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A Fun Bible Study Session with Kids: Make It Possible


BibleThe Bible should be an open book to your kids. Planting seeds of biblical truth with the goal that they will learn to know God and develop an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus should be one of your goals despite their young age. The Bible is clear about teaching kids the Word of God; Deuteronomy 6:7 commands and describes a lifestyle of sharing God’s truth to children — not just every day, but every moment there is an opportunity to do so.

Thing is, how do you teach a 4-year old about the Bible when all they want to do is play and wander aimlessly? The goal is to have them step into the Bible story; the Family Life Ministry of recommends these ideas to make Bible study sessions more fun:

Know Kids’ Interests

What is it that your find interesting? Is it music? Acting? Geography, maybe? Use their interests to get them involved in the Bible story. For instance, start your Bible study session with singing praise and worship songs or learning new ones if your kids are into music. Choose songs relevant to the Bible narrative, so they can easily remember what was discussed.

For kids who are into geography, highlight the places mentioned in the Bible passages covered. Show a map of Israel or get travel brochures that feature Egypt, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other places mentioned, so kids will see what these places are like today. This will not just stir their imagination, but also upgrades their knowledge about Bible details.

Show Relevance to Life

Association is one of the easiest ways to get children interested in Bible stories. When you’re able to encourage them to put themselves in the shoes of Bible characters, they’ll easily understand what the story means.

Refer to the story of Cain and Abel or Jacob and Esau when they have problems with their siblings. When they struggle with humility, tell them about the shepherd boy named David who God made King of Israel. When they find it difficult to love others, share the story of the Lord Jesus who loved drunkards, gluttons, and tax collectors and ultimately died for their sins, just so they can be reconciled with God.

Bible study sessions are not meant to be a dread; rather, it should be dynamic. Share biblical truths in a fun way with these strategies.

The Other Earth Hazard Your Car is Causing – and What to Do about It


Cars in PerthTaking care of the environment is currently one of the most discussed issues these days. So it’s no surprise that you may have heard again and again about how the things you do every day have an impact on the Earth. Even more so if you own a car; at least once a day, you will hear about how cars and driving have the biggest contribution to your carbon footprint.

Along with these, you might have also encountered elaborate infographics about ways to reduce the impact your car has on the environment. They seem easy enough, so you wanted to give it a shot.

But you might not have heard about another environmental hazard your car is causing. It has nothing to do with the gases your car burns or releases into the air. In fact, it has something to do with what you car is made of.

The Makings of Your Car

Your car may be valuable to you now, especially because it’s a great part of your day-to-day living. But at the end of the day, your car is just a gigantic chunk of metal. You won’t be able to avoid any scraps coming off of it, especially if you replace old parts and upgrade some components.

As the years pass and your car stays with you, you’ll eventually be able to collect some old metal parts that you no longer need. So what do you do with them? You simply throw them into the dump, right? Wrong.

Another Man’s Trash Is…

It’s very tempting to just throw your metal junk out along with the rest of your trash. But the problem with that is the metal waste won’t be processed properly. They’ll end up rusting away at the dump, and they’ll get so worn out that they won’t be of use to anyone anymore.

That becomes a problem if the waste starts accumulating in dumps, and even more if you know that metal is one of the Earth’s non-renewable resources. That simply means that once our supply of metal runs out, we won’t have any more metal to work with.

What to Do About It

This is why it’s so important to dispose of your metal waste properly. When you find someone who buys scrap metals, such as scrap yards in Perth, you can be assured that they know how to handle the waste properly. They  would process it so that the metal can be reused, good as new.

Recycling metal will prevent it becoming useless waste, and will end up being reused – which helps the Earth in the long run.

Thinking of Adopting a Child? Here’s What You Should Know

Looking to Adopt a Child?

Looking to Adopt a Child?Whether you’re tired of battling with infertility issues, or simply want to add another child to your loving family, adopting a child is sure to be a rewarding experience. Not quite ready to take the plunge yet? If yes, here are a few crucial things to keep in mind about the basic adoption process.

Where to Adopt?

