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3 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney


AttorneyAll too often, the innocent go to prison and receive harsher punishments than the guilty. When you are facing criminal charges, your freedom is important. Finding a competent lawyer is also important, so you can defend that freedom.

You may feel like you don’t have enough time to go around, but of course, you cannot afford not to. To make things easier and to make sure you’re hiring someone competent, here are some questions to ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney:

“How Long Have You Been Practicing Criminal Law?”

Your freedom and your future are too important to hand over to an attorney who does not have enough experience in criminal law. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s research, it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to actually become an expert. That means you need to find a lawyer who has been practicing for at least 10 years.

“What Would Be Your Strategy for My Case?”

When you go on a meeting with a prospective defense attorney, you need to know their plans for you and your case. They should at least provide you with a short overview of how they will handle the case. They should also tell you what is to come, as well as what you should expect.

“Have You Won a Breath Test Case Before?”

If you are facing an OUI case, you need to know if the attorney has won a breath test case before. This type of case is highly technical, and is difficult to win with an accurate breath analyzer.

You need an attorney who can work around the evidence. For example, the Law Office of William T. Bly, found a way around a specific case. The client had a Hit and Run case with .289 Breathalyzer Report backing it up. The lawyer analyzed the client’s medical records and found out that he was diagnosed with Hyperglycemia 6 days before the incident. The jury then dismissed the hit and run case and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. The client absolutely had no jail time.

Hiring an attorney is a critical decision, and asking these questions can make all the difference.

Worried About Storing Your Boat? Here’s What You Should Do

boat storage

boat storageBoats must be stored properly, especially throughout the long winter months. Otherwise, they are likely to show signs of damage once you bring them back into the water next summer. If you are worried about storing it properly, let this simple guide help you.

Where You Can Store Your Boat

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • In your yard or driveway – For this, you will need to buy a trailer. This method is the most affordable.
  • In a storage facility – This would be a safer and more secure method of boat storage. In addition, you can save space and get rid of unsightly stuff around your house.
  • At a boatyard – This is a specialized boat storage area which offers closed protection to the boat. Normally, boatyards also offer maintenance services.
  • At a marina – This would be the most convenient, as the boat remains in the water and always ready to be launched. This would be your best bet for a large vessel. But, this is also the priciest choice.
Preparing Your Boat for Storage

Before you store the boat at any one of these places, you must winterize it for storage. This involves the following:

  • Cleaning the hull and applying a coat of wax to prevent cracks
  • Filling up the engine with fuel and adding fuel stabilizer
  • Checking the connections of the engine
  • Cleaning up any oil spills
  • Emptying the boat of all personal belongings
  • Using anti-freeze on fittings
  • Removing the battery if the boat is being stored out of water
Call the Professionals

Boat storing can be a time-consuming process. It also requires expertise. So, it would be better to call professionals to have your boat winterized and maintained before it is stored for a long time. By doing this, the de-winterization and re-launching of the boat would become easier next year.

Heliskiing is the Limit: Skiing vs Heliskiing


Ski enthusiasts obviously have some experience at resort skiing, and one of the more popular ones today is heliskiing. This is a type of skiing where a skier can access a suitable downhill slope using a helicopter, instead of the traditional ski lift.

SkiingHere,a helicopter will take you to the top of the hill in a matter of minutes. This does away with the slow, cold rides in lift. The ascent in the helicopter affords you a spectacular view and most trip advisors suggest this as a great way to kick start your skiing adventure.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge clarifies that you do not need to jump out and start skiing right away when you get to the top of the slope. Once you land there, you can get down calmly while the guide unloads your equipment. Then you begin your adventure.

Fresh, Powdery Snow

The thrill comes from the fresh, powdery snow that you encounter in a given area, and as the place is larger than normal, each skier can enjoy long runs.The places that provide this kind of adventure usually have a single skier for many acres of snow.

