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The Troubled Twenties: Why Young Marriages End Early


divorceDespite the boom in numbers when it comes to gray divorce, failed marriages in young couples are soaring as well. Why are the brides and grooms who only just walked down the aisle, walking out of it even before they turn 30?

These are called starter marriages, and ironically, just right after they started, they seem to start to fail almost immediately. Divorce lawyers in Colorado and all over the country have had their fair share of cases involving young couples in their troubled twenties wanting a way out.

Childhood Sweethearts and Whirlwind Romances

Not to minimize the issue, but there seems to be two types of starter marriages: those that began early, mostly during university; and those that began quickly and intensely. Several studies have discussed and scrutinized this compartmentalization.

They say that if a young couple decides to marry because of a romanticized notion, they might be walking straight into a nasty shock and a speedy separation. Couples who start out as childhood sweethearts, on the other hand, have more foundation for a stable relationship.

What Marriage Is and What It Isn’t

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but several studies pinpointed to this conclusion. Young couples who met early go through their twenties happily married. But those who went through a whirlwind romance often end up tying the knot immediately and breaking it casually.

Most say it is because they know they are still young and still have plenty of years to start over. Most say it is because the decision was very lighthearted in the first place, and so was quite easy to dismiss, as well. In the end, it all boils down to how a couple looks at marriage.

Maybe the root of this alarming news is how many young couples today seem to look at marriage as a solution to all ills. It is not. In fact, it is but the beginning of a complex and difficult process of growing old together. It does not get easier; it only becomes half the battle if you have someone to share it with.

Your Body Under Stress

stressed woman

stressed womanIt is difficult to find comfort in your daily life, especially when you have to work long hours every day. Whilst you dream of achieving work-life balance like everybody else, your body has to deal with the stress it incurs.

As much as you love your work, stress is surely one thing to watch out for. Workload, co-workers or superiors, these stress triggers not only affect your productivity, but your health as well. Here are the ways your body suffers under stress:

Physical Discomfort

Under a lot of stress, one is prone to secrete more adrenaline than is required. Therefore, your body has to cope with the imbalance that can lead to frequent shortness of breath, chest pains and spikes in blood pressure.

The pain and discomfort alone shouldn’t alarm you; its long-term effects should. The probability of acquiring a heart disease and the chances of experiencing a heart attack is higher with longer exposure to stress.

Take proactive measures to minimise stress in your life. If that should not work, perhaps a quick escape and a short break in places like Bath would do the trick and give you some peace and quiet.

Bad Acne

Although no clear link between acne and stress has been discovered, high stress levels contribute to the worsening of acne. However, Sebum, the substance that mixes with dead skin cells and create cysts and blemishes, has stress hormone receptors.

Other than the pollution and the food you eat, your stress levels affect your skin’s condition. Beauty products like moisturisers and cleansers are good enough to rid your face of the external factors that give you bad acne. However, maintaining your stress levels will deal with internal factors and hormones and keep your face clear.

Sexual Incompetence

Impotence, premature ejaculation and libido deficiency are all consequences of high stress levels. Before you and your partner visit your relationship counsellor, you had best take a look at your current circumstance.

Are you working too much? Perhaps, a constant influx of issues is bombarding you?

Before you purchase supplements to help you with erectile dysfunction and such, take a short break from everything and focus on yourself; find the time to de-stress and normalise your sex drive.

Stress is a part of everyone’s life; however, they won’t be present long enough. Keep your body in good shape by keeping it stress-free as much as you can.

Buying into the Idea of Purchasing a Motel


motelEvery time you check into that motel to rest before finishing a long drive to the countryside, you may have been astonished by the facilities and service that provided you comfort all throughout your stay. You may have thought about invest in this type of business one day and becoming a full-fledged motel owner.

Before signing anything, however, you need to know the basics before engaging in this competitive industry in Australia. There are certain requirements you need to consider, such as licensing regulations.

Looking at motels for sale in the Sunshine Coast, according to, is very promising as the attractions in the area guarantee a steady stream of guests. Whether you’re thinking about buying a motel to run as your own or getting into a franchise agreement, there are some things you must consider.

