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Sorting Through Wrongful Deaths


lawLaw is one of the most difficult professions in the world, not because of the volume of provisions and amendments they need to memorize. This line of work is hard because it requires its practitioners to work with people on the worst days of their lives. Imagine, having to sift through the facts of someone’s death, and try to put it into its “correct” classification.

This is the everyday reality of wrongful death attorneys, who need to determine whether there was anything that anyone could have done to prevent the loss of life. A heart-wrenching prospect for the relatives left behind, but a necessary exercise in the pursuit of justice.

These difficulties are in full display in an ongoing case dealing with a hit-and-run death of an eighteen-year-old woman in Massachusetts. The victim, Alexandria Rice, was struck by a BMW driven by Dr. James G. Corasanti on Heim Road in Amherst, sometime after eleven in the evening on July 8, 2011.

Initial reports of the incident state that the victim’s death was instantaneous, but witnesses have testified that Rice had a pulse, as well as a “scared look” on her face. Rice’s parents are seeking additional damages against Corasanti for the moments of pain, fear, and suffering their daughter experienced in her dying moments.

According to reports, the impact of the collision broke the bones of both Rice’s lower legs in half, opened a gash wound on one leg, caused neck injuries, and lacerated her cerebellum. She was declared dead at 12:04 in the morning of July 9, 2011 at the Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital after suffering excruciating pain.

Defense attorneys intend to challenge the assumption that their client needs to pay damages in compensation for the loss of care and support Rice would have provided her parents in their old age. Corasanti was acquitted on charges of manslaughter for leaving a crime scene, but was convicted of misdemeanor drunken driving and ordered to serve a maximum of one year in prison.

It’s a sad reality that people need to argue about money in the context of a person’s death. But, nobody said justice was about having it easy.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words: 3 Ways to Use Web Conferencing

web conference

web conferenceThe Internet is making everybody’s lives easier. As such, business owners look for ways to make good use of it, especially when time and money is concerned. Productivity is important for businesses, so they try anything that can help their business succeed without compromising.

Here are some ways you can use video web conferencing at work:

Hold a Training Session

Most training sessions involve an effective speaker, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be right in front of the audience. If the speaker is living overseas or has a tight schedule, then web conferencing can be useful. You don’t waste time, as you can both adjust to what schedule is available. In addition, there are tools that allow you to record the conversation for future use.

Deliver Presentations

From marketing and financial reports to on-site status updates, you don’t have to be present physically to deliver presentations. All you need is to gather and prepare data, submit it before the presentation, and let your audience use it as reference while you’re explaining business-related concerns. As such, you don’t have to go back to the office if you have unfinished tasks on-site.

The same goes when you’re conducting a meeting involving employees who are located to different branches nationwide. There’s no need for everybody to leave their post, as you can hold web conferencing with multiple users.

Present Demonstrations

It’s difficult to explain using words when the subject is too visual or technical, like operating a tool and using software. Instead of writing the process one by one, you can show how something works in a few seconds with web conferencing. It’s beneficial for those who haven’t seen the actual thing because they don’t have to imagine or guess what you’re saying.

Improve the way your business work with web conferencing. Save time, money, and effort by making the most out of technological advances.

4 Reasons to Launch a Career in the Legal Profession

Legal Profession

Legal ProfessionClient meetings, court hearings, and a pile of documents – these things summarize a day in the life of those in the legal profession. Every day, paralegals, lawyers, and other professionals talk about laws, cases, and the whole legal system. For some, it sounds stressful.

But why do people venture into the field? Take a look at the reasons professionals give as to why they pursued a career in this industry:

The Salary

Let’s get this out of the way: salary is, of course, one of the main reasons people join the field. Data show that tenured lawyers in big law firms rake in as much as $270,250 annually. Figures for other positions don’t disappoint, either.

The Opportunities

The many opportunities in the industry are also a major reason. Practicing lawyers may choose from different specialties, allowing them to practice in a field they are passionate about. Moreover, there are many other job openings that don’t require a Juris Doctor. Being a paralegal, for one, is something you can achieve by taking an online paralegal training course.

