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Ways to Make Children’s Winter Break Bearable and Fun

Winter with Kids

Winter with Kids

Cookies and shopping are not the only things that children enjoy the most during the holidays. They’re also looking forward to their school break! In the UK, it can last for two weeks, starting on December 24. For parents, it means one thing: they’ll be spending more time at home. How do you prepare for it? Here are four ideas:

1. Schedule Home Cleaning

Dust mites, cockroaches, and other allergens are lurking around your house. They can increase your children’s risk of allergies. Besides, when they’re around, you’re less likely to have the time to grab the vacuum.

Schedule a thorough home cleaning by professionals. You can call for upholstery cleaning services in Bromley. Remember that your children might spend a lot of time on your sofa. They’ll watch television, eat food, or take a nap there.

The cleaning method can include deep-steam cleaning to lift hard stains and kill off bacteria. It can also involve a quick-dry system, as too much moisture can increase the likelihood of mold and mildew.

2. Start Prepping the Meals

Parents feeding child

Do you know that kids and teens have to eat at least every three hours? Yup, that’s a lot of eating in a day, especially if you have multiple children. You can save yourself from the hassle by cooking their food now. Online, you can find dozens of freezer food recipes that are good for a month. All you need to do is to reheat or put them in the slow cooker. Do your kids love cookies? Bake them now, put them in the fridge, and they’ll remain delicious for the next three weeks.

Prepping meals can also help your children eat better. In the UK, one out of six teens tends to eat fast food twice in a day! Let them quit the habit by giving them healthy food whenever they need one.

3. Schedule Outdoor Activities

Remember what they say: idle minds are the devil’s playground. The less your children are doing nothing, the more likely they become naughty. You can avoid that by taking them out once in a while. In the UK, you’ll never run out of winter activities to do. If you’re in London, you can head to the Somerset House for ice skating. Are you still looking for gifts? Try the Leadenhall Christmas Markets. It’s indoors, so you can keep yourselves warm and dry.

Of course, you can keep up with UK tradition by going to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. It’s now open, so make sure you can buy the tickets as soon as possible.

4. Take a Leave

Your children might be on a school break, but you’re not. To make sure that you can take some family time, file your work leave as soon as you can. Depending on your office policy, your notice should be twice as long as your intended leave. For instance, if you want a week off, inform your company at least two weeks before your schedule.

It’s essential to remember that your employer can turn down your request for a lot of reasons. Filing it early, though, can increase the chance of approval. It gives companies enough time to plan once you’re not around.

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when kids are around for a winter break. Planning can save you from a massive headache and help you enjoy the season as a family.

Sensitive Teeth – Causes and Actions

Man suffering with toothacheMany people suffer with sensitive teeth but fail to do anything about it, assuming it’s just something they have to put up with. This is a mistake though – anyone who has trouble with sensitive teeth should visit a dentist in Sydney CBD to make sure it doesn’t signal a more serious problem.

Any good dentist in Sydney CBD will be able to help with sensitive teeth. Practices such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD are able to deal with all types of dental problems and will give a thorough examination to identify the cause of the problem and determine the best course of treatment.

Symptoms of sensitive teeth

Woman having a dental checkupAnyone who gets a twinge of pain or discomfort from their teeth when eating or drinking something particularly hot or cold has sensitive teeth. Some people also have a reaction to very sweet or sour foods. If teeth are very sensitive, even cold air can affect them.

Causes of sensitive teeth

There are a number of toothpastes available that claim to stop tooth sensitivity, and these can help, but a much better solution is to visit a dentist in Sydney CBD to find out the root cause of the problem and treat it properly.

The hard enamel on the outside of the teeth is what stops the nerves from being exposed and causing pain. Sensitive teeth could be a sign that the enamel has worn away. Believe it or not, this can be caused by brushing the teeth too hard. A softer brush and gentler motion may actually be better for the teeth. Ask a hygienist or dentist in Sydney CBD for advice on brushing techniques.

