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Fifty is a Big Number

flat roofing

Whenever people buy EPDM flat roofing, one of the biggest sales pitches that they’ll often hear is that the material has a life expectancy of fifty years. Fifty years is a huge number. It might not seem as significant when you read it on paper, but when you think about all the things that happened in the last fifty years, it’s amazing how much time actually goes by.

flat roofing

If you installed an EPDM roof by yourself exactly fifty years ago, that roof sat on top of your home during the the Cold War. The world was also still reeling from the assassination of President Kennedy, and the population of the entire globe was at around 3.2 billion. Fifty years ago was five years before Neil Armstrong took one small step for man. The Internet was still the stuff of dreams, the richest people in the modern world were still working on the very first operating systems in garages, and the Beatles were just about to head across the pond for international success.

Your roof would turn 25 years old before the Berlin Wall fell, and Mp3 players and genetic sequencing came more than a decade after that. Your roof still has twenty years to go, and everything mentioned so far seems like ancient history. Fifty years is a very long time, more time than many people have ever experienced in their own lives.

Wardrobe Essentials: Classic and Essential Jackets for Every Woman

women jackets

Investing in timeless pieces is a good way to have go-to items for any occasion. Women’s jackets are among these many essentials. They’re not only practical to keep warm during the colder season, but they can also work as accents to complement any outfit. Online shops like Cute Fashion Store offers as many styles, cuts, and colors as possible.

women jackets


Common parka or winter jacket styles are waist-length ones or those that stretch down to the knees. They can be dressy, casual, sporty, and even rowdy. Choose the look that best suits your styling needs, and accessorize with a fedora hat and an interesting scarf.


Blazers aren’t only suitable for work, as they can also be worn for fun night outs. They’re versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. Some designs include interesting patterns or even fake fur to draw more attention to the jacket.

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are perhaps the most indispensable essential jacket for women. Not only are they practical, but they can also be paired with anything. For women, wear them with light, floral dresses for an interesting contrast during those cool summer nights, or add a circle scarf and hat for the fall season.

Hair Care Tips

hair straightening

The key to having long and shiny hair is taking good care of it. Beautiful and healthy hair means adopting a daily care routine. Keep yours lock shiny and strong with the following tips:

hair straightening

  • Wash your hair using mild shampoo. How often you wash it, however, depends on what you do during the day. If your hair gets oily quickly, you need to wash it more often. While you can use a conditioner after you wash, it doesn’t make the hair healthier. It can only make your hair look better.
  • Regular haircuts or trims are some of the best ways to keep you hair healthy. A haircut can prevent the ends of your hair from splitting. Cutting or trimming can also help your hair grow better as it’s healthy and not breaking off.
  • If you’re considering any type of treatment like Keratin Hair Straightening or perming, be sure to contact a stylist. Avoid purchasing treatment products and applying it on your own. You need to visit a salon to get proper hair treatment and maintenance.

Taking good care of your hair also means taking care of yourself. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep are all beneficial in having a crown you can be proud of.

Tips for a Fun Car Trip

wireless speaker

Be it with friends or with family, there are many ways to enjoy long car trips. Fight travel boredom with these ideas to avoid asking “Are we there yet?” every now and then.

Think comfort

Before the trip starts, make sure that you’re comfortable in the car. Bring pillows in the car and a light fleece blanket just in case you feel cold. Wear comfy clothes and avoid covering yourself with layers of clothes. When the engine roars to life, you should feel like you’re at home, lounging and killing time. It’ll be a lot easier to fall asleep during the trip if you’re comfortable.

Keep yourself busy

This is almost always a necessity; to bring something that will keep you busy while you’re on the road. You can bring quality wireless Bluetooth speakers along with your iPod to have some music. Your handheld gaming device also comes in handy during these times. It wouldn’t hurt to play games on your smartphone, but conserve your battery.

