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Is SEO Still Relevant?

search engine website

search engine websiteWhen you search the question ‘is SEO still relevant?’ chances are you will get several million references to it, but search engine optimisation specialists agree that SEO is more relevant than ever.

While it has changed over the years because of changes in search engine algorithms, there is renewed commitment from major companies to invest into the development of a more solid and reliable SEO campaign. And not only that, but campaigns in line with the guidelines of search engines.

So why is SEO still relevant? The leading SEO services in Perth list down some reasons to enlighten you.

It Works

SEO simply works. This is the primary reason why SEO still matters. It is true that data concerning organic traffic recently became restricted, but the methods used are still effective. This is evident in the influx of many case studies even after the recent slew of algorithm updates in Google’s search engine.

No Reason Why It Should Not Work

Should you base your analyses on the way search engines evolve, it is highly unlikely that SEO would become ineffective in the near future. For example, even audio and video searches depend on keyword text, and this ensures that SEO methods will remain in force as long as people search using traditional text.

High ROI

What is pretty evident with SEO is that it offers companies with a more than decent return of investment. When you compare the cost of doing SEO with other online marketing programs, or even traditional marketing, SEO is still the most cost-effective program.

Your Competition Uses It, too

SEO is an always-evolving process and if do not improve your SEO campaign then you would lose ground to someone, most likely a competitor, who uses it. Unless everyone drops it – every competitor, and every business – then it would be better if you use SEO than not.

Because Customers are the Lifeline of Your Business: The Basics of Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead GenerationThe success of any business depends on the number of customers. But, before you can build a stable and strong client base, you need to have quality leads that can be converted into customers.

TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc. says lead generation goes beyond cold-calling or putting up pop-up blocks (which are annoying). It encourages you to look into your customers’ insights, which are centered on their needs. Read on to learn more.

Use Social Media

If you want to explore other segments of the market, use social media. Social media platforms allow you to engage with your prospects and your existing customers. It gives your brand an opportunity to show its personal side. When choosing your social media platform, go for the ones most of your customers are using.

Optimize Your Contact Us Page

You may have a query form that allows your prospects to ask you questions, but just like a physical business, your website should have contact details, such as address and phone number. Having contact details on your page makes your image more trustworthy.

Display Your Testimonials

Generating leads is essentially about building trust. If you want to further your cause, show your prospects that you have customers who trust you. One way to do that? Create a page on your website where you can put your client testimonials. You may also use videos for a more personal approach.

Seal it With a “Seal”

Speaking of trust, prove to your prospects that making transactions through your website is safe. A guarantee seal increases your chances of creating new leads and having new customers.

These are only some of the basic things you can do to improve your lead generation activities. When implementing new methods, don’t forget to test them. Most importantly, think about building relationships and loyalty.

A Buyer’s Guide to Linear Potentiometers

Linear Potentiometer

Linear potentiometers, also known as “pots”, Linear Potentiometer are position sensors that are not only inexpensive, but also easy to use. These mechanisms come in a range of signs and designs for you to choose from, depending upon the purpose. The various linear sensor potentiometers you can buy include SoftPot, HotPot, ThinPot and MagnetoPot.

For those in the electronics field and you want to buy a potentiometer, here are some basic things you should know:

  • The materials used to make potentiometers are generally corrosion- and rust-resistant. The materials also make the mechanism strong, stable and durable. Plastic elements that comprise potentiometer technology could increase the lifespan and resolution of the mechanism. The use of wire-wound elements makes the mechanism more st
  • The SoftPot potentiometer is a thin, versatile linear sensor. An engineer can easily load or mount it on any surface, and easily activated as well using a spring-loaded wiper.
  • The HotPot potentiometer is more heat-resistant and ideal for use in places with high temperatures. These mechanisms can last for long periods even in the harshest of conditions, and feature resistance against water and dust.
  • The ThinPot potentiometer is narrower than the SoftPot, hence its name, and often serves as a variable analog voltage divider. This device usually sees employment in circumstances or locations where you cannot use other potentiometers.
  • The MagnetoPot potentiometer tracks motion without contact, and uses a magnet to track the position output between the potentiometer and the motion device.
 Research and Diligence

When choosing a potentiometer, make sure to do some research. A better understanding of potentiometer technology can help you decide which type of sensor best suits your requirements.