Acidic foods and drinks can be hard on tooth enamel – the acid attacks the enamel, breaking it down and wearing it away. Fizzy drinks, sticky sweets and high-sugar carbohydrates are all high in acid and bad for the teeth.

Treatment for sensitive teeth

A dentist in Sydney CBD will determine the best treatment after examining the teeth. This may be recommending a particular toothpaste, or filling a tooth to cover exposed nerves. There are a number of treatments available, and the dentist will advise the best one depending on the state of the teeth.

A Quick Lesson on Different Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamond being picked up carefully

Diamond being picked up carefullyDiamonds don’t fade nor tarnish. They are in fact, one of the few precious stone that could maintain its sparkle even after years of wearing them. This is probably the reason why people relate diamond to expressing love for someone.

It is in fact the most preferred stone when people decide to propose to their special someone. While the diamond’s shine is truly remarkable, there are quite a few more things you need to learn. This is necessary especially if you happen to look for diamond ring to wow and propose to your lover.

Among those things is identifying the right cut for the piece you have in mind. This is why to give you an overview on this topic, Finecraft Jewellery cites below some of the most widely known diamond cuts.

Round or Brilliant Cut

This is among the most popular shape style of diamond. You’ll probably be surprised to know majority of people who order diamond engagement rings in Hatton Garden request for this cut on their jewellery.

This is all due to the fact that it offers timeless sparkle and classic beauty, the one the you’ll enjoy if you want something traditional yet sophisticated.

Princess Cut

A variety of diamond ringsThis is a diamond cut which features square top with four beveled sides. You could say that it falls under the modern cut category because of its edges and the upside-down pyramid shape it forms.

For this one, you’ll enjoy more unique and intense sparkle. However, it has a chunkier built if you compare it to round or brilliant cut.

Cushion Cut

Sometimes called as pillow-cut, the cushion-cut has somewhat adapted the four edges of princess cut and rounded finish of the brilliant cut. Although it has softer and simpler design, cushion cut can fit right through to any ring setting.

Pear Cut

Shaped like that of tear (but of joy, of course), the pear offers a more elongated look. It is considered one of the most unusual style of diamond.

This is why it’s the perfect choice for people who prefer something unconventional and have a bolder taste on jewellery. It provides great shine and sparkle although not as much facets as the brilliant cut.

The next time you decide to shop for a diamond ring, be sure you know the difference between each style. This helps you identify which ring would sparkle the most as you or your loved one wear them.

Is It Time to Change the Way You Care for Your Hair?

Hairdresser washing client's hair

Hairdresser washing client's hair

If you haven’t been turning heads lately, it may be a sign that your hair isn’t giving you the glory you deserve. One of the reasons may be that your hair needs to ‘take a break’ from an intense haircare regimen.

Wash Your Hair According to Your Hair Type

The path to beautiful hair, as haircare brand Kerluxe points out, is with a cleanse, hydrate, treat and protect ritual. You have to start with cleansing. But what is the right way to wash your hair? For starters, you need to know your hair type. Just as there are different types of shampoos for different types of hair, so will there be different approaches to washing varying hair types.

  • Straight hair: It’s best to wash straight hair with a sulfate-free shampoo to steer clear from oiliness or greasiness. You can opt to wash your hair once every two to three days.
  • Wavy hair: Chances are you’re stuck between washing your hair too often — which can dry it out — and not washing it as much — which can increase hair fall. The middle ground is to wash it every three to four days to keep your wavy locks healthy and clean.
  • Curly hair: You should go for a mild-sulfate free shampoo. This will help preserve the oils in your hair. The best frequency for your curly locks would be washing them twice a week. This should help prevent your curls from becoming dry and damaged.

Keep in mind that over-washing can be damaging for your hair because shampoo strips away the natural oils and proteins needed to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Your hair, after all, deserves the right kind of care.

Keep Your Hair Healthy and Protected

Woman with a shiny and straight hair

If you’re washing your hair right, it’s time to make sure that you’re treating it right. It’s about time you gave your hair the attention it deserves. You can try several practises for a better haircare routine.

