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Big Business in the Form of Management Rights: Stories of Successful Hotels

Management Rights

Management RightsManagement rights in the Gold Coast make a good investment. An individual or a company can acquire a property with management rights to earn income. The amount spent on management rights leaves an impression that it is only a game for new investors. Nonetheless, some hotels prove that management rights are also big businesses. reports management rights in the Gold Coast continue to provide profits for investors and holiday accommodations owners. Find out who were successful in their venture:

Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel

Hilton is a globally known hotel chain. In one report, Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel’s management rights sold for over $50 million to a Chinese-Australian family. This hotel’s management right first came in the market last March together with the 160-room property. This closed deal adds up to Gold Coast’s property market, with some contributed by Asian buyers.

Soul Surfers Paradise Tower

Also situated in Gold Coast, the Soul Surfers Paradise Tower’s management rights is the most sought-after deal to date, with six major investors expressing interest in the offer. The property captured the attention of the Mantra Group, Ultiqa Group, and many other investors. They want to gain rights to the 77-floor tower with amenities that rival any other board and lodging business. The price for this deal remains undisclosed, but the number of established groups looking into the property indicates that it is worth the money and attention.

Southport Central Gold Coast Towers

Offering over 700 apartments, the three Southport Central Gold Cost towers’ management rights went to Vivo Property. Paying over $7 million for the towers’ management rights, Vivo Property is still not done with its other investments, as it started to look for other properties and management rights to acquire. Reports claimed the company’s search for new venture is triggered by the falling currency and boosted local tourism.

The Gold Coast management rights market continues to be active with the number of properties and rights on the market. Even if you are investing for management rights on a small motel, you can consider this as a good financial move with the current tourism market and the number of owners selling their accommodations.

Planning for Tomorrow, Today: Plan Successions Now

Succession planning

Succession planningSuccession planning — a fundamental part of business often overlooked by companies.

Numerous small- to medium-sized businesses rely heavily on the capability of their founders or owners. In some cases, workers do not function well if their leader is absent. When these principals depart unexpectedly due to failing health or retirement, the company might suffer tremendous losses.

As a business owner, do you know what to do in case the unthinkable happens?

Procrastination over Succession Plans

Numerous business owners fail to give succession plans careful consideration. They brush off formalising a succession plan, thinking there are other important matters. If the owner dies suddenly or otherwise becomes incapacitated, his business is at risk of failing due to lack of leadership.

In cases involving family-owned businesses, if the successor possesses no knowledge or expertise on effective management, the company will find itself in a difficult position. Family members might dispose of the business to a third party at a very low price.

Now — Why It is the Best Time

While the topic of sudden transition is a sensitive one, it is still essential to ensure a smooth transition. Fortunately, there are numerous options available and with some help from business or commercial lawyers in Brisbane, you can create a full-proof plan.

Now is the best time because it gives you a period of time to plan carefully. When it comes to succession, you do not just point a finger and choose — there are numerous factors to consider. Apart from these considerations, you must also pay attention to legal paperwork.

When you pay attention to succession plans now, you ensure the preparedness of your business in case the inevitable occurs. They will not have to scramble blindly for the next step; you have already laid it out for them.

By taking the time to finalise a plan now, you can rest in the knowledge that your business will function despite your absence. A finalisation plan ensures a smooth transition while avoiding personal constraints, and maximising the business’s value in the future.

Leave Your Boat in Safe Hands While On Holiday


BoatYou are going on holiday for a couple of weeks with your family, and your wife insists you cannot take the boat with you. Do not argue. Living in Perth means there is a storage facility near where you live to secure your favourite boat while you are away.

With regard to storing your caravan, car or boat, Perth has a wealth of reputable facilities designed specifically for owners who are particular about security. The best of the lot provide 24/7 protection so that you can enjoy your holiday. Your convenience is also at the top of their list of priorities. They may also offer advanced services, such as keyless access.

Standard Options

One of the more popular ways to store a boat is the boat stacker, which offers full coverage for boats that are as long as 36 feet. A purpose-built dry storage rack is a practical alternative for boat owners looking for a more affordable option. Dry storage offers the advantage of lower maintenance costs, particularly to the boat’s hull, especially if you will be putting it out of commission for a lengthy period.

An Attractive Option: Lockable Refit Sheds

It is understandable that you will not settle for a storage facility that gives you any doubt about the safety and security of your property. Perhaps, you will find lockable refit sheds for your boat quite satisfactory. Go for a unit with a motorised roller door fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Some units are available for monthly hires, while others may serve as a temporary home for your boat for a week. You will also find a lockable refit shed that is available for daily rental.

Whether you require short term, medium-term, or long-term storage, Perth Metro Storage says you must consider proximity to launching facilities as well. You should also consider less conventional options such as a new and unique racking system offered by innovative and forward-thinking storage facilities. Exercise vigilance and ensure that the system passed Australian engineering standards.

A Competent Real Estate Agent’s Ticket to a Great Career

Real Estate Agent’s

Real Estate AgentThe real estate industry is a competitive industry that requires highly qualified professionals. Anyone who wishes to build a career in this filed should realize the need for certain skills and knowledge.

Almost every buyer and seller out there needs expert assistance to succeed in their business. This translates to regular job opportunities for qualified agents or brokers. How exactly do you become a qualified real estate professional? Check out the following information to know the requirements to become one.

Agents should have local knowledge

A home buyer can be more confident with your service if you’re familiar with the neighborhood and you have sales experience in it. It pays to know the place, by heart and mind, so you can confidently show that you’re the right broker to talk to.

Agents should be detail-oriented

Attention to detail is another important trait. You should be aware of the property’s features and history, as well as the buyers’ preferences, down to the smallest details. A good agent understands that a minor crack on the wall or a small request from the buyer to come on time during a meeting can affect the chances of closing a deal.

Agents should widen their horizons through continuing education

Continuing education is necessary to better your qualifications and eligibility for license renewal. There are some real estate continuing education courses available online. They cover topics such as housing laws, current industry trends, state-specific real estate laws, and broker responsibilities.

Agents should have excellent people skills

Communicating and transacting is a skill, but being able to speak persuasively and understand the buyer’s need is another. Keep an open mind and heart when dealing with clients. Listen to their needs and wants and be ready to present options. While it’s a business and the goal is to sell, a polite and credible service can leave a positive impression to a client. It can be your ticket to building a trustworthy image in the business and more leads from referrals.

If you think you can have all these qualifications of a competent real estate agent, you have a bright career ahead of you.