You can either choose a private or public adoption agency. Note that both options have their own pros and cons so choose wisely. Your chosen agency will require you to go to a more in-depth orientation so that you’ll know all about their philosophies, fees, and ask them questions that you want answered. You’ll then send in adoption application and once accepted, you’ll be required to go through the home study.

What Exactly is a Home Study?

Simply put, this is where the adoption agency assesses your home environment to see if you are fit for adoption. In general, this evaluation typically includes one to several home visits along with a social worker. You’ll likewise be required to give fingerprint scans, undergo a physical exam, as well as pass a thorough background check. Normally, a home study can be concluded in the course of two months, given that everything is suited to adoption agency’s approval.

What is the General Waiting Time for Placement?

The waiting time before baby placement varies according to different factors. Basically, however, it comes down to the race of a child that you’re looking to adopt. For Caucasian newborns, this can last as long as two to five years, while a child with a different ethnicity may be placed in your arms significantly faster. Additionally, adopting children that will come from different countries can take as long as a year or more based on a country’s specific requirements. The particulars will also vary according to preferences of the adoptive parents and the birth mother or parents.

When Will the Adoption be Finalized?

Once the birth mother or parents relinquish their rights to the child, the assigned social worker for your case will have to pass a recommendation to approve your case. The baby placement is considered legally binding once a judge has awarded you legal custody of the child. Note that the final process is different for international adoptions since you’ll also have to comply with additional requirements.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding: Superior to Steel

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Aluminium Mobile ScaffoldingScaffolding is one of the most commonly utilised equipment in many industries, particularly the construction sector. These are available in many different types, materials, and method of construction.

With scaffolding being a long-term investment, it is important that you take into careful consideration several factors, including durability, longevity, and safety. Aluminium scaffolding possesses all of these qualities, and more: due to its light weight, it is far more portable and easy to transport than traditional scaffolding.

The Aluminium Advantage

When you compare aluminium with steel, the former is at an advantage, primarily due to its weight, Galmon notes. This difference considerably affects the efficiency of a team’s capability to assemble and disassemble a system, as well as carry and transport its components. And while aluminium mobile scaffolding is initially costlier, you can expect a greater return on investment.

Other Favourable Features

With aluminium being low weight yet very durable, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Smaller transport vehicle and fuel needed, which results in reduced transportation costs.
  • Less manpower for manoeuvring, assembling, and disassembling on site.
  • Safety and lifting accidents are minimised.
  • Lightweight parts are easier to work with.
  • Assembly takes a lot less time.
  • Reduced risks of damaging the surrounding environment.

In addition, aluminium also fares better in terms of corrosion resistance, compared to steel. When this material is scratched, it forms a protective oxidised layer, resulting in the preservation of its inner core. Steel, on the other hand, forms rust, which weakens the metal and compromises its quality and integrity.

The Bottom Line

The key advantage of aluminium scaffolding is its mobility and portability. However, because of its additional benefits, including ease of handling, superior flexibility, and increased safety, you should already realize why it is a better material than your other traditional scaffolding options.

All in all, aluminium is a better material choice for scaffolding, especially for those looking for a long-term investment.

DNA Profiling and Its Role in Convicting and Exonerating Criminals

DNA Testing

DNA TestingDNA evidence first made its way to the courts in 1986 in England. Shortly after, the first DNA evidence-based conviction in the United States occurred in 1987 in Florida.

While DNA technology was originally intended to resolve paternity cases, it has found good use in criminal investigations. It has become an important evidence in many criminal cases.

Evidence for Conviction

The criminal justice system in the United States has found a powerful ally in DNA profiling. It has made solving crimes a lot easier.

There are two ways to use DNA in solving various crimes. If there is no suspect yet, investigators will process biological evidence collected from the scene, which can come from a single strand of hair or a drop of blood. If the sample is viable, they will compare the results with the data in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and the National DNA Index System (NDIS).

If there is a suspect, a comparison of their DNA and the samples collected could be used as confirmation that they were either present or absent from the crime scene. Unless the suspect has an identical twin, there’s only a one-in-a-billion chance that two matching DNA profiles are from different individuals.

Evidence for Exoneration

Forensic DNA testing services prove to be useful in ensuring the criminal justice system remains fair to all concerned. Hundreds of breakthroughs have been made with DNA evidence.