For one, you may want to exfoliate every week. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells that still linger on your scalp between washes. With scrubs and peels specifically for the scalp, you can speed up cell turnover to help manage breakouts at your hairline and flakiness at your roots.

Simply massage the scrubs from your hairline to the nape of your neck. Once or twice a week should be sufficient for your hair.

Another thing that you might want to add to your hair regimen is serum or oil. Serums and oils are essential in making your hair smoother, shinier or bouncier. With these substances, you can smooth frizz and add shine to your hair without making it look greasy. The ingredients you traditionally find in face oils, like grape-seed and sunflower, often make the lightest hair oils.

If you think your haircare routine isn’t giving you the results you want, try a new approach to your regimen. When you rethink your routine, you can bring back the glory of your hair.

Furever Home: Dealing with Adopted Dogs with Different Personalities

Dog having a treat

Dog having a treat“Adopt, don’t shop,” say animal rights activists.

Animal rights advocates argue that many pet stores support puppy mills, where the dogs are often mistreated and overbred. Other commercial dog breeders leave unsold dogs in shelters or even on roadsides.

Some dogs end up being in shelters because their previous owners cannot take care of them anymore, or think these dogs are more of a liability than a source of pleasure to the family – aggressive, sickly, or senior dogs, for example.

If you have just adopted a dog from a shelter for the first time, you have to assess carefully how you should treat them or act around them. Dogs from shelters are often victims of unfortunate circumstances and may require unique treatment and approach.

Aggressive Behavior

“Dog aggression can be a result of many different causes including environmental stimulants, history of abuse, fear or a handler unintentionally reinforcing this behavior,” says

aggressive dog barkingAdopting a dog with a tendency for aggression should not mean putting your or your family’s safety at risk. When dealing with an aggressive dog, you should not blame the breed. Instead, understand the dog’s history and what caused this behavior. Perhaps the dog used to need to defend its territory, so it doesn’t easily trust anyone.

If you are not sure how to deal with it at first, you can try sending it to a dog training school. At home, make sure you don’t trigger the dog’s aggression. For instance, if the dog is protective of its food, you should isolate it when eating. Don’t attempt to go near it until such time when your dog is fully comfortable and trained.

Fearful Behavior

Fearful dogs may have developed this attitude because of the abuses they experienced in the past. It can be difficult to handle fearful dogs because they tend to hide from you and, at times, become aggressive. You shouldn’t give up; be patient, instead.

You should gradually socialize your dog with people and other dogs, but be there to reassure and comfort it when it starts to show signs of fear. Give it time to adjust to the new environment as it’s not fair to expect it to be friendly instantly. It may take time, but with your help, your dog will show its true personality.

Hyperactive Behavior

There are times when adopted dogs are beyond grateful to their new fur-parents. They might show it by constantly seeking attention and being hyperactive, which can cause problems. Their high energy levels may drive them to run around, chew on furniture, or jump at people.

Hyperactivity, though, can be a behavior problem as well, which you should immediately address. What you can do is find alternative channels your dog can use as an energy outlet, such as regular exercise or walks in the park. Some breeds are naturally energetic, like border collies and golden retrievers, but training and meeting their activity needs can help you manage them better.

When you adopted a dog from the shelter, you were probably made aware of the dog’s unique needs and behaviors. The situation can be challenging at first, but with patience and training, you can help your dog adjust to its new environment and make it feel home.

Make the Move: 3 Steps for an Easy Transition from House to Condo

Man moving sofa

Moving to a new space is overwhelming, but it’s more so when you’re taking a leap from a house to a condo. It’s a big change in terms of using space, managing finances, and keeping up with responsibilities. To help you prepare for this big transition, here are some steps to take:

1. Reduce your stuff

Man moving sofa

In most instances, you’ll have a considerably lesser space in your condo compared to your house. This means it’s impossible to take the same stuff from your previous home to your new place — unless you want your condo to be jam-packed.