Making a pact with the owner

Since you are purchasing the motel straight from its owner, squeeze every bit of information you need to know. This will better equip you when it would already be your turn to manage the place.

You can never write off daily operational concerns, such as staff management and maintenance of furniture and equipment from your must-know items. You also need to determine the reputation of the property by looking through official records and customer reviews.

Make it a point to research on its profitability by monitoring the strategies of rival motels. Knowing the new developments with the competition in the area will prepare you on coming up with appropriate strategies. You may also discover how an actual typical day is in the motel by checking in as a guest. This is useful before revealing your real interest in purchasing the property.

Checking Out the Possibility of Franchising

If you want to check in into the motel industry as a franchise owner, you need to take definite steps in doing so.

Consider your property’s location in terms of the area’s feeder market and business positioning while taking into account your overall expenses as to furnishings, employees and insurance within the contract period as compared to other franchise options. Don’t forget to check out the company’s philosophy as well as the influence of its brand image on your commercial status as a franchisee.

When you’re all set, you can start looking at listings of motels for sale and make an appointment for negotiations. Remember to only sign that deal when you have all the details figured out.

Making Moving Away Less Emotionally Challenging

Making Moving Easy

Making Moving EasyThose who live alone find it difficult to move away, especially if the apartment they currently live in has sentimental value. Accompanied by the burden of packing and cleaning, it becomes more essential for them to plan a hassle-free and emotionally light relocation.

Get Others Involved

Apartments complete with appliances and decorations make for a challenging packing experience. Reduce the physical and mental stress by seeking the help of friends and family members. Time flies with the presence of people to talk to while doing menial chores. Apart from accomplishing more, it also provides a sufficient distraction to keep the worries of relocating to a minimum.

Keep them around and ask their advice even in simple tasks like finding a man with a van for hire. Get one your acquaintances or reliable sources can vouch for. A long drive to a new place feels less taxing this way.

Spend Time De-cluttering

Moving away tends to cause more problems when it involves a heavy load of boxes. Merely allocating three days to de-clutter the apartment reduces the effort needed to prepare for the move. Segregate objects based on their usefulness. Those that only take up space should either go to the hands of an acquaintance or in the trash bin.

Learn to Pack Properly

Seek the advice of others, both online and offline, on how to pack properly. One method rarely applies to all types of people and for all kinds of possessions. The number of guides available on the web suffices to meet nearly every possible circumstance, may it involve limited resources or appliances of all shapes and sizes.

Create happy memories

Holding a proper farewell party helps relieve the emotional burden of leaving. It allows others to enjoy the apartment one last time, particularly if they’ve grown an emotional attachment to it from previous visits. While the place won’t look glamorous due to the numerous boxes and the lack of decoration, it leaves people with good memories to hold onto.

People who live by themselves should create good memories out of moving away. Doing so opens them to the possibility of enjoying the process instead of dreading it.

Gum Disease Can Hurt Your Heart

Good oral hygiene

Good oral hygieneMost of the time, we tend to forget taking care of our teeth properly. Whether it is brushing our teeth or flossing, many people feel they do not have the time to check if their gums are alright.

If you are looking for a reason to practice good oral hygiene, then you should know that even something as simple as a gum disease can lead to heart problems.

Bacterial infection

Harley Street Dental Clinic notes that ‘Periodontal disease is often difficult to notice, as the symptoms are not obvious.’ Bacterial plaque is the main cause of many gum diseases. This can cause a host of unwanted side effects. Bleeding gums and bad breath are some of the more apparent effects, but it can also lead to tooth loss.

The bacteria, unfortunately, doesn’t just stay in your mouth. People who are suffering from gum disease are more susceptible to coronary artery diseases. Although scientists do not actually know why, there’s a theory that the bacteria actually makes its way through your bloodstream from your mouth until it eventually settles on fatty plaques in your heart’s blood vessels. When this happens, inflammation occurs and may lead to blood clots or even trigger heart attacks.

Take note that even simple gum diseases like gingivitis can seriously affect how you breathe. Just like when the bacteria travels through your blood stream, these can make their way into your lungs and infect your airways, causing severe inflammation. You are at more risk to acquiring respiratory diseases like pneumonia and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease if your mouth has bacterial plaque.

