importance of communication between you and your channel partners. Channel partnerships only work if both parties are in constant communication, since markets tend to differ between locations.

Channel partnerships are very straightforward on paper, but picking whom you share the pen with is the challenge. Getting into a channel partnership with inefficient companies may drag your growth down, so starting to branch out your product is naturally more difficult than anything else that follows.

Four Possible Culprits of Dysfunctional Garage Doors

Garage Door in AucklandMost people do not just use their garage as a place to park their cars. They also treat their garage as a storage area for tools and other items. Furthermore, a garage serves as an additional access to the interior of a house.

Since a garage is an important part of a house, a garage door that does not open or close properly can cause many problems. It is essential to troubleshoot the issues right away, and you can do this by immediately identifying the reasons behind your malfunctioned garage door.

Here are four possible reasons why your garage door does not work:

  1. Misaligned Photo Eye

Photo eyes are located on both sides of the garage door. Between the two photo eyes is an invisible beam that, when misaligned, hinders the garage door from closing. When your door would not close, the first thing you have to check is if both photo eyes are in the right positions.

  1. Broken Torsion Springs

When the garage door would not go up, better check its torsion springs because they are responsible for lifting the door. When one spring is broken, the garage door opener will have a hard time lifting the weight of the door.

  1. Limit Settings

When the garage door goes down all the way and then opens again, the culprit is your garage door’s open and close limit settings. Prestige Garage Doors & Gates Ltd states that these settings tell the door opener how far the garage door should move before it is fully closed. When the settings are too high, the door will likely hit the ground and the opener will automatically reverse and lift the door to prevent it from crushing the floor.

  1. Transmitters

When your garage door opens and closes randomly while you are not home, the first thing you should check is the transmitters. The possible reason for this scenario is that the transmitter is stuck under something that unintentionally presses the control buttons.

In the event that you can no longer fix your garage issues on your own, you should ask for help. There are local companies that can provide professional services for your garage door problems.

5 AC Maintenance Needs for Great Efficiency

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioner CleaningThe air conditioner is a trusty home appliance because it can save you from those summer months when it’s just always hot and humid. That’s why you need to make sure your AC system is working properly and as efficiently as it can. Here are the basic maintenance needs of a regular air conditioning system that will help you avoid problems and lengthen its lifespan:

Regular Filter Change

AC filters should be changed regularly to avoid costly and more complicated repairs. Do this at least three times a year, or every quarter to make your air conditioning system work at its finest. As Larsen HVAC emphasizes, new filters will also make your AC more energy efficient to allow you to save on electricity cost.

Air Duct and Vent Cleaning

Just like changing of filters, regular vent and air duct cleaning is also important. Although you can clean them yourself using guides, it’s still safer and better to let a professional do it.

Freon Level Maintenance

The Freon serves as your air conditioner’s refrigerant and coolant that allows it to produce and give off cool air. That’s why maintaining it to the recommended level is important. The level can go low if there is a leak, so it’s best to call a professional to check it at least once a year.

Condensing Unit Check

The condensing unit is the part of the air conditioner that draws cool air in. Contact a professional to check it regularly. If there is something covering the condensing unit, chances are your AC system will have a hard time producing cool air. Dust, dirt, and leaves are the most common obstructions.

Overall Check-Up

All of the above mentioned can be detected and solved with an overall AC check-up. Let a professional handle the maintenance work just to be safe. You must ask for an overall check-up at least once a year to check the coils, controls, thermostat, and other parts.

Keep these in mind to make sure your AC is working at its best condition and is free from any damage.

Perks of Using Steel Pipes for Your Building

Advantage of Steel PipesSteel pipes have many uses in various industries. For instance, steel plumbing is a perfect replacement for plastic pipes. Although introducing steel pipes may cause you a little more, they are more advantageous compared to other tubes.

Appealing and Attractive

Steel pipes are attractive and presentable. Their appearance can be equated to any other sleek decor. You can leave steel pipes exposed, for they add a decorative aesthetic to your room. If you choose to buy steel pipes instead of other pipes, you will not need extra metals for your home décor.

Low Corrosion

Steel pipes have a low corrosion rate. They stay rust-free for long, even when in contact with water. Steel pipes are unlikely to leach, which lowers metal contamination rate. This advantage makes them safe for your health.

Strong and Durable

They are stronger compared with other pipes, since they resist damage factors such as water, extreme heat, and tree roots. Besides, steel pipes don’t weather easily, making their look and purpose constant for a long time. If you buy steel pipes, you will save on maintenance cost.