This technology can link suspects to crimes in the absence of witnesses, identifying serial killers, and solving rape-murder cases, among others. The use of DNA evidence has put an end to investigations that have been dragging on for years.

Conversely, it has also been a key evidence in exonerating people who were wrongfully convicted in certain cases.

DNA may be one of the most definitive forensic tools to date. It has been very helpful to legal professionals and law enforcement agencies in finding answers. More than a key to knowing everything about a person, it also proves to be a key in solving crimes.

Training and How it Boosts Your Career in the Security Industry

Career in Security

Career in SecurityPrivate security firms are in demand in Australia, even if property crimes are on a slow, steady decline. Security guards and officers help deter crime, which is always helpful for establishments trying to prevent unlawful entries.

If you want to work in the security industry, you need proper training on how to become a licensed security personnel. When you take the job, the safety of people and the property are in your hands. You will be patrolling private property, among other duties. This highlights the importance of proper training.

Setting Your Sights High

A registered training organisation should be worth your investment in time and resources. You need to determine the quality of security training offered, as well as the standing and reputation of the organisation.

Keep your standards high. Do not settle for the first training package you come across. If your goal is to get good placement after graduation, the first step is to find a training course that offers the competencies required by the industry.

If you can, choose the courses that offer such competencies and more. Your aim should be to attain high quality education with a curriculum that focuses on developing skills and professionalism.

Improving Your Skillsets

Southeast Queensland-based training organisation RAM Training Services says one way to advance your career, if you are already serving as a security officer, is to take additional courses. If you are interested in becoming a Monitoring Security Officer, for example, you need to complete a security monitoring course with a particular focus on monitoring.

There are many agencies offering basic and advanced security courses in Brisbane where you can receive training in operating and maintaining monitoring equipment. Extensive instruction on reporting and understanding relevant legalities will also be tackled.

More than your current skill set, you will also learn additional practical skills and knowledge that will broaden your experience and functions. Any relevant training you get gives you more options should you choose to move up the ranks or switch careers.

The more you know about providing top-notch security, the better you can perform as a security officer. This all starts with finding a training institution that offers courses with a strong industry context.

Is it a Fruit, a Drink? No, It’s a Computer!: What You Should Know About Raspberry Pi


ComputerThe Raspberry Pi is a small yet very affordable computer the size of a credit card. It plugs into a monitor or a television and utilises standard mouse and keyboard devices. Geek Studio shares more information about this tiny computer below:

The Basic Features of the Raspberry Pi

The main objective for developing the Raspberry Pi is to offer everyone, kids and adults alike, the chance to easily explore the world of computing and learn programming languages such as Python and Scratch. It can perform virtually anything you can with a desktop PC—Internet browsing, word processing, creating spreadsheets, and playing videos, music and games.

In addition, it is highly capable of interacting with the whole world and has been utilised in a broad range of projects, including parent detectors, music machines, weather stations and even birdhouses equipped with infrared cameras that actually tweet! It is developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an educational charity in the United Kingdom, and is available worldwide at a very affordable price.

The Current Raspberry Pi Models

The current lineup of Raspberry Pis includes the Pi 2 Model B and Pi 1 Model A+ and B+. Model A+ is the most affordable Raspberry Pi model while Model B+ is the final revised version of the first Raspberry Pi. The 2nd generation of Raspberry Pis, including the Pi Model B 2 was released last February 2015.

The Raspberry Pi 2 still retains majority of the specs in the original Pi models, but makes use of 1 gigabyte of RAM and a 900MHz quad core ARM Cortex-A7 central processing unit. It is fully compatible with 1st gen Pi models.

What’s Included in the Raspberry Pi Package?

When you buy Raspberry Pi online or in brick and mortar stores, you only get the board itself. You should purchase an SD card and a power supply separately, as well as other accessories you may need for your future Raspberry Pi projects. You can also choose to buy SD cards that have already been preloaded by licensed distributors.

The Truth About Starting A Construction Business

Construction Busines

Construction BusinessThere’s a high demand for construction workers. With the right decisions and under the right circumstances, a construction company can be highly profitable.