While heliskiing sounds like a luxury, as you will have an entire field to yourself, it doesn’t mean that the resort is devoid of help or emergency personnel. Guides litter the area on the ground and on the air, who have training in risk management and who could judge the snow conditions. These people can help you out in a pinch.

Pick an Appropriate Skill Level

For novices, they can choose shorter runs, but for experienced skiers you can instead book the weekly packages, allowing you to ski everyday of the week. Ski resorts are safer and user-friendly these days, though, so even an intermediate skier can jump in without much trouble. Still, the snow in heliskiing areas are different in consistency to the trodden snow in most resorts, so this takes a little adjustment.

Heliskiing is a more advanced – and arguably a more extreme – version of skiing. Most are solo endeavors, though, and it requires an advanced skill-set in skiing.

Family Dentists and Cosmetic Dentists


invisalignA family or a general dentist in Murdoch, offers many services. These professionals provide general dentistry procedures to both children and adults. On the other hand, cosmetic dentists try to ensure that the patient’s teeth are straight and beautiful.

Find out more about family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry below.

• Overlapping of services

Whilst a general dental practitioner already offers a certain amount of cosmetic treatments in the course of treatments, only cosmetic dentists offer more complex cosmetic treatments. Family dentists may perform root canal treatments, tooth repair, general cleaning and tooth extractions. These dentists may provide some treatments that are cosmetic in nature, which include teeth whitening procedures, dental implants, crowns and dental bonding.
Some may note that family dentists tend to focus on providing relief from pain and fixing a patient’s common dental problem.

• Cosmetic dentistry’s focus

Cosmetic dentists make sure that their patients gain the smile they have always wanted. After all, a person’s confidence is affected once they have less than white teeth. Booragoon Dental Clinic explained that cosmetic dentists provide the following treatments:

1. Invisalign – Clear and removable aligners to straighten teeth. These are changed every two weeks.
2. Dental Implants – Dental technique to replace one or several missing teeth. These are firmly secured in the jaws with the use of titanium screws.
3. Veneers – These are thin porcelain shells that resemble natural teeth. These are useful for treating chipped or misshapen teeth or gaps.
4. Inlays/Onlays – Inlays are used for damaged molars, whilst onlays are for the damaged outer cusps.

Both general practitioners and cosmetic dentists now rely on technology to make sure that they provide the dental care their patients need. Consult your dentist to find out which treatment is best for your dental situation. What’s important is to attend to your oral concerns right away by visiting a dentist near you.

Starting a Motel, From the Ground Up


hotelIt matters little whether you are new in the industry or have worked in motels and hotels before. To make considerable money in a short span of time, then starting a motel business is a good route to take.

Resort Brokers Australia compiled the following tips to make your venture a success:

  1. Look in the right places.

There are actually two ways to find hotels for sale. Either you can look for a broker who can match you up with hotels within your budget, or you can check out online platforms that list down properties and businesses. Keep in mind that selling of hotels and motels can come in three different models – the freehold going concern, the leased hold, and the investment model.

  1. Know what to ask the owner.

Some of the things to look into are the terms of payment, the price of the hotel, the financial standing of the business for the past five years, and the actual documentation. Most properties sell at a fixed price, but there is nothing stopping you from negotiating for a better point.

Some of the things that you can use as leverage to this end include the kind of repair you need to do, the existing market value of other hotel business in the area, and the neighbourhood where the hotel sits. Once you have all the needed documents, make sure you run them with your lawyer as well as your accountant.

  1. Don’t lose focus.

This is especially true if it is your first time to run a business, let alone a hotel. As opposed to an8-to-5 job, running a hotel business means you have to stay a longer period, at least during its first year of operation, to oversee things. This also helps your staff get on with their job.

Buying a hotel is tricky, surpassed only by the complexities of selling one. Know the pertinent questions to find the right answers, as this sets you up for the right kind of negotiations.