You can choose to recycle your steel pipes when you no longer need them. Again, you can turn these pipes into any other useful metal to avoid wastage while saving on costs. They are also affordable, have a uniform shape, and can handle pressure without bursting.

Steel pipes are more reliable and guarantee you minimal failures. They don’t require regular maintenance. Your key to picking the right pipe is knowing the many benefits that steel pipes come with. You can purchase steel pipes from local vendors near you. It is even easier to purchase online from reliable online dealers.

Improve Your Link Building Efforts

Improving Your Online Presence in Sydney

Improving Your Online Presence in SydneyLink building has been a fundamental part of building an online presence for years. This is because high-quality links will make your website more credible to the eyes of casual visitors, competitors, industry experts and search engines. Over the years, link building strategies have seen drastic changes to accommodate the needs of people. Here are some developments you should know to help you fine-tune your link building approach this year.

Link Earning

Many online marketers took advantage of link building by relying on easy ways to earn them, such as link spamming and link exchange. Some SEO experts dropped link building altogether, but this only means you have to work on quality links for your efforts to matter. Link building is far from obsolete; says you just have to find authentic and appropriate ways to earn your links. The best technique is to come up with well-written, informative and relevant content for your audience.

Penguin Update

Google’s first Penguin update was three years ago, but it still affects the link building tone of today. With this update, Google started detecting the link’s value, origin and relevance, and dismissed any unethical or unnatural link building methods. You should hire an SEO agency in Sydney that knows how to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms, to successfully build natural links for your website.

Selective Publishers

Guest posting has proven to be an effective way to build links. This is true in any form of content submission on the Internet. However, publishers nowadays are understandably more careful when it comes to accepting content, as some people attempt to sneak unnatural links in the content they submit. You should work hard to be a legitimate contributor or guest poster to earn links that are actually organic and worth something.

Keep these developments in mind to further improve your link building efforts this year. You’ll never know what big companies will suddenly notice you and link back to your site because of your increasing credibility within the industry.

Humor and Motivation: Why Making Your Audience Laugh Works

Motivational SpeakersThinking about which speaker to hire for a crucial discussion on economics? Finding it hard to look for a keynote speaker for the annual company event? Why not hire someone who makes people laugh?

Here are the reasons why you should:

Being Funny Disarms

While a speaker hopes that his audience would be receptive to their message, there are those who would initially be critical and closed at the onset. Humor, when used sparingly but pointedly, allows the speaker to create a human connection. Industry professional Montgomery Presents explains that it’s even more effective when the anecdote or joke is related to the topic, the audience or even to the company event.

Humor Removes Pretensions

Unfortunately, there are participants of seminars and workshops pretending to know so much when they are actually clueless. This usually happens when these individuals listen to a speech that they think they’ve already heard before. For these cases, humor creates neutral ground. It dissipates the seriousness in an already difficult topic and can show clarity to the real reason of the symposium.

Laughter Stimulates Imagination

Laughter, when genuine and positive, relaxes the mind and lets the audience participate with greater willingness. They can clearly picture things that may seem distant or even create images in a theoretical level. The mind clings to what is positive and a speaker can capitalize on that with a well placed jibe at the listeners.

Wit Encourages Memorization

Since humor and laughter can stimulate the brain to focus, it can allow listeners to remember their speaker’s points more effectively. A funny motivational speaker will appeal to an audience’s sense of humor, and like positive reinforcement will make the lessons more appealing and memorable.

When a topic is serious enough as it is, there’s no point in gravitating towards an equally serious guest speaker. Being grim will not solve any problems nor would the audience be open for change. Show a little levity and let the crowd wear its figurative hair down by getting a humorous speaker. You, and your staff, might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

A Whole New World: Avoid these Overseas Moving Mistakes


Relocation in AucklandMoving overseas? You must be really excited by now. But hey, are you ready for the new life waiting for you? Have you finished everything you need to do? But moving is not that simple, especially if you’re going to move internationally. It’s not merely going to a new place to enjoy a completely new world. There are numerous things that you need to do and seriously think of. Such things can be stressful; hence, you need to spend a considerable amount of time to prepare.

Below are some moving mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Not hiring a reputable international moving company

According to Transworld International Removals Auckland, hiring international moving companies is a very important part of moving overseas. You get to avail different types of services that will give you a lot of conveniences. Well, that’s if you hire the right company. Make sure to choose a reputable one that has earned years of experience. Failing to do so may lead to many unfavourable happenings.