The Construction Business Is a Network of Professionals

You don’t always need to be experienced in construction to start a business. Most projects are delegated to subcontractors who do majority of the work. Because of the practice of subcontracting, the common misconception that prospective business owners need to pile up millions before even daring to open up a construction business has long been a myth.

From the transport of goods to smaller jobs in masonry, there are a lot of businesses — big and small — ready to accept subcontracted jobs. The challenge for you is to sell your team to clients. Tell them you can offer the best combination of builders and professionals they need. Flatbed trucking company West Coast Carriers also suggests offering personalized services.

Hard Work Pays Off

Being in the construction is for those who, like you, seek out advice and wisdom from those who started ahead. There are a lot of lessons in the business of construction; start right from the beginning.

Whether you have a bottomless pool of financial resources or if you’re working on a limited budget, the fruition of a successful business in construction depends on your business practices and habits.

Construction services are always in demand, but the field is also full of many businesses eager to earn money. You need to offer clients the best packages, with the best professionals, at a reasonable price.

Keep in mind these truths about the construction business, and ensure you are on track toward success.

It’s all about Quality: Change the Way Your Site Gets Clicks

Change the Way Your Site Gets Clicks

Change the Way Your Site Gets ClicksSEO services in Brisbane are well known for their advantageous effects on websites no matter what the nature of the site is. With expertise in the field, they offer solutions that will not only resolve issues, but also help optimise your site and ultimately help it function better and more efficiently. Here are the best tricks of the trade.

It’s all about quality backlinks

You will be surprised at how powerful backlinks can be. By the principle of ‘association’, backlinks can make or break the ranking of your site. A regular and thorough checking of these links should be among your regular activities.

However, with the many backlinks associated with your site, it can be difficult to check them all. This is where SEO services in Brisbane come into the picture. Equipped with the tools and the knowledge in the field, they eliminate the bad links. This is a task that will not take a day for them — truly convenient and efficient.

Optimise keywords: one page per keyword

When it comes to the use of keywords, do not overcrowd your pages; clutter will only result in your potential customers losing interest. SEO experts optimise sites to determine which keywords work and which topics will help boost your ranking. With such services, your site will only contain the essentials.

Title tags and meta tags

Sometimes, it’s all about the invisible things. The tags can help generate more clicks. Seasoned experts are familiar with the catch phrases that generate interest. Enlist their help and see how they transform your site.

With these advantages under your belt, your site will surely rake in the ratings and enjoy a higher ranking. Use these tips wisely to get maximum profits.

Why It Pays to Insure Your Packages When You Shop Online

Online Shopping

Online ShoppingThe Internet has changed the way we shop, making it easier and faster in just a click of a button. Today, we no longer have to wait until a certain item is in stock to buy it; we simply go online and hope that someone is selling it.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of risk and uncertainty during the interim between when you order your package and the moment it arrives on your doorstep. A lot of things can happen and that custom-made article of clothing or rare merchandise may get damaged, lost, or stolen at worst. This is why, more often than not, it really pays to get shipping insurance.

Safety First

Although the possibility of your package getting lost, stolen, or damaged is relatively low, the risk is still real. notes that what most people fail to realize is that the item you ordered online, even if it hasn’t arrived yet, is already your property. By this logic, the courier or service handling your items can say that the item was already damaged even before shipping or simply deny any responsibility towards it since it is technically your property already.

Getting insurance is the only way to guarantee the safety of the package you ordered as it also covers any physical damage that I may sustain during the actual shipping. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about who is at fault; the insurance company will refund the item regardless if it was due to mismanagement or accidents.

What You Can’t Insure

Insurance may be a surefire way to protect your orders online, but there are certain things that it can’t cover. Uninsurable risks are things that insurance companies have no way of covering either due to their value being indeterminable or the possibility of getting lost or damaged is almost certain. Antiques and works of art are examples of non-insurable items as their worth isn’t set in stone, and in the case of works of art, fluctuate in time. Frozen and perishable goods are another thing since the possibility of them expiring on the way is very high, especially if they get delayed.

Getting shipping insurance may be an added cost on top of the shipping fee and the actual price of the item you ordered, but it is well worth getting. Even if it gets lost or damaged, you’ll still be compensated for your loss.