Good oral hygiene is something you should never compromise. Whilst it is not entirely proven that gum diseases are the only things that cause heart and lung problems, brushing your teeth regularly is still essential.

SQL Health Check for Genuine Server Success

SQL Health check

SQL Health checkA majority of businesses have difficulty performing an SQL health check because it takes a lot of time and is downright confusing. A proper health check however is necessary and very rewarding for businesses to enhance the performance of their servers.

When appraising your options, however, keep in mind that a health check is just one of the required elements needed for better database optimisation and monitoring.

Running a Proper SQL Health Check

Simply put, an SQL health check is utilised for meticulously measuring and evaluating your server’s performance and looking for particular issues. It is a comprehensive review of an SQL server configuration, including a hardware performance baseline, to ensure that everything has been setup in accordance with Microsoft Best Practice, and to identify potential system bottlenecks that may impact performance.

Optimisation of server performance is an excellent way to exhibit how important IT is to your business, to provide enhanced productivity and crucial resources.

It is vital that you choose the best people to carry out the SQL health check. Normally, typical businesses will need more than one database administrator capable of making actionable and tactical recommendations, advising you on resource allocation and prioritisation, as well as professionally, quickly, and affordably implementing those recommendations.

SQL Outside

In the event that your administrators are not available or incapable of executing a proper health check, consider contracting the services of an outside SQL consultant and outsourcing some of the tasks necessary to implement certain projects. There are plenty of instances where a project may need help in setting up an SQL server based on your present budget and requirements.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

After carrying out an SQL health check, you’ll then need to address issues found during the procedure and then determine your next move. Often, these can include a planned project list prioritised to factor in the scale and scope of every project, the resources needed, and their impact on server performance. You must then implement your plans to ensure that your server will always function at its best.

Keep in mind also that ideally, SQL health checks must be performed at least once every year. In this light, the ones responsible for conducting your regular health checks should be those you can see working with you long-term. It is imperative that you take your time looking for the most suitable partner to fully optimise and maintain your server performance.

Home Security: You Can’t Always Leave It to Your Dogs

security alarm

security alarmAre you still relying on your pet to keep your home and your family safe? While your dog could guard your home and your loved ones from intruders, there are certain limitations to what animals can do. Dogs can be reliable watchers, but there might be instances when even they can’t defend themselves. At times like this, it’s best to have a security system in the home.

Listed below are the top three things that burglar alarm systems could offer that you might not get from your pet:
  1. Dogs cannot alert local authorities within seconds.

While you can train your dog to bark as loud as it can, it won’t be enough to alert the authorities within seconds of a break-in. Before authorities realize the loud barks from your pet could mean danger in your property, the intruder could already be miles away from your home. An electronic burglar alarm, on the other hand, has the right programs to send a signal to authorities the moment an intruder breaks into your home.

  1. Dogs cannot protect your valuables from loss or destruction.

Even if your dog can apprehend an intruder and prevent it from getting your most valued possessions, there is no guarantee that your valuables will remain guarded against damage. Your dog might even grab your valuable from the intruder and damage the item with its sharp teeth or claws. explains that a safety deposit vault with a complicated lock is the better alternative to keep your valuables safe – both from intruders and damage.

  1. Dogs cannot stay awake for 24 hours a day.

Electronic burglar alarm systems stay active for days, and may just need a few minutes of maintenance checks. Dogs, on the other hand, are usually asleep the entire day. Intruders may force entry into your home while your dog is sleeping.

Installing new security features is a great way to relieve dogs of their responsibility when it comes to home protection. If anything, you should be spending time with your pets and not using them as a mere security addition to your home.

The Appeal Process: Going Through the Texas Appellate System

Court of Criminal Appeals

Court of Criminal AppealsIn general, a criminal can appeal the judgment of a lower court to the next higher court only once. That said, the number of appeals allowable per case depends on the number of courts superior to the court that made the contested decision.

There are distinctions regarding the rules, procedures, time limits, and costs between appellate courts, especially when these are between state and federal courts. The decision of the next higher court determines the basis of the appeal at times. There are also distinctions between appellate courts at the state or district level.