Familiarize yourself with the length of the stroke, the power rating, the resistance value as well as any size limitations that may persist. Knowing what you want beforehand can help you choose a potentiometer that will meet all your specifications and requirements.

Potentiometers seem complicated, but they are present in a variety of circuits. Buying one should be an exercise in care and diligence, as inaccurate potentiometers may equal disastrous consequences.

Take 5 Safety Booklets: A Must in Workplace Safety

Workplace Accidents

Workplace AccidentsA Take 5 Safety Booklet is basically a notebook that outlines the tenets of the Take 5 Safety program. This aims to educate and train employees and staff on the right procedures to take to identify hazards, know how much damage these can cause, assess the risks and institute safety measures to complete any task.

Without a Take 5 Safety booklet, workers do not have a blueprint for ensuring workplace safety., a leader in Take 5 Booklet designs and formats, discusses the importance of this item below:

Stop and Think Before Acting

Many workplace accidents are the result of carelessness on both the employee and the employer. The safety booklet allows the employee to think carefully and consider the consequences before acting on a particular task.

Determine Hazards

Many accidents are also the result of not being able to identify all the potential hazards that are present in the worksite. High risk jobs, such as those in the construction and chemical industries, are prone to a lot of accidents and injuries. This is especially true if both the employees and the management do not exert enough due diligence to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place. Some of the hazards that can cause accidents in the workplace include protruding sharp objects and inadequate or incorrect tools and equipment for the tasks.

Proper Assessment

The Take 5 Safety Booklet provides employees with the procedures on how to assess these problems properly. With this, the management or their immediate supervisor can address these issues in a timely manner.

Proper Management

When the employee knows how to safely go about his job, he will not need his supervisors to remind him of the consequences of his actions.

The objective of the Take 5 Booklet is to allow workers to perform their duties and responsibilities without the risk for injury. It is the best companion to have in the workplace.

Should It Stay or Should It Go? Knowing the Signs of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Wisdom TeethYou learned that you have an impacted wisdom tooth during your recent dental checkup. You are now probably thinking about what will happen next.

The third molars, according to studies, are the last to develop as teens mature. Dentists need not remove wisdom teeth if they grow properly and are cavity-free or painless. But, in some cases, they do not have enough space or are in the wrong position.

When an impacted wisdom tooth becomes infected, you may experience some symptoms. Here are some of them:

Bad Breath

Let’s do a quick test: cup your hand and breathe into it. Do you smell something bad or none? If your breath is smelly, you’re probably going to blame what you ate. You may also think it’s because of the coffee or that garlic in the sandwich. The causes of foul breath, however, go beyond just food or drinks. A wisdom tooth partially submerged below the gums can be the cause of bad breath, too. The gums are sensitive, so they can get infected easily when there are food particles that got stuck. When this problem persists throughout the day or even a few days, then it’s time to pay your dentist a visit.

Bleeding Gums

You may experience red, tender, swollen or bleeding gums if you have impacted wisdom teeth. It is an area that is difficult to reach, which may invite bacteria and lead to periodontal disease. Over time, they can damage neighboring teeth. This is the reason, a leading dental practice, argues that it’s best to have them removed to prevent more serious problems.

Jaw Ache

Prolonged headache or jaw pain is another symptom of impacted wisdom tooth. Follow regular dental appointments for checkups. Be sure that you have regularly updated dental X-rays. Sometimes you may not experience any painful symptoms. But, you could still have problems with your wisdom tooth, such as decay, cyst or root resorption.

For many years, having an impacted wisdom tooth removed was like a rite of passage. Though it can grow without problems, waiting too long can be dangerous and costly.

Writing Off Graffiti at Last: Anti-Graffiti Coatings, Explained

graffiti at the wall

graffiti at the wallAnti-graffiti coatings are in great demand, as vandalism is a common problem no matter the city. City officials are always on the lookout for viable solutions to this problem. Teenager and unruly youngsters use this as a kind of art to either voice their anti-social or anti-establishment views, or sketch some unsightly drawings.