The Challenges

When what you want is intellectual challenge on a daily basis, the legal profession is right for you. Working in the field exposes you to the evolving nature of the legal system. This goes on top of technological advancements and game-changing rulings on benchmark cases. The challenges that come with every job are certainly what make it a top pick for most people.

The Fulfillment

But beyond all these three, what makes the legal profession attractive is the fulfillment lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries feel with every work day. The thought of being able to help other people is something that fuels the passion of these professionals. Salaries, opportunities, and challenges are just bonuses, considering how fulfilled legal professionals feel with what they do.

The road to landing a job in the legal profession may seem tough, but the rewards that come with it are priceless.

Skills and Qualities of a Trustworthy Dentist

Trustworthy Dentist

Trustworthy DentistA lot of people are afraid of setting regular dental appointments. The pain and discomfort associated with dental offices are enough to turn people away. Most dentists these days, however, know and understand that they have to display certain traits or qualities to establish trust with regular clients.

Does your dentist have these key qualities?

Exhibits Manual Dexterity and Gentle Touch

Like other professionals in health and medicine, dental practitioners are extensively trained in precision. Hand-eye coordination is important, after all, in handling the tools that are placed inside you and your fellow patients’ mouth. Imagine if your dentist’s hand slipped during extraction and damaged your gums and teeth. They need nimble hands to better take care of you.


Does your dentist give you a warm welcome each time you visit their office? Do they make an effort to put you and other patients at ease when performing treatment? Can you feel genuine interest and concern when they talk to you, even if you can’t really answer clearly? Sincerity is easy to feel and see; trust your better judgment.


It takes a serious amount of patience and passion to practice dentistry. Great dentists are committed to spreading awareness about proper oral hygiene and are passionate about learning the latest trends in their field. With their extensive knowledge, they can also provide dental care and treatment more effectively. Their clinics may have cheap dental supplies to save on overhead costs, but they still deliver quality services.

Excellent Communication Skills

This can be part of being friendly, but it deserves to be a quality on its own. Your dentist has probably undergone years of study and practice. Their knowledge in the craft is enough to fill a library. However, if your dentist cannot explain the dental treatment to you in the language you can understand, you should be looking for a new one in your neighborhood.

These qualities are not necessarily required for dental practitioners, but if your dentist exhibits most if not all of those skills, you’re one lucky patient. After all, there are probably enough reasons why you’ve stayed for years under his or her expert care.

Falling in Love With Queensland’s Capital

Queensland’s Capital

Queensland’s CapitalBrisbane has much to offer the world – happy people, lively streets, vibrant economy, and modern facilities. You can appreciate almost everything here, such as its exuberant nightlife, pristine beaches, beautiful parks, urban infrastructures, and its sub-tropical climate. That is why more and more people feel compelled to visit Queensland’s capital, some of them even choosing to stay for good.

Sunshine City: 25th of the World’s Most Liveable Cities

In 2014, the Monocle Magazine hailed Queensland’s capital as the 25th most liveable city in the world. It means that the city is safe, has a great climate, and offers great ambiance for business and leisure. Living here also means wider access to medical care, public transportation, beautiful urban architecture, and great outdoors.

Affordable Living

Living in the city does not mean living extravagantly and spending too much. You may choose to explore the capital at a price range that you are most comfortable with. The city offers all kinds of homes: from luxury Brisbane apartments to accommodations for students.

Stunning Outdoor Living

Many people fall in love with the city because of its vibrant outdoor life. The city is home to many parks, gardens, nature reserves, and other green and open spaces sure to satisfy your outdoor cravings. Outdoor living in the capital is so fun that most people consider it as one of the city’s main attractions.

Great Access to Luxuries

Brisbane is also a home to many world-class hotels, deluxe resorts and the finest restaurants that indulge your senses with comfort and pleasure. Anywhere in the city, you will find inns, restaurants, and shops that offer great services at a very reasonable price but still well equipped, suiting all needs and tastes.