Around Shanghai in 48 Hours

Experience Shanghai

Experience ShanghaiTour operators have many packages that meet different holiday needs. These are structured to suit all budgets and interests. Some of these packages are for a specific number of days and nights. They clearly state what the package includes. In some unique cases an extension of one night or day is allowed.

• The most modern city of China

There are also shorter tours covering compact areas or particular cities only. There are 48-hour Shanghai tours that are popular as they are both short and affordable. Some of these quick tours are complete with airport pickup and drop-off. If you take this tour, you can get to see the modern and technologically advanced front of the great country.

• Suitable for everyone

Since this tour includes a visit to the historical museum, a stroll along the Huangpu River and a view of the modern architectural marvels in the city, it is suitable for everyone. You can leisurely stroll and soak in the cultural atmosphere. Alternatively, you can go sightseeing and shop for memorabilia in the various retail outlets. You can also customize some of these packages to include special itineraries.

• A regular tour

You are picked up at the airport and lodged in a hotel as per the itinerary. Some packages include your flight tickets but most of them do not. You visit the western side of the Huangpu River and the classic water bund. This tells you about the city’s grand old days. The landmark clock, the customs house, the banks and the Peace hotel are some attractions here.

On the second day you will cover the lakes, pavilions, bridges and gardens. You can also stroll down the old streets and shop for various articles of your choice. The Yu garden, the Town God Temple and the Jinmao Tower should not be missed. You can get a bird’s eye view of the city from atop this tower.

Certain meals, a private coach for transfers, an English speaking guide and entrance fees are all part of the package.

Steel Tubes vs Pipes: An Introduction

Steel Tubes vs Pipes

Steel Tubes vs PipesA tube is a hollow, elongated structure that has several structural and other applications. The shape could be rectangular, round or a square, or any other unique requirement for specific functions, although most tubes are circular.

To determine the dimensions of the tube, especially steel, for various construction-related functions, Service Steel engineers use a steel tubing calculator.

Pipes vs Tubes

When we say one-inch round tube, we mean that the outside diameter is one inch in size. But, when we say a one-inch round pipe, we mean that the inside diameter is one inch. There is a reason for this difference. The external parts are vital for tubes in structures and other functions, whereas the internal part is important in pipes, to carry fluids and liquids.

Types of Tubes

These are two types of tubes: welded and seamless. Welded tubes begin their lives as a flat strip, while the seamless ones come from a cast, which the steel fabricator then rolls to form a tube.

To roll a seamless tube into its final shape, metalworkers use a sharp tool and two rollers. A roughly shaped tube forms from these three instruments, after which an elongator tackles it. Here, three rollers further help the tube gain its final wall thickness, outside diameter (for rounds), and shape.

On the other hand, welded ones are cold- or hot-rolled material. Fabricators then manufacture them as coils. Depending on need, sometimes they process these coils to improve the finish and remove unwanted scaling.

Welding employs many methods, including butt-welding. Finally, the tube goes through semicircular rollers to give it its required final shape and dimensions.

Now that you know some facts about the manufacture of these products, you may realize that depending on the application, you must pick a suitable tube or pipe.

What a Bride Wants: Hair and Make-Up

bridal hairstyle

bridal hairstyleEvery woman is anxious to look near perfect on the day of her marriage. They want their makeup and hairdo to last through the ceremony and the reception if possible. For that, never fear: if you are a bride, many artists can help you on your wedding day.

What you need to remember though is that you should not rush into anything you are not comfortable with. Be your natural self, only a little more beautiful, brighter and smarter.

To prepare for the big day, Circles of Subiaco recommends getting into a skin and hair care regimen at least four weeks before the big day. This should include using a good moisturizer, sunscreen and under eye cream. This will give you a natural glow that is hard to miss.