Need Cleaning-Up

It is almost impossible to prevent these people from painting all over the city. Though sometimes these depictions tend to be colourful, you cannot leave them on the walls forever; if even a single picture remains on the walls, other painters would add more as well. Most cities opine that vandalised walls need clean up as soon as possible.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Some chemicals can remove these pictures and slogans, but chemical removers need careful handling as they can harm not only your health, but also the wall surfaces if used too frequently.

Instead, A & I Coatings suggests considering using eco-friendly products to remove these drawings. They are far safer and cause no harm to walls, as they consist of natural ingredients.

Protective Coatings

The other option is to paint over these drawings, and while this is tough, it is quick and effective. You can use special paints which can make it difficult for vandals to draw or spray over. You can locate areas that tend to have occurrences of vandalism, and then paint the walls with a special anti-graffiti layer. Most of these coatings repel spray paints, preventing the paint from bonding to the wall.

Some of these include sacrificial coatings, which staff can remove completely once vandalism occurs. There are also semi-sacrificial coatings that offer a semi-reusable capability before needing replacement. And finally, advanced coatings these days do not need replacement or washing at all. They just prevent anyone painting over them using any medium whatsoever.

Administrative officials order anti-graffiti coatings in bulk from suppliers so they can deal with vandalism. It is a global epidemic, but with the rise of these coatings, vandalism will soon be a memory.

Reminding Your Kids of the Beauty of Nature


campingKids these days rely more on technology. You will often see them playing different gaming consoles, and some cannot even leave the house without their gadgets. It is true that the digital world has made life a lot easier for everyone, but isn’t it better to leave the comfort of your home every once in a while? Get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors? Take your kids to a camping site and let them appreciate the beauty of nature. Here are some ways to convince them:

1. Plan the camping trip together

Find an ideal campsite and consider the interests of your children. Don’t forget to put away their phones, tablets, and any other device for leisure. Check out the site for the activities and itinerary. Prepare the meals and pack early. Make sure to double check your list to make sure everything is in order.

2. Try a backyard campout before you go for the first time

Take your kids to the nearest shop when buying a new tent. Teach them how to set it up and try some outdoor cooking. You can start spending a night outdoors in sleeping bags and a tent, and show them a few tricks like how to make a bonfire. Kids will definitely enjoy grilling hotdogs and marshmallows.

3. Experience the outdoors with your children

It is best to help your children eliminate their fears and be familiar with the outdoors. Demonstrate some first aid using medicinal plants and teach them to respect nature. Assign some camp chores like collecting firewood, filling water containers, camp cooking, and sealing in tent stacks. Make it more fun by having a contest for each chore.

4. Help them pack their things

You may need to remind them the things they need to bring like extra clothing, shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and more. Give them a checklist so they won’t forget anything.

Camping is a fun and exciting activity. It is the best way to give them a break from spending too much time with their computer and other devices. Take all necessary precautions while you’re on the road. Before you leave, take some time to find reliable breakdown towing services in case of emergency.

Life is too short to be confined to the limited leisure of a device in your hand. Teach your kids about life by taking them closer to nature and prying their attention away from the excesses of technology.

Restorative Dentistry vs Preventive Dentistry

Fields of Dentistry

Fields of DentistryAny dentist has trained both in restorative and preventive dentistry methods and it is only after completing full courses in both spheres that he obtains his degree and license to practice. Restorative dentistry involves diagnosis and subsequent treatment of any teeth, gum or maxillofacial parts, just like preventive dentistry.

There are certain differences, though, and this compares the two fields together.

Restorative Dentists

Restorative dentists supply his patients with crowns and bridges to cover and conceal chipped and cracked teeth. In addition to this, he also makes dental bridges to hold together more than one dental implant in case of several missing teeth. A restorative dentist will also use fillings to treat cavities, which cause excruciating pain and discomfort to the patient.

Such dentists also use abrasion technology to blast out minor cavities without using needles and anaesthetics. Dental implants made from high quality ceramics and plastics fill in missing natural teeth and for straightening crooked teeth.

Preventive Dentists

Preventive dentistry, explains Dublin-based, is all about general dental and oral healthcare and involves regular check-ups to determine overall dental health. A preventive dentist will advise his patients to maintain healthy and strong teeth with proper oral hygiene, and eating the right food that promotes dental health.