With its stunning attractions, great outdoor lifestyle, and access to both the luxurious and the economical, Queensland’s Sunshine City has so much at store for everyone.

Ride and Drink the Wind: Organising a Motorcycle Tour

motorcycle tour

motorcycle tourWake up. Go to the office. Go home. Repeat. Life can be downright humdrum at times. There are some occasions when you just want to break free from all of these and take some time to relax. Why not? You deserve it!

Travel. Better yet, cruise with your motorcycle. Motoring around the country or simply driving to places you grow up in will provide you with a better perspective.

If you wish to hit the road with your buddy (your motorcycle), there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. Here are some of them.

Where to Go

There are many places to choose from. But if you want salty fresh air, your top choices are the coastlines. If you’re from the west, the best road to take is the Gibb River Road in Kimberly. It’s lined with picturesque landscape and river gorges. If you’re from the east, you can take the Great Ocean Road in Victoria or the Rainforest Way in Queensland/New South Wales.

What to Bring

If you’re challenging yourself to finish the course, you need to stock up on food and water. Other than a GPS device, you need to have a physical map (learn how to read it!). suggests bringing your repair accessories and tools in case you get stranded.

Who to Go With

This is upon your discretion. If you have friends who share the same interest as yours, get them to come with you! Travel is always fun with friends. If you have joined a motorcycling group, you can invite your fellow members as well. They may share some tips or even lead you to places you’ve never been.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to travel on a motorcycle. Don’t forget some safety procedures: ride with headlights; stick to the rules of the group; avoid overtaking if the road conditions don’t allow; and be kind to your fellow motorists.

Fresh Travels: Places You Must Visit when You in Singapore

Merlion Park Singapore

Merlion Park SingaporeSingapore is a city known for its technological and architectural innovations. From breathtaking high-rises to ultra-efficient train systems, there are many things to marvel at when in the Lion City. Coupled with its unique culture and tradition, it comes as no surprise that Singapore ranks high on many visitors’ list of countries to visit.

While it is one of the smallest nations in terms of geographical size, there are tons of things to see and do in Singapore. This is why guests from across the globe are flocking to the city — to make new memories and relive those from previous visits. If you are coming to Singapore for the first time and do not where to go and what to do, here is an itinerary you might want to keep in mind:

Sentosa Island

There is always something awesome going on in Sentosa, even for frequent visitors. This is the reason the island resort is a staple for many exciting Singapore attractions packages. If it is thrilling rides or captivating shows inspired by some of best movies you are after, then make sure to drop by Universal Studios Singapore. If you simply want to relax by the sea, the island boasts of beaches like Palawan and Siloso.

Merlion Park

Of course, your trip to Singapore will not be complete without visiting the famed statue over at Merlion Park. The Merlion is unique because it represents the country. The fish body symbolises the nation’s fishing village roots while the lion head harks to the original name of Singapore, which means Lion City.

Chinatown and Little India

The country is home to various people of different cultural background. The harmony and cooperation of the people, despite the differences, help push the nation forward. If you want to explore and learn more about the diverse cultures in Singapore, these are the places you should go.

Singapore is home to unique attractions every traveller must experience. Whether you are into avant-garde architecture or Asian culture, you can find it when you open yourself to the possibilities found in the Lion City.

Trailer Towing: Some Pointers for Safe Towing

boat trailer towing

boat trailer towingYou have planned a fun vacation, which involves boating, auto crossing or camping. You have even hired a trailer to carry all the stuff you need. But, if you are thinking that towing a trailer with your car is the same as driving the four-wheeler, then you better read the following safety tips from Classic Hire. These will make sure your vacation turns out as fun-filled as it should be.

Reduce Your Speed

First, be sure to reduce your speed at least by half as compared to when you would drive without the trailer. Also, be careful when accelerating or applying brakes. Do both these tasks in an easier manner and with ample scope on the roads.

Know How Much You are Towing

This bit of information is vital, so you get a fair idea of how much weight you will be tagging along. Also, make sure the weight of the trailer does not exceed the maximum towing capacity of the four-wheeler you are planning to drive. Ideally, use the SUVs that hitch up to 5000 pounds, which is enough for most campers and medium-sized boats.