Remember the following:

  • Locate a knowledgeable professional spice up your beauty, and who can put you at the centre of attraction throughout the day. In general, choose a stylist who will work on your strengths and intensify your natural beauty.
  • They should have high quality products and the tools needed for the job. Ensure that the products they use are moisture- and tear-resistant.
  • These experts can do wonders with your tresses. They can give you a style that will complement the shape of your face. You can tell them in advance if you want a simple style or a more complex hairdo.
  • These professionals will account for your personality, gown, jewellery and the theme of the marriage before they begin their work. They can even give you trial sessions beforehand, if you are too nervous about the outcome.
  • You can tell them if you want a glossy look or a more subdued classy look. Finally, use a high quality finishing spray, to make sure that the look lasts for many hours.
  • Prepare to have touch-ups done just in case something does smudge up. Have a small cosmetic kit handy with essentials. This should include blotting papers, a concealer, a compact, an eyeliner, lip gloss and liner, and lip colour.

Finding a professional is easy if you consult friends and family. You can also find a number of such experts online, who can help you look awesome on your big day. Being beautiful, however, is not merely how you style your hair and how you primp your face, but in the inner glow of joy.

Accessories for Your Ride are just a Few Clicks Away

Car customization

Car customizationCar customization used to be quite a hassle to do because of the lack of choices when it came to accessories and other items. It used to be that you could only get items directly from the manufacturer, like Ford, but that is no longer the case today.

Other than the numerous choices when it comes to shops that provide detailing services, there are now also many online stores that offer all sorts of automobile parts. You can log on to the website and place orders for whichever product you want. You can also have them delivered to any address of your choice along their warranty cards.

A Guide to Shopping for Parts Online

• Exhaust your efforts and look for a reliable website for assurance that you will get genuine Ford parts and accessories. Even if you are not particular about brands, make sure that the business you are working with does not carry and supply items that will only harm your vehicle.
• There are some pointers that will help you determine if the website is a reputed one or not. If in doubt, choose the ‘payment on open delivery’ option, if it is available. This implies that you can take the delivery, open the parcel, and check the contents before you make a full payment. This type of delivery option might be expensive, but it will prove worthy in the long run.
• Apart from heavy car parts, you can also get original seat covers and other interior accessories and items for your vehicle. You can browse online for these products and choose from the wide variety of designs offered.
• This saves you the trouble of going in search of upholstery for your car from shop to shop.

Shopping online for car parts is an efficient way to get all your requirements. You can shortlist the products, compare prices, and make an order without leaving the comfort of home. This option is safe, saves you time and money, and also helps you get original branded parts for your car.

Skincare Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

Skincare Mistakes

Skincare MistakesEveryone has a skincare routine, whether it is a thorough face wash before going to bed or getting a facial once a month. For those who live in humid places like Singapore, proper skincare is a must to avoid premature signs of aging.

Some, however, put their skin health at risk without realising it. There are many who do not realise that they are causing further harm to the skin. This can lead to bad skin health and other complications. Here are some of the skincare mistakes you need to stop making to avoid problems:

Failing to Remove Your Makeup

It is normal to forget washing your makeup off, especially after a tiring night. Doing this often, however, may cause skin irritation and inflammation in the long run. This is because the chemicals in the makeup can clog the pores and oil glands. Make sure to wash makeup off no matter how tired you are. To be extra sure, experts from Bella Skin Care recommend hydrating your skin through skincare treatments regularly for deeper cleansing.

Overusing Skincare Products

Skincare products are there to aid in keeping your skin healthy. Overusing them, however, might just do the opposite. Your skin has a natural protective barrier. Using too many products may compromise your skin and make it more vulnerable.

Not Using Moisturisers

It does not matter whether you have oily skin or not—moisturising is an important part of keeping it healthy. Water is necessary to prevent breakouts and uneven skin texture, and moisturisers do just that. Consult skincare experts about the right type and amount of moisturisers you can use.

Caring for your skin is not difficult, as long as you know which mistakes to avoid. With a good understanding of how to care for your skin, you can help keep it healthy and look fresh all the time. Plus, there are various skincare centres that can help you with the same goal.