  • Not getting organised

Moving overseas is no joke. If you don’t get organised, then expect to experience some of the worst scenarios. From packing your things to the actual move, you need to be clear with everything. You need to make up your mind and be sure about your every little move.

  • Not doing research

You’re moving to a foreign land, so doing research is necessary. You need to know what to expect before actually moving; you need to know the culture, the climate, and everything else that will have a great impact on your everyday life. You need to do many preparations and make some plans.

  • Moving due to wrong reasons

So, why did you decide to move to that particular country? Was it your biggest dream? Or do you just feel like escaping? Having the right reasons is important when making major decisions. If you want to live in a foreign land, you need to love its culture. You need to embrace many things about it and in it.

New beginnings are exciting. But if you make the above-mentioned mistakes, your new beginning might quickly turn into a horrible ending. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure to avoid such wrong practices.

Mastering the Art of Flossing

Dental Hygienists in Tauranga

Dental Hygienists in TaurangaSometimes brushing alone cannot remove stubborn food particles that may have found their way embedded into the deep crevices between teeth and gums. You know pretty well that if these food particles are not removed, they provide excellent medium for bacteria and fungi to grow and proliferate. But because it would be too expensive and inconvenient to see a dental hygienist every week, you need to learn proper flossing.

As there is a correct and proper way to brush the teeth, there is also a correct and proper way to floss. And as there are different types of toothbrushes, so do dental flosses.

Choose the Type of Dental Floss

When choosing the floss, it pays to learn about the pros and cons of each type. Nylon dental flosses are relatively inexpensive and are composed of strands of nylon. It is for this reason that they tend to be shred or tear easily especially when they are used in between teeth that have very tight contact points.

Monofilament dental floss are more expensive but have the added benefit of being more resilient against tearing or shredding. It is also relatively thinner so it is perfect for those tight spots in the teeth.

Learn How to Floss Correctly

In flossing, dental hygienists in Tauranga stress the importance of learning the correct technique of both holding the floss and moving it across the teeth. To help you with this, you need to do the following.

  • Remove around 18 to 24 inches of floss from the canister and wrap each end around your middle fingers.
  • Hold the dental floss between your index fingers and thumbs of both hands and slide the floss gently up and down the surface of your teeth.
  • Curve the dental floss around the base section of each tooth, near the gum line. Additionally, make sure to go beyond the gum line in order to remove trapped food particles in this area. However, be gentle as the floss may bruise or cut the gum tissue.
  • Once done with a particular tooth, use the clean sections of the dental floss in continuing to clean the rest of the teeth.
  • Once flossing is complete, you can remove the dental floss in the same back and forth motion away from your teeth.

Learning to floss effectively may take some getting used to. Nonetheless, it is something that everyone needs to learn as an adjunct to effective toothbrushing.

Cleaning Your House is Too Cumbersome? Five Tips to Make Home Cleaning Easier

House CleaningGet your house all spick and span with these easy cleaning tips.

Go around

When cleaning any room, professional cleaners like AA Cleaning Ltd recommend going in a circle. Begin on the side where it’s dirtiest — say, the stove if you’re in the kitchen — then go around in a clockwise direction. By starting with the part where it’s dirtiest, you can prevent the spreading of more dirt and dust into other parts of the room, thus making it easier for you to clean.

Start at the top

When sweeping your home, the rule is to always go from top to bottom. This goes from floors to elevated spaces, including cabinets and tables. This way, you can avoid dirtying any surface that you have already cleaned and dusted. Also, it will be a lot easier for you to get all the dirt by simply giving the floor one last time.

From corner to the centre

When vacuuming, forget the going around rule. Instead, start at the corners and work your way toward the centre. Go slow and use back and forth movements. Make sure that you overlap your motions so that you can get any dust that your feet might have picked up while cleaning. By using this vacuuming technique, you can prevent leaving footprints on your vacuumed floor.

Disinfect and deodorise the disposal

Remove unwanted odours from the disposal with this easy homemade solution — slice a lemon and drop it in the disposal along with some salt and ice cubes. This mixture not only removes any foul smells, but the ice and salt in it should also clean and disinfect your disposal.

Begin with the bed

A quick solution to making your bedroom look put-together, as well as inspire you to clean your room, is to start with the bed. Making your bed and straightening out the pillows and sheets helps make the room instantly neat. Do make it a habit every morning you wake up!