The sensible thing to do is to declutter, and this is where most Filipinos hit a wall as they find every little thing sentimental. It’s hard for them to let go of certain things — it could be a souvenir they got when they traveled overseas, a cute packaging of a product they don’t usually buy, or a memorabilia of someone who they admired.

The rule of thumb here is if something doesn’t have that much monetary value, and you can remember the event attached to that item, it’s okay to dispose of it. Doing that doesn’t always mean throwing things to the trash, though. It could also mean giving a few items away to relatives, holding an online auction (for collector’s items), holding a garage sale, or donating to charity.

2. Know your responsibilities

Your new place will bring new duties, along with rights as a condo owner. For instance, you enjoy the right to safe and clean outdoor spaces. In your big house, you do the yard work to maintain curb appeal and whatnot, but now that you’re living in a condo, the property’s personnel does all that task. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely free from such responsibilities, though. You need to comply with the rules set by the management and homeowners’ association, particularly of using the outdoor spaces, to promote safety and cleanliness and to respect other residents’ rights to use the condo’s facilities.

If big, open spaces should be part of your non-negotiable list, you may want to look into getting a condo for sale in Quezon City. Most of the developments in these locations feature sprawling green spaces compared to those located in the business districts.

3. Consider your finances

Woman counting money

Aside from organizing your stuff, you should also arrange your finances. Some people who have long been living in their houses fail to consider condo-related fees, like parking, realty tax on common spaces, and membership (as some condo providers charge this separately for the full use of amenities).

Make sure to set up a budget that includes the cost of buying and maintaining a condo, along with your monthly income and savings. To do that, add all the possible expenses you could have plus an allowance in case an emergency happens. That will be your monthly payment. Now, for you to make sure that you have enough and that you will not spend them somewhere else, set aside some money for those fees as soon as possible.

The transition from a house to a condo can be nerve-racking. But, you can manage the stress well by planning and applying these strategies.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Garments

Garment Wholesales

Garment WholesalesWhether you are an owner of a shirt printing business or you run a small apparel shop, buying wholesale blank apparel is one of the best ways to increase your income. Find out why most owners of this type of business are taking advantage of buying blank apparel in bulk:

More Options

Are you looking for plain t-shirts or hoodies? Are you planning a summer promotion or have giveaways that can be worn during winter? More often, garment manufacturers have many different stocks that will suit your needs. You will be surprised to know how huge the selection of garments can be.

Lower Price

For experienced business owners, timing is important when getting better deals. Have you seen hoodies being sold during summer? The same holds true for wholesalers; off-season products are offered at a lower price, even lower when bought in bulk. Some manufacturers and suppliers even offer free shipping.

In addition, warehouse clearance sale offers extremely low prices. You might think the apparel may not be ‘in’ next year. But remember that overall shirt styles do not drastically change a lot; sometimes only the colour is different. That said, buying apparel in a clearance sale gives you more time to prepare for the peak season.

Ready for the Peak Season

With a complete pile of inventory, you can be ready for the influx of customers come peak season. Whether you are selling hoodies and sweatshirts during winter or sleeveless shirts during summer, you do not need to rush around looking for garment manufacturers who can meet your needs. Always remember that these items are always on offer on a standard price during the peak season, some even higher if rush order.

Printing custom designs for t-shirts or selling your own designs is a very rewarding business. By investing in quality materials especially during the off-peak season, the return on your investment will be more fruitful and fulfilling.

Collecting and Storing Rainwater for Dry Spells

White rainwater tank in the backyard

White rainwater tank in the backyardAustralia is facing a water crisis. An ever-growing demand and a dry climate have caused the nation’s water supply to go down to a very dangerous level. Australia has imposed strict regulations on water consumption. Watering your plants, washing your car or even cleaning your home’s windows now come under the purview of the government.

Making Use of the Rain

Australia is the driest continent on the planet, making rainwater extremely precious. One of the best ways to maximise this resource is through a rainwater tank. This type of specialised container allows you to store, preserve and use rainwater. Pipes connect the tank to gutters on your roof and once it rains, the water flows from the gutters to the pipes and into the tank.