Bring food and refreshments

You’ll have a shorter travel time when you have food and refreshments in the car during the trip. When you have light snacks and a few beverages on the way, you eliminate the need to stop at gas stations and supermarkets again and again.

Follow these tips for a more enjoyable long drive.

Fit for Business: How an Office Fit Out Can Help Your Business

office fitout

The interior design and layout of your office have a huge effect on your business. They speak volume on your work philosophy, operations, and goals. So it’s important to choose a design that strongly reflects your business. With an impressive layout, you can turn visitors to future clients.

office fitout

The process is not just about moving things around or repainting walls, though. You need to have a fitout to maximise the potential of your office. Take a look at the following things you can do just by employing a Perth office fitout service provider:

Identify brand identity

Brand identity or image is important to any business. This helps identify goals and allows your target market to know more about your brand. An office fitout can serve as a platform to build on your brand image. Use design themes that mirror your brand.

Motivate the employee

Changing things around the office brings benefits to your employees, as well. A new working environment can boost their morale, which in turn improves their productivity rate.

Save office space

With a Perth office fit out service, you can save precious office space. Optimise your office areaand avoid wasting room. A reliable fitout company can help you achieve this.

Upgrade your office assets

An office fit out is the best time to upgrade your office items. Do away with old machines and invest in new and better options.

Your office should reflect your business. You can look for more information on the benefits of an office fit out by browsing websites.

Boosting Your Internet Speed the Easy Way

ethernet router

In the modern day world of high-speed internet, slow connections are still unfortunately a reality for some. Many people think that the faultlies with the broadband provider, but sometimes it could be due to your computer.

An advanced Ethernet router and super-fast Internet connection are great utilities, but they often need support. A computer can only run perfectly most of the time.

ethernet router

Here are some tools that may help boost your internet connection speed and computer performance.

Regular Maintenance

Your slow connection might be a sign that your computer’s infected with a virus or other hindering applications. A quick virus and malware scan as well a disk defragmentation can often boost the speed considerably. Your Ethernet router and broadband may not always be the problem, as an infected computer won’t perform as it should either way.

Delete Cache and Temporary Files

A cache stores pages and sites you’ve been to before to save you time when loading. Temporary files and cache can hinder computer performance if left unchanged for a significant period of time. Most browsers allow you to clear cache and internet history (same concept) within their standard toolsets. We recommend you carry this out as routine ‘maintenance,’ to keep your pc performing properly.

Close Programs Properly

Several apps and programs might be consuming your bandwidth without you even realizing it. Media player pop-ups, chat applications, Windows updates, several browser tabs, and such can all be bogging down your network. Close programs that are not in use and you can speed things up considerably.

Whether you’re in the office, at home, school, or even on the road, slow internet can be a real bugbear. We recommend you regularly follow these tips to keep your connection and computers running consistently.

Go on Patrol: The Secret of a Successful Security Officer

security guard

If you want a career in the security industry, you need to pass a licensing program. To earn a security licence in QLD, a successful completion of Certificate II in Security Operations is a must.

security guard

Certificate II in Security Operations is the minimum Queensland Government requirement to obtain a Security Officer Endorsement and licence. Upon completion of this program, you become eligible to apply to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading for an unrestricted Security Officer Licence.

Once you’ve earned your Security Guard licence in QLD, keep in mind that like any other career, the training never stops. Here are two tips on becoming a better security officer:

Review all Your Course Manuals

Refreshing your knowledge might be the last thing on your mind. All too often, you learn enough for the exam and then forget about it after a week or two. For this reason, you need to review all your study manuals to keep everything you learned in mind.

Learn Self Defence Techniques

One of the most important aspects of being a security officer is to adhere to a high standard of self-defence. Stay fit and exercise every day and practice self-defence with a colleague. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Keep in mind that the initial security training and the subsequent licence are only the first step. To be successful in your career path, make sure to prepare yourself by studying everything you learned, whilst developing new techniques.