Secure the Trailer to the Car Properly

Another important safety tip is to hitch the trailer to the car properly. Be sure to do the following:

• Line up the car correctly with the trailer
• Wind out the winch cables
• Attach the winch to something that is sturdy on the car
• Position your stuff on the trailer properly, so the weight does not shift to one side.

Finally, be sure to get plenty of practice driving with the trailer before you hit the road. By doing this, you will know how to apply the brakes, how much to accelerate and how much scope to give yourself when changing lanes. This will also give you a feel of steering the car in the right manner. Use these simple safety tips and make towing a trailer safer.

First Impressions Last: Making Your Child’s First Dental Visit Fun

dental services

dental servicesOne of the things every parent must teach their children is the importance of good oral hygiene. You must emphasise how important it is to have good dental habits early on, and of course, bring your kids to the dentist regularly.

Remember that children do not know what to expect with their first dental visit. The goal is to establish a positive first impression so they do not fear future dental appointments, and so that all future appointments are a pleasant experience. Here are some of the things you need to know to make your toddler’s first dental visit a good one:

Practice at home says it best to bring your child 6 months after the first tooth erupts. Within that time, you can help your child know what to expect by practicing at home. You can role-play and pretend to be the dentist, explaining how important it is to take care of their mouth and teeth. You can even do it during their playtime, so they can associate it as a positive and fun experience.

Make your child look forward to the visit

You can help your child have a positive experience by treating the visit as a special occasion. You can let them wear their favourite shirt or have them bring their favourite toy along. You can also make them look forward to the date by marking days off the calendar.

Prepare games or bring picture-books to read

Kids tend to get bored easily, and chances are they will grow impatient while waiting for their turn. For good measure, bring picture books to read and prepare games to pass the time.

Be with them on the day itself

Make sure that you are with them on the day itself. Nothing calms kids more than knowing they have their parents by their side. It helps, too, if the dentist has experience dealing with kids and knows how to make them feel at ease.

A memorable and pleasant first visit to the dentist can help your child develop good oral hygiene practices. They will cherish that experience as they grow up, and appreciate the importance of good oral health even more.

Following These Tips can Save Your AC and Even Your Life

AC Maintenance

AC MaintenanceAir conditioners need proper maintenance so they last long and stay in top condition. Poorly maintained systems will not only cost you more money for repairs–it may even endanger your life.

To stay safe, follow these simple tips:

1. Unclog drain channels.

Stick a hard piece of wire through your AC’s drain channels to remove dirt and other debris. This allows more efficient humidity control. High levels of humidity will tarnish the colour of your walls and you wouldn’t want that.

2. Comb those coil fins.

Most AC units come with a “fin comb” function that will allow you to untangle these coils and improve airflow.

3. Inspect window seals.

Make sure that there are no gaps in the windows. Otherwise, a lot of chilled air would escape and the workload of your unit would just increase. This would just result to higher energy bills as the unit tries to compensate.

4. Replace the filters every month.

This is the most important step that could lengthen your AC unit’s life span by a matter of years. A clean filter lowers the workload of your air conditioner and subsequently decreases its energy consumption by 5-15%.

Using the same old filter for months on end will not only downgrade the performance of your cooling unit, but obstruct the flow of air due to the clogged up filters as well. In addition, it may transmit the unfiltered filth into the evaporator coil. This will significantly impede its heat-absorbing capability and, if left this way, may cause the machine to overheat. What happens after that is a worst-case scenario for every air con owner, summarised in a single word: boom.

5. Hire a professional to get down and dirty for you.

Just because you have bought a fine piece of equipment and obliged to maintain it does not mean you should know everything about the unit. When things go wrong, you must get ready to call a nearby technician to do the air conditioning repair, says Sydney houses many great companies that provide that type of service.

Maintaining your AC unit is ideally a monthly thing. Make sure to allocate a few hours of your time every month for clean up and troubleshooting.