Rain Is Free

Other than your one-time investment in your rainwater tank, everything is free. You can start storing water once it rains and this water comes at no cost, taxes, or restrictions. You might not be able to drink it, especially if you live in the city, but you can use it in practically everything else. You will not need to let your plants die, limit washing your car to once a month or let dust and grime accumulate in your windows; you can use rainwater without getting fined.

Water is Essential

Whilst most people have regular access to municipal water, some in the rural regions do not. In these areas, it is important to have a reliable source of water. A rainwater tank can reduce the need to buy water as well as the accompanying need to transport the water. You can even use a rainwater tank to fill your existing small water tanks at home, if there is sufficient rain.

The climate and regulations in Australia have made rainwater tanks a necessity in most households. Homeowners should do their part in conserving the natural resources and finding alternative ways to collect water, such as installing rainwater tanks.

Guidelines on Choosing the Right Shears for Your Hairdressing Technique

Professional hairdresser tools

Professional hairdresser toolsHairdressing is an art that requires the right tools and expertise. Though most hairdressers possess the right skills, only a few have the appropriate tools. The most vital tool in hairdressing is your pair of hairdressing shears. Matching your shears with your hairdressing technique is important to achieve a perfect haircut.

It might seem economically impossible to get a pair of shears for every hairdressing technique you might use. It is, however, inexpensive to get the vital shears for your salon by getting a professional hairdressing scissor set.

The following guidelines could help you out:

Texturising, Blending or Thinning

The ideal shears for texturising, thinning or blending your clients’ hair are those whose teeth run along their blades. The right pair of shears will achieve your desired results with minimal damage to hair. Choose scissors with small teeth for hair thinning and large ones for texturising and blending.

Shear Over Comb and Cutting on Skin Techniques

The ideal option for shear over comb and cutting on skin hairdressing techniques are the ones with rotating thumb handles. These allow you to navigate various aspects involved in these hairdressing techniques without having to raise your elbows. Rotating thumb handle scissors will guarantee optimal results and minimise fatigue.

Dry Fine Cutting

Fine-tuning your haircut generally involves a dry slide cutting technique. The perfect tool for this task is dry slide cutting shears. These shears have a design that enables hair cutting with minimal cuticle damage. They will also remove more hair with every cut should you close them rapidly.

Most professional hairdressing scissor sets include the above shears, along with combs and cleaning cloths. Rather than settle for renowned brands, opt for a reputable manufacturer of high-quality yet affordable shears. Now, you can even order these online and have them delivered to your salon to minimise the time wasted in window shopping.

The Unexpected Benefits of Buying a New House

Buying a New HouseBuying a home is one of life’s major decisions and buying one that is newly constructed is perhaps the best investment you can make for yourself. Here, we have some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you buy a brand new home.

More Efficient

If you’re big on energy savings and a fan of green living, you’re going to benefit hugely from living in a new home. These new homes in Kansas City, for example, are designed and built with efficiency and today’s lifestyle needs in mind. The spaces are designed in a more logical and practical way. The structures are built with energy-efficient materials, there are more outlets, more windows for natural light to come in, and some even fit the home out with energy efficient appliances, too.

More Holistic Environment

Today’s builders and developers create better recreational spaces and top class amenities. These places are designed with today’s healthy and active lifestyle in mind, as well as the basic things that people need and do on a day-to-day basis. Aside from parks, swimming pools, and a tennis or basketball court, newer community developments have more facilities for sports and leisure, as well as for fitness and health. There are bike paths, jogging trails, meditation parks, fitness centers, and even stores that sell organic, vegan, and other healthier food options.

First Owner Experience

Perhaps the most rewarding thing of all: Buying a new house gives you the privilege of being the first to enjoy the house and everything else that comes with it. These include the opportunity to set a maintenance plan in place, control over the interior design, and even the landscaping.

Owning a new home has many benefits and advantages. If you’re in the process of buying a house, you might want to consider buying a new one so you can enjoy all these and its many other benefits.