Preventive dentistry also involves the process of scaling to remove stains, tartar, and calculi that accumulate in inter-dental spaces. Scaling uses high-pressure water jets to clean out the tartar and accumulated dirt, generally a painless procedure.

A preventive dentist’s principal job is to prevent oral decay by regularly advising his patients on how to maintain good teeth. These include brushing twice a day and avoiding excessive intake of carbohydrates that generally enhance tooth decay. He will also put in fillings if he suspects that cavities may occur later in the patient’s teeth.

The job of each subtype of dentist is in the name of their discipline: one restores damaged the teeth, while the other tries to prevent such damage. Choose the care of either depending on the level of your need.

Mobile Websites: 5 Design Rules to Live By

mobile friendly site

mobile friendly siteIf market predictions hold true, the world will have around 2.5 billion mobile phone Internet users come 2015. Thanks to the rapid penetration of the smartphone market in both developed and developing countries, the industry continues its massive growth every year.

This large figure compels businesses to make adjustments and hire online marketing services, so as to improve their efforts. One of these many tweaks is to make all websites mobile-friendly. But designing websites this way is more than just making it responsive. Web designers have to follow five rules to ensure the effectiveness and user-friendliness of mobile websites.


Web designers have to understand the context of why the visitor is on the website. Mobile-optimised portals do not have the broad set of functionalities they have on desktop computers. As such, the website should cater to what the audience needs right away.

Ease of Use

Every element of the website must be easy to tap. Think of it in an ergonomic fashion, where everything has to be accessible right away. If there are design elements that are too small for the user’s fingers, it ruins the user experience, which could increase the bounce rate of the website. White space is also important here to provide a breathing room within a 6-inch screen.


Whilst websites typically strive to impress the audience, the case is quite different for mobile portals. The mobile website has to be simple to improve navigation. Everything that appears on the screen should only be the essential ones to have a sleek, streamlined user experience.

Single Column Layout

Phone and tablet screens do not have enough space for a two-column layout. For maximum usability, a mobile optimised website should only have one column.

Social Media Integration

Lastly, the website should have easy-to-find social media buttons. Virtually everyone has a social media account, so these buttons come in handy for users who want to share a site’s content. Not only does this improve the user experience, it also brings traffic to the website.

These five rules are a must for designing any mobile-optimised website and get good leads and maximum conversions.

Traffic Patterns: Altering the Store’s Arrangement for Better Traffic Flow

Store's Arrangement

Store's ArrangementWhen you’re running a retail store, you know there’s only one sure way to boost sales: increase foot traffic. This, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds – at least for some entrepreneurs. Indeed, it’s quite a challenge to pique the interest of a bustling crowd to check out your storefront, but it’s possible.

The thing with some stores is that there’s no natural flow in the design. As such, onlookers see the area as cluttered. This forces them to veer away rather than walk in and take a look around. If this is the case, what you need to do is change up the layout of your store for better traffic flow. Only when you implement these changes will your patron counter reach record numbers.

How do you do that? Check out these tricks:

Create Areas

Have you ever wondered why groceries have their goods in sections? That’s because it makes it easier for shoppers to find what they want to buy. The same should apply to your retail store, too. Even if you have only one line of products – say, shoes – you should still sort it depending on the item’s design style or material. Through this, you pique the interest of your shoppers.

Of course, it would make sense to place some (not all) of your best items in places where passersby can see them. Take the principles of visual merchandising into account when designing your store’s layout.

Design a Path

A boutique layout without a particular flow doesn’t always work. It’s better to create a store layout where a path dictates the flow. This means you have to adjust the positioning of your products accordingly to create one path for all your customers.

Do note that making a path isn’t just about the goods and shelves you place. The lighting can also dictate where the shoppers would go next.

Strike a Balance

There’s a reason balance is an important concept in interior design. You have to create a flow in a way that there’s no traffic buildup near the entrance and there’s enough room for your merchandise to shine. You have to take into account these two factors to improve the store’s overall flow.

With these three techniques, you’ll surely enjoy a better flow in your store. In effect, you’ll also get to enjoy more sales because there are more people who will take a look at your products.