In Texas, for instance, there are two higher courts after the district level courts: the Texas Courts of Appeals and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Texas Courts of Appeals

The Texas Courts of Appeals consists of 14 courts around the state. Any of the 14 courts can hear an appeal from the district level courts, whether criminal or civil. A Houston criminal lawyer would be familiar with the 1st and 14th courts as these are based in that city.

In civil cases, however, the next court level would be the Texas Supreme Court, which is the court of last resort for civil matters, rather than the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the court of last resort for criminal matters, and where criminal appeals are heard after the Texas Courts of Appeals. In cases involving the death penalty, however, the criminal appeal goes directly to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, bypassing the Texas Courts of Appeals.

Regardless of the court level, however, an appeal begins by filing a Notice of Appeal. Appellate courts can’t hear a case if the notice wasn’t filed properly within the specified time, which is usually 10 days from the date a judgment from a lower court was given out.

Some Apartment Facts You Know That are Actually Myths

Studio apartment

Studio apartmentAsk ten Australians their thoughts about apartments, and you’d hear ten different stories. While any advice, especially when solicited, is worth heeding, opinions are not always reliable. If the mate you talk to speaks from experience, you might be misled because it’s wrong to generalise. If the one you ask only knows hearsays, then their words almost carry no weight.

Apartment living, as you know it, may be a complete lie. Just like these examples:

Studio Is Just Another Term for One-Bedroom Apartments

Not all Aussies know there’s a huge difference between them; the two are typically designed for single occupants, but they’re worlds apart.

Studio apartments are a space that combine living and sleeping areas in one central room—including the kitchen. With the exception of the bathroom, there’s practically no partition that clearly serves as a division among areas.

One-bedroom apartments, on the other hand, refer to the textbook apartment that contain only one bedroom. The design of living areas varies, but the bedroom is always in private because of the walls.

Next time you search for a studio apartment, don’t look at spaces under the one-bedroom category.

Cheap Rental Means the Building Is Poorly Built or Maintained

Just because the rent is affordable doesn’t mean you’re being short-changed by the management. Apartments are subject to local building codes like any property. Since you’d personally check the space first before actually renting it, see for yourself if it’s in good or bad condition.

Crime Rates Are Higher in Apartment Complexes

Crime happens due to poor law enforcement in the area, not necessarily because that area is an apartment complex. Apartments in Australia, as a whole, are safe; some are even conveniently located near a police station.

Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. It would never hurt anyone if you perform your due diligence when hunting apartments.

Educate Yourself about TMJ Disorders and Seek Treatment Early

TMJ Disorder

TMJ DisorderDiscomfort and pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is usually cyclical in nature. However, the
pain can be so severe that it causes sleeplessness and absenteeism from work. Americans with severe
TMJ disorders – a small portion of the 10 million affected – suffer from long-term symptoms, which
affect their way of life.

Do you have a disorder of the temporomandibular joint?

You need to see a doctor immediately if anyone in your household suffers from radiating jaw pain that
keeps coming back, stiffness of jaw muscles, and a painful clicking of the jaw. Physicians and dentist can
diagnose TMJ problems and help you manage them.

Don’t wait for the condition to worsen. You can do something to determine whether your
temporomandibular joints are compromised. The TMJ is one of the most complicated joints in your
body, but it is easy to find. Place a finger each in front of your ears and open your mouth. Do you feel
the joints open?

According to the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana, if this is painful, then you might have
a problem already. If you notice a grating on these joint make an appointment with a qualified medical

Are you looking for more effective TMJ treatments?

Studies are currently ongoing to find better treatment procedures for temporomandibular joint
disorders. There are different treatment approaches, and your doctor will choose methods to relieve the
symptoms you are experiencing.

Aside from pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctor might recommend muscle relaxants. Exercises
to improve the strength of jaw muscles may be added, and if necessary the doctor will recommend a
night guard, if you grind your teeth while sleeping. A dentist might consider orthodontic procedures if
your bite is uneven. Any irregular configuration in the teeth or jaw may cause undue strain to the
temporomandibular joints.

At the first sign of discomfort, have your TMJ checked by a licensed medical practitioner. Disorders of
the joint are treatable, but they can worsen if left untreated, and may even require more intensive and
